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George is extremely proud that he has taught Lennie to tell the story. Do you agree with the Model's interpretation, based on the textual evidence? The StudySync materials provide for ongoing review, practice, and feedback. Maybe it's your way of relaxing? These assessments focus on fluency and spelling, including an upper-level spelling inventory. The materials provide access supports for the reading of texts such as Audio Options, Audio Text Highlight Tool, Audio Speed controls, Video Content with Closed Captioning, Text Enlargement, and Keyboarding. After receiving direct instruction and completing a practice handout on the lesson’s grammar, usage, or mechanics concept, students are prompted to analyze the use of this concept in a given text and answer questions about the purpose and effect of the concept. What textual evidence helps you understand what kind of wall it is?”, “What textual evidence does the Model mention to support the inference that the speaker and his neighbor have met at the wall many times?”, “What statement does the Model make about the text as a whole? The questions and activities accompanying these close reads support students in doing this. By the time students have reached the final literary selections in the unit, they will be prepared to address the more complex ideas of theme, tone, word choice and complex characters and begin to incorporate these elements into their own writing. This section provides an overview of why independent reading is important, and it gives details on how to set up such a program in the classroom. Which key words and phrases that the author uses best describe Lizabeth’s changing character? Students encounter text-dependent questions such as the following: In Unit 1 during the Skill lesson of “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost, the focus is on Textual Evidence. In Unit 2, students read “The Lady or the Tiger” by Frank Stockton, “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley. At the conclusion of each Full-Text Unit, there are two opportunities for long-form writing responses that are connected to an anchor text. In Unit 1, the lesson objectives are that students will learn the definition of information text elements- details, events, people and ideas - and practice using concrete strategies for analyzing these elements. Additional supplementary texts are included, resulting in a wide distribution of genres and text types as required by the standards. Materials include a cohesive, year-long plan to support students' increasing writing skills over the course of the school year, building students' writing ability to demonstrate proficiency at grade level at the end of the school year. Within the units, each text begins with a First Read in which the teacher is modeling reading and thinking aloud using comprehension text-dependent questions. Reading and writing (and speaking and listening) are taught as integrated skills. Each unit follows a similar structure, and a Full Text Study is provided for each unit. Students may practice the same skill multiple times; however, they are practicing those skills with different reading materials and the skills change slightly according to the material and the skill level of the students. Evaluate his claim that falling from middle-class prosperity and self-sufficiency into poverty is a kind of dying. Students are then to complete the vocabulary worksheet associated with the lesson. Texts include digital tools, such as annotation and audio tools. What clue does this sentence and the two preceding sentences provide about the treatment of these women?” Students then predict the rest of the words on their own, with a partner or in small groups. Most questions are higher order and ask students to engage with the text directly. Materials support effective use of technology to enhance student learning. The culminating task for each unit is an Extended Writing Project; the prompts for the informational, argument, and literary analysis writing tasks demand that students cite evidence from multiple texts in the unit. The Core Program Guide explains that assessments available in StudySync ELA allow for monitoring student progress, diagnosing possible issues, and measuring student achievement in relation to their understanding of previously-taught skills. There are multiple assessment opportunities throughout the year for teachers to assess student learning and performance in order to adjust instructional strategies as needed. What are some of the things Mitch lists as making up the culture most people experience? Lesson 33 contains ten words that will “help [students] discuss economic concepts,” like allocate, incentive and subsidy. Tuesdays with Morrie, Discussion Question. How does Mitch demonstrate integrity or a lack of integrity that would affect his ability to live well? Materials can be easily customized by schools, systems, and states for local use. At the culmination of each unit, students are assessed on key instructional concepts and their ability to write to prompts. After sharing and discussing the results of individual members’ research findings, each group plans and then delivers a formal presentation in either the narrative, argumentative, or informative mode using multimedia elements such as videos, graphics, photos, and recordings to reinforce its main ideas. The materials are clearly designed. Each unit is broken into forty-five lessons, totaling 180 days of instruction. The First Read of each text shows the title of the story with a small visual. ", “Reread the second section of the song. Each lesson contains ten words that are related topically. Then, they see a model of using textual evidence. The Access Path guides teachers to leverage technology tools, such as Closed Captioning and Audio Text Highlight to engage and instruct learners. This allows the students to put themselves in the place of the speaker, in other words, live empathy for the speaker’s situation and then support that position with evidence from the text. The pacing guide weaves lessons from every segment of this Core ELA unit: the Instructional Path, Extended Writing Project, Research Project, and Full-Text Study. Each unit has a different mode of writing so that over the course of the year, students demonstrate proficiency in constructing long-form argumentative, argumentative literary analysis, informative/explanatory, and narrative works. Texts are worthy of careful reading. This Access Path provides differentiated lessons classified as emerging, intermediate, advanced, and approaching. In Unit 1, the StudySync Library includes several additional texts related to the theme Empathy. Anchor/core texts are of publishable quality and worthy of especially careful reading. The lessons are on topics such as using context clues, prefixes, word families, synonyms, Latin roots, suffixes, Greek Roots, reference skills like using a thesaurus, and reading skills like word parts. [4] Were you convinced or persuaded by the writer’s argument by the end of the response? Some examples include, but are not limited to: writing a brief informative/explanatory essay that includes a “clear topic sentence . Examples of text-dependent/specific questions and tasks that build to a culminating task include but are not limited to: The instructional materials reviewed for Grade 9 meet the criteria for materials providing frequent opportunities and protocols for evidence-based discussions (small groups, peer-to-peer, whole class) that encourage the modeling and use of academic vocabulary and syntax. Steinbeck begins by focusing on the outward, physical details of the migrant camp before examining the lives of the people who live there. As students research they determine if they want to present their research as an informative or argumentative presentation. These gateways reflect the importance of alignment to college and career ready standards and considers other attributes of high-quality curriculum, such as usability and design, as recommended by educators. Each unit has a Research and an Extended Writing Project, which include routines and guidelines that help teachers monitor student progress in writing. Informational texts include speeches, articles, autobiographies, memoirs, essays, court opinions, obituaries, videos and transcripts and . Students are then to read and annotate the rest of the poem after reading the “Skills Focus” questions, which ask the students to not only fine the skill focus but also explain it. At a glance, teachers can tell which Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language standards are being addressed by each text. Language instruction is also provided strategically throughout a unit’s Extended Writing Project, which gives students the immediate opportunity to apply grammar, usage, and mechanics concepts to their own writing, by revising their drafts to incorporate the concept and editing their drafts to apply it correctly. What is the difference between 'Lift Every Voice and Sing' and, for example, 'Lift Your Voice and Sing?' In Unit 4 there is a full text study on. This handbook also provides teacher support in the form of lesson plans, handouts, checklists, rubrics, and formative assessments that help them teach and assess the Speaking and Listening standards. Materials indicate how students are accountable for independent reading based on student choice and interest to build stamina, confidence, and motivation. Materials provide frequent opportunities and protocols to engage students in speaking and listening activities and discussions (small group, peer-to-peer, whole class) which encourage the modeling and use of academic vocabulary and syntax.

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