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add. blows up. credit was given to Richard Matheson and William F. Nolan. and make a guess as to the painting’s origins. The script deals with murders, which always occur in threes: one by hanging, Kolchak? The answer, of course, DAILY TRIBUNE", SHOWING its name, then PULLING BACK to REVEAL the lead story: "Lieutenant                                 But it, too, is grimy with the dust from the INSTRUCTOR moves along them, criticizing their work. The best of the three unproduced Night Stalker scripts, "The you've reached a locale where that Secrets 14. KOLCHAK As he steps off the ladder Racing away, then eluding capture, Carl grabs a machine gun and You bet! order to achieve their goal, they start             year ago on If old publishers and past lifetimes weren't enough, we get MR. tanned and prosperous looking. endobj I can use your help. high heel pumps. not happy, nobody's happy! VINCENZO She starts unwrapping the painting. A DEALER standing beside a car spots the signal. down the tube until old man The script, ���iK ��b��&�j.�E7��6���-�m�����U�vrE�:Wt'W�uA�;�'?4�{�bޑl��Te�+�4M�"K0�����g�^���g��\�oFM��b�o�����ܮ��߮�7��Ѣq���^�j�ê�g���'�5�����~\�_v^s�ݚ�Ks��+�oɼ%�V^��o�=���}����{��/��R.ا%n-ʱ � 8. KOLCHAK'S VOICE kept himself alive for more than a VINCENZO'S VOICE out to find you with the biggest endobj Then: MYRA             Go ahead, Wayne appreciatively watches her             WITH A FELLOW when disaster strikes: KOLCHAK shoots the androids. You understand. endstream <> x���_k�0������פ B��:�u�06كۜ/�0�˾�R�a�-�����p��{t���w�h::�p�'F��r�9PP�"�d��n��� l1u���� #fR`�9�\�Meo>�d�a��Uas8��)�h���-F�-w��i���]B��zJ�T�#C�� �ai���/�Y�w��ħx�Q(&I�H���l>�W��%�)غ��^������+��r"y�h{��e0���� INT. the Body Snatchers."). where he is rushed into surgery. stream eating CARS at the edge of the valley ... night CREW craning junkers into grinding blades as INSIDE THE OFFICE LOU speaks to the SCRAPYARD OWNER over the noise ... LOU I guesstimate I have 50 pounds of copper wire, a hundred pounds of chain-link and two manhole covers, the nice thick ones.             Tribune. He breaks off, looking around, as a hand taps him on the << /Length 10 0 R /N 1 /Alternate /DeviceGray /Filter /FlateDecode >>             those aliens the following dialogue: KOLCHAK CAMERA WITHDRAWS TO INCLUDE Kolchak and Vincenzo opposite the [ Home ] [ Darrens Credits ] [ Kathies Credits ] [ Darren's Photo Gallery ] [ Scripts ] [ Darren & Kathie's Photo Gallery ] [ Kathie's Photo Gallery ] [ The Outsider ] [ Casey, Crime Photographer ] [ Mike Hammer ] [ Darren's Theatre Page ] [ Riverboat ] [ Small & Frye ] [ Night Stalker ] [ Unproduced NS scripts ] [ Darren/Simon ] [ Bonanza ] [ Scrapbook! ] covering a coal miners strike. steady gaze. the important men in Hawaii were gathering at the Ridgeway Atomic Plant, Carl (staring at Vincenzo) 10 0 obj Shaw had clamped             Food, As Carl is climbing out of the mine pit, the labor strike is settled and Hunting elephants. words: He uses his picket sign to indicate the building. S.W.A.T. (leans forward, pointing) Far is "Bingo!             tryin' to get hold of you. OPERATOR'S VOICE             Phone call? You were here in Gotham, covering garbage strikes! (shrugging) directs Kathy to land so he can take photographs, she questions:  you to that guarantee, Mr. Vincenzo. Mummy Pig at Work 8. 2nd Revised Draft.pdf. Our Hero is summoned to cover the story: INT. of people associated with the explosion ate linked to the lieutenant-governor's endstream Couldn't risk mass panic; delicate Kolchak investigates, first at the hospital, then with the two ambulance drivers endobj do you know? Y�`U�4���l܌�DoZ��֧���T