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Kate Lloyd. Steve Howey, Phil shows his hand, and James confronts Connie. James gets grave news about a former friend, and questions his trust in Rochelle. There's no series quite like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, a sprawling space epic made across more than a decade. James and Mae suspect each other of infidelity. Kind of like the British ‘Mad Men’, in that everyone smokes and has a bottle of whisky tucked away in their desks, it’s set on a fictional weekly TV news show. Triumph's new accountant finds an irregularity. It’s inspired by the aftermath of real-life high-profile scandals like Bill Clinton’s affair. Kerissa and Jacob go to couples therapy. Grace gets a lead on another possible victim of Mac's abuse. Set in the ’50s and ’60s, the show tells the true-ish story of two researchers of human sexuality at Washington University played by Lizzy and Michael Sheen. Tom Huddleston. The short-lived Channel 4 comedy-drama follows a group of young offenders who bag themselves special powers after an electrical storm. – Bild: ZDF und Jonathan Ford./Jonathan Ford . Unterstützt wird Anna bei ihrer Ermittlungsarbeit von einem engagierten Team: Der ehemalige Polizist Marco Lorenz kämpft mit harten Bandagen für unschuldig Inhaftierte - obwohl er an einer schweren Herzkrankheit leidet. Imagine ‘The West Wing’ with Shakespeare’s Richard III in the Martin Sheen role and you’ve got ‘House of Cards’, a political drama so lip-smackingly cruel and nihilistic that it almost tips into outright farce. If London were really like this, we’d all be lying at the bottom of the Thames with our skin flayed off by a serial killer. Obwohl der Arzt-Sohn unter einer zermürbenden Schlaflosigkeit leidet, unterstützt er die Ermittlungsarbeiten mit seinen wissenschaftlichen Kenntnissen. 174 min While on the surface the show’s full of larger-than-life characters and madcap drama, the voiceovers and dialogue bubble with intelligent humour. Plus: bonus gender politics. Unschuldig im Stream Unschuldig ist leider derzeit nicht bei den größten Streaming-Anbietern in Deutschland verfügbar. But behind closed doors, bitter accusations fly. James tries to blackmail Basie, whose creditors lose patience. Fans of manic overacting might want to steer clear – for the rest of us, this is pure juicy enjoyment. While it doesn’t always stick to the facts, the storylines in ‘Masters of Sex’ are seductive and the show perfectly captures the tangled emotions around getting it on. Die Südamerikanerin Isabella ist als Kindermädchen nach Deutschland gekommen und musste unschuldig ins Gefängnis. It also stars stage actor Tituss Burgess as Kimmy’s flamboyant housemate Titus Andromedon. Stimmt alles. Played by Krysten Ritter, the character’s a tough, boozy private investigator with a dark past and a superpower. The family rallies around A.J., but he isn’t ready to face the music. An unwelcome visitor to the church upsets Mae. Watch if you like ‘Misfits’, ‘This is England’. It’s smart, funny, touching, fast-paced, highly addictive and with episodes only 30 minutes long, you can easily watch a whole series in a night. Watch it if you like ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Seit Anna ihre Unschuld bewiesen hat, arbeitet die temperamentvolle Isabella hoch motiviert als Assistentin für das Team. Wenn die ARD den Darsteller eines „Tatort“-Kommissars als Mordverdächtigen in einem Krimi außerhalb der Reihe besetzt, hat das stets einen besonderen Reiz. Grace meets with accused murderer Coralie Hunter. A gunshot forces Grace to make a difficult decision. (Text: Serienjunkies). Jacob is blindsided at a Triumph Church groundbreaking event. Tom Huddleston, On one level a gripping conspiracy thriller about the power of the nuclear energy lobby, on another one of the most heartbreaking explorations of loss ever filmed, this darkly beautiful 1985 miniseries remains one of the BBC’s most perfect productions. Grace reveals the test results to her mother. Zora uses one of Isaiah's own tricks against him. The tax auditors find a red flag. Cool, you now have a basic understanding of the humour of ‘Kimmy Schmidt’. Cameron Monaghan, Both churches get a nasty surprise. Can't live without your favourite TV series on Netflix? What makes the series exceptional is the casting: a pre-‘Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon makes nerdy outcast Simon's transformation to full-blown superhero-heartthrob believable and Lauren Socha nails her dopey ladette character Kelly. Both series of Steve Coogan’s sitcom about the world’s least talented TV presenter are available to stream (as well as chat-show spoof ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’), and the first one – the one where Alan is desperate to get a new show after the collapse of his chat empire – is the best. Sophia catches Zora's boyfriend with another woman. But buried secrets threaten to shatter alliances. At the cotillion, a guest makes a scene. Kate Lloyd. Grace learns her mother also has a dirty secret. Dan!’ ‘Half a pound of mashed-up Dundee cake’), it’s still almost unbearably acute and hilarious. Grace's anger at Mac consumes her. That’s just the start. Mae gets advice from old friend Maxine. Bob asks Grace to take a small white congregation into the fold, but there's more going on under the surface. All things must pass: James and Grace witness the end of an era. Isabel senses Grace is hiding a secret from her. Die junge Rechtsanwältin Dr. Anna Winter kämpft mit ihrem … Zora finds herself in need of her cousin. In der amerikanischen Version der gleichnamigen britischen Fernsehserie lebt Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) mit seinen sechs Kindern in einem gemeinsamen Haushalt. In the wake of Mavis's revelation, the bishop and first lady's marriage threatens to implode, leaving Calvary's leadership vulnerable to an overthrow. Das wenige Geld, das der Großfamilie zur Verfügung steht, versäuft Frank lieber in der Bar als den Kühlschrank zu füllen. Zora's parents try to take her home, but she has other plans. Aziz Ansari both writes and stars in this romcom about a thirty-something bit-part actor finding love in Los Angeles. Jetzt Staffel 1 von Verdict Revised - Unschuldig verurteilt und weitere Staffeln komplett als … The best of the Scandi crime dramas to hit our screen in recent years, ‘The Killing’ is gritty and real with twisty plots and a brilliantly gutsy and complicated female lead, DS Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl). The show – based on writer Michaela Coel’s experiences growing up in Hackney – follows Tracey Gordon, a religious 22-year-old shop assistant as she loses her innocence and discovers sex and true friendship. Watch if you like ‘The Wire’, ‘True Detective’, ‘The Bridge’. Tom Huddleston. Dan! 1. Auf Kino.de findest Du weitere Infos And not since Sherlock Holmes with his deerstalker has a detective spawned a fashion craze like Sarah Lund’s jumper. Mae calls out Charity. A terrifying encounter puts Calvary within Mae's grasp, but Deacon Board leader Connie has other plans. Tom Huddleston. The 50 best TV series streaming online now in the UK, The best Netflix series and shows to binge-watch now. Kevin becomes angry and disillusioned with his Fortitude for Families support group. James gives Rochelle a large sum to invest. Jetzt Staffel 9 von Shameless - Nicht ganz nüchtern und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. Der junge Inspektor Morse Staffel 6, Folge 1: Unschuldig. Each character is both a hero and a villain in equal measure, and tension builds drip by drip throughout the slow-moving series. Storylines featured in the show include the fallout from the September 11 attacks, euthanasia, infertility, disputed paternity and Alzheimer’s. The province of sweaty nerds bent over their bedroom computers, the practice has nonetheless inspired all sorts of hi-tech entertainment, from blockbuster movies to this thoughtful, compelling TV drama. Sie will Gerechtigkeit, die schon ihrem Vater nicht widerfahren ist, als er wegen Mordes ins Gefängnis kam und sich aus Verzweiflung dort das Leben nahm - kurz bevor er entlastet wurde. Mae's attempt to reconcile with Mavis backfires. A reimagining of the classic animated series. Originally pitched as a loose spinoff from the American version of ‘The Office’, and employing a similar mock-doc style, the affectionately titled ‘Parks and Rec’ has transformed from a critically unloved ratings disaster to one of US audiences’ favourite sitcoms over seven increasingly impressive seasons. A funeral brings Grace back to her family's estate, where she learns an old secret is still being covered up at the expense of innocent victims. Starring David Mitchell as overconfident, socially awkward Mark and real life friend Robert Webb as clueless lothario housemate Jez, the series takes the ordinary and makes it so mad, horrifying and gut-wrenchingly funny that you can’t look away. A new pastor debuts at A Day with Lady Mae. For a few months in 2013, it seemed like everyone in the world was watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and wearing Heisenberg T-shirts. Basie is beaten at his own game. Jacob starts to see another side of Basie. Tom Huddleston. Mac is drawn to a neglected young neighbor. Watch it if you like ‘Shaun of the Dead’. Grace learns her grandfather was receiving hush money from Mac -- and why. Jacob's work with Dante makes the news. New dad Kevin tries to win back Charity. z.B. Grace and Jacob hatch a plan to rescue key witness Tasha. She appears as not one, not two, but 11 characters in the supernatural Canadian series, which – as you may have guessed – is about clones. There are remakes, new seasons of old favourites and some brand new original series. Watch if you like ‘Cartel Land’, ‘The Wire’, coke. Try another? It … There’s no buzz quite like the one you get from watching powerful people fuck everything up – and ‘The Good Wife’ starts with a major fuck-up. A.J. Watch it if you like ‘Doctor Who’, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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