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In response to any threat, it is the responsibility of the PDF to engage the enemy until Imperial reinforcements can be mustered from the nearby sector. Nostramo Quintus developed a self-imposed curfew; none dared to stray out later than the early evening. All rights reserved. WARHAMMER 40K LORE: THE BADAB WAR Part 1 Part one covering the origins of the conflict and the rise of the Tyrant of Badab Lufgt Huron. Add to cart; Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Crash & Burn . Some say that they were a mistake, a misjudgment compounded by circumstance. Primarch Nostraman became the language of the VIIIth Legion, its curling runes and sibilant words spreading as Nostraman recruits began to include a dark and cruel sense of humour, and a snide fatalism. As with most of the primarchs, by the time the Emperor found Konrad Curze he had risen to a position of dominance over his world. While 40K is an incredibly satisfying endeavour from a purely collecting and painting perspective, or from a lore perspective, the idea of this guide is to highlight its ultimate reward – the game itself. ), Dan Abnett’s Brothers of the Snake is a wonderful next step. Thus, although rarely respected within the broader Imperial military due to their relative lack of experience, the PDF are widely considered crucial to the Departmento Munitorum as the first line of defence for Imperial worlds against any form of invasion or rebellion. Brother Xyberis prides himself on making a kill without warning to his victim; he is armed with a, Drochar the Strangler, shown here armed with an archaic pattern. According to Imperial law, all Imperial planets must maintain a standing army in order to maintain the planetary government's (and thus the Imperium's) control over the world against any possible invasion or insurrection. Current Homeworld Skull faceplates are laid over -- or even sorcerously melded into -- helms, femurs are Many Night Lords incorporate human bones into their wargear. Whenever required, the best soldiers in a PDF are transferred into the Imperial Guard, receiving further training as they are shipped to their destined location elsewhere in the galaxy. It is common practice for Night Lords Chaos Space Marines to ensure that the communications of a target planet are shut down, broadcasting hideous messages and screams across the airwaves as they begin slaughtering the occupants at their leisure. The citizens of Nostramo, adapted to the near-constant darkness, could not bear to look upon the radiance of the Emperor. Lexicanum is a fan-made encyclopedia based on the successful online database Wikipedia and is about the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000 produced by Games Workshop. But Ciaphas Cain stands alone because of its humor and inability to take itself (or Cain) seriously. The honorific titles sported by many of the VIII Legion's officers started to take on the form of those of the Nostraman noble courts. Most of these unfortunate souls would die coughing up blood and black dust on a mouldering pallet, but death from lung blight, or having chemicals eat out their bones from the inside was not the worst end that could be found on Nostramo. It’s a shorter book and while the characters and story are great, it’s not as much of an introduction as is the Ultramarines book. Konrad Curze was the Dark King of his Legion, a figure of fear for his sons as much as on object of loyalty. Others base themselves off the appearance of other notable regiments, such as the Tallarn, Mordians and Valhallans, often motivated by similar climates or even due to assistance from those regiments during the founding of the PDF. At the heart of a string of planets which had kept the ability to cross the stars through the Age of Strife, it was a world of sprawling cities, of smoke, industry, and the sweat of millions. When ready for combat, the Night Lords refer to themselves as "in midnight clad", reflecting both their heritage and their penchant for operations conducted under the cover of darkness. In theory at least, Imperialis Militia armies were irregular in nature, each member first and foremost a subject of their world only called to arms in times of emergency, but many worlds with large populations required a standing army simply to maintain civil order as well as deal with any outside threat. There was method in this madness, at least at first; such grisly displays were a clear signal saying, "This fate will be yours to share.". The Lexicanum is supported by these websites: This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. The bones themselves come from the most terrified of the Night Lords' victims, the Chaos Space Marines believing that their last moments radiate from them as an aura of pure fear. For trying out we recommend the Immaterium. Nostraman society was transformed, and the ripples were felt all over the planet. The Night Lords are masters of stealth, able to infiltrate a position quickly and silently. This unpredictable pattern of benevolent wisdom and hideous vengeance ushered the shocked Nostraman populace into new realms of efficiency and honesty. There, he enacted his final revenge upon a society that had descended back into the corruption from which he had strived so hard to deliver it. However, it has been ascertained that the Night Lords have nothing but scorn for faith in all its forms, whether it be the fanatical bloodlust of the Khornate Berserker or the devotion of the Imperial Creed. Also, if you can think of a topic you would like to see but can't find, put it at the Requested articles list. Crimes against the new order took many faces: from the Saragorn Enclave whose gene atrocities continued in secret, to the psy-breeding of the Court of Antius, and the March of Ten Million, all showed that even in the face of all of the Emperor's might, some would fall back into the ways of Old Night. This is a cause of mistrust for PDF in general, and