was ociee nash a real person

The scenery was a delight: the trains, the countryside, the beautiful turn of the century homes. ; It was beautifully shot to depict the times and the gentle nature of all the characters. With Ociee Nash, we were able to get a bit of a history lesson with characters like President McKinley, the Wright Brothers, and Nellie Bly in the story line. Great happy feel good ending. They made up their own Ociee adventures. The film has a quirkiness reminiscent of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Ociee’s true bravery, character and spirit come to the forefront when a fire at the Murphy house threatens the life of young Elizabeth Murphy. I knew they were watching because they would occasionally laugh or comment at something that one of the characters said, indicating that they were actually listening to the dialogue! Out of all, the story was somewhat alright, what I did not like was the acting, nor most of the lines. If you have children and do not like the films of today that strip our young children of their innocence, you will love this film! We will recommend the movie, and we'll watch it again. This was a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience. Not bad for a movie that actually has some redeeming value to it. My daughter played Ociee. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and wish everyone I know could see it. Our girls continue to quote lines from the film especially "Hey Mister, Where's your sister?" However, Aunt Mamie’s soft heart is revealed when Ociee invites her childhood friend, Mr. Lynch, over for Sunday dinner. The scenery was a delight: the trains, the countryside, the beautiful turn of the century homes. Thank you for the good, clean fun the film provided for our family. So many times we take our children to movies and struggle to answer question concerning the movies content. The title character lost her mother to "the measles." In Asheville, Ociee and Aunt Mamie quickly find there are two sides to every story. From sisters, Producer Amy McGary and Director Kristen McGary, comes the classic family film The Adventures of Ociee Nash set in 1898 and starring KEITH CARRADINE as Papa Nash, introducing SKYLER DAY as Ociee Nash, and with MARE WINNINGHAM as Aunt Mamie Nash. She gets Ociee into a dress, and then Ociee gets herself into all sorts of adventures! The dialogue is well written and delivers some important lessons about life. It is a quiet movie with an uplifting message. ..! The Adventures of Ociee Nash is a welcome respite from the the majority of children's movies these days. For the young, spirited nine-year-old Ociee Nash, nothing could be more exciting than romping through her beloved Mississippi countryside with her brother Ben and her faithful four-legged companion, “Woofer”. See it with someone you love. You will laugh and cry as one adventure leads to another. This is a flat-out wonderful movie, made sympathetically by people who really cared about the characters they portrayed so vividly.

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