yellow parakeet names

25% Ino hens This article lists some names and some more information about these birds. My budgie pair is like the one titled Opaline gray-green Texas Clearbody (a rare mutation; visually all mustard yellow throughout with black markings), American x English cross. Because neither of them have a dark factor, 100% of the babies will be light green (or skyblue if male is split for blue). I have 2 parakeets one is a girl and one is a boy, I can tell it is a girl because she has a pink nose and I know my boy parakeet is a boy because he has a blue nose. 25% greywing Tweety. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. 25% normal split for opaline cocks Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. Yellow foods can inspire some names, Pepper, Pudding even Omelet! We think you’ll love this article. Parakeets can also be surprisingly long-lived – while seven years is the average, some parakeets have lived as long as 15 years. Interesting Facts about Snowy Owls: Harry Potter’s Pet. Please guide me. My parakeet has a yellow head rest of his body is medium green. But if she’s a recessive pied, then none — unless the dad is split for recessive pied. Many gems have yellow forms, including Jade, Sapphire, Crystal, Beryl and Topaz. Full-Body-Color Greywing light green American parakeet. Because usually only the white and yellow colors are left, an ino can hide the fact that it also has other varieties present genetically. Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! I specifically suspect it to be Clearflight. Some of the positive meanings can also be perfect parakeet names, such as Happy, Hope or Joy. If he is recessive for blue, then roughly half of your chicks will be green, half will be blue. The name you choose for your budgie's name can affect your parakeet's personality for 20 years or more! When two yellowface type 1 skyblues are paired together, half the chicks will be yellowface type 1 skyblues and half will be normal skyblues in appearance. I have a blue boy too. Usually there are some small patches of clear body feathers up around the neck. Also trying to get yellow face/mauve (purple) as well. So ensure that you spare some play time. Both of them are pied (the father is yellow factor, mostly yellow but little spots of green/blk colouration; the mother is blue factor, and only has a band of white around her stomach and a patch at her head). 50% cinnamon hens, normal cock x cinnamon hen = What will be the outcome if my grey-wing female budgie and my sky blue, opaline male budgie breed? Inside Our Aviary: See where our birds live — flight enclosures, breeding room, play gyms. I am planning on getting a male, cuz my friend got 4 and the female just got pregnant… so I just volunteered for a baby. 25% Normal split for Clearbody cocks Ash: The only dominant gene here is green… so you will get greens. First of all, you can figure out which sex your bird is by looking at the cere (that's the fleshy part right above the beak). Male parakeets have blue around their nostrals right above their beak, Females have tan or pinkish color around their nostrals. To reflect the fact that yellow was at one time the Chinese color of royalty, you can choose Prince or Princess.

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