further reason for commanders to prefer to rely on non-local defences. Rad-Urzon Veterans of the Night Lords Legion bring fear and death to another world. The scars left by his former life on Nostramo ran deep. As a Primarch and a Lord of Crusades, it was his right to liberate or destroy the world as he saw fit, but in the moment that Nostramo died, the Night Lords lost their last tether to restraint, though it would take the treachery of others to bring this change to light. Unknown, many warbands scattered across the Eye of Terror Many years ago I posted a beginners guide to WH40k on Forbes. After the Horus Heresy, the Night Lords did not flee into the Eye of Terror like the other Traitor Legions, instead they retained their pre-Heresy numbers and sought to conquer their own terrible dominion from the worlds of the Imperium's Eastern Fringe. In addition not following this rule will result in the removal of the offender from the Lexicanum. However, the real legacy of their mad Primarch may have been psychological, as there was a tendency for paranoia and self-destructive behaviour displayed by many within the Night Lords. Krieg Acerbus (Daemon Prince) So, for our WH40k Book Club I present the new list, updated for 2019. Nostramo was ripe for the rule of the Night Haunter. N/A In vast caverns filled with the half-crushed ruins of millennia there lived men and women who had transgressed against the laws of their masters. A few will even undertake raids on their own if it suits their needs, their abilities and tactics more than making up for any discrepancy in fighting strength. It has been said by those Remembrancers who recorded its history after its reclamation that during this time weeping and pleading were the sounds carried eternally on the wind, and every child grew to know that the only law was that of the knife, and the only right belonged to the strong to do with as they willed. What it’s about: Told before, during, and after the fall of Cadia, Watchers of the Throne follows three very different people as they make sense of what has happened. The Legion holds no true allegiance to any one of the four Ruinous Powers and views all religious devotion as a form of weakness. They take great pleasure in gunning down defenceless prey, especially those too young or sick to stand up to them. New articles without proper sourcing will also be deleted. Manses, cathedrals and factories grew from the forest of slums, their faces and roofs crawling with gargoyles. The Night Lords also had a number of unique units: the infamous Terror Squads, whose sole purpose was to create and embody a state of horror in their enemies, and the Night Raptor Squads, who would soar above their enemies trailing the bloody remains of their kills while shrieking from modified Vox casters. Needless to say, few defences stood long against such brutal assaults. Above all, they desire to kill, taking great pleasure in slaying their victims and gunning down the defenceless and helpless. The company was the basic strategic deployment unit within the Night Lords Legion and each squad belonged to a company which might number anywhere between 100 and 1,000 warriors. Every sin great and small had its home in Nostramo's endless night. The Primarch Konrad Curze, the "Night Haunter". Membership in the Kryoptera gave no absolute rank, but the fact remained that they were the ruling elite of the Night Lords, and so few others would openly disobey a command from one of them. Site built and managed by Warkhammer LLC. The few of these that had been graced with leading several companies under the banner of a battalion or Chapter went by a variety of inconsistent ranks including Commander, Master and Regent, amongst others. Whether as a consequence of their genetic inheritance, or the combination of their origins and indoctrination, the warriors of the VIIIth Legion seem to have tended towards moral absolution and a drive to enact retribution. Mothers threatened disobedient children with the depraved attentions of the Night Haunter. He almost single-handedly rid Nostramo of its culture of crime and predation, using terror as a weapon to crush the planet's ruling criminal syndicates and their corrupt overseers. Also similar to Eisenhorn (coming up next), The Chronicles of Uriel Ventris provides a really great primer into three of the different dangers from the future, including the traitor legions. Brother Arkalon wearing Pre-Heresy Mark IV Maximus Power Armour. Lexicanum is a fan-made encyclopedia based on the successful online database Wikipedia and is about the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000 produced by Games Workshop. Its cities were warrens of stone and iron. This was a unique trait, as it is said to be unrelated to Warp taints or other known psychic properties. The Community Created Warhammer 40,000 Encyclopedia. There were few amongst their ranks who did not bear some form of title, and the craftsmanship with which they embellished their weapons and armour was remarkable, if grotesque. Ancient Remembrancer sketch of Konrad Curze, Primarch of the Night Lords, the Night Haunter, from Carpinius' Speculum Historiale. When Imperial forces were assembled to strike against Horus and the four turncoat Legions, there were many who were surprised to learn that the Night Lords had answered the call. It is during this period that Konrad Curze earned the name "Night Haunter" for the vicious murders of literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Nostraman criminals and corrupt aristocrats. Fear is a blade that sharpens with use. The Night Lords' night blue armor is alive with a mysterious network of lightning bolts that constantly play across their armour when in combat. We are not affiliated with The Black Library. Night Lords are exceptionally versatile in their use of the Forces of Chaos, employing the hell-spawned powers of each of the major Chaos deities with equal favour.

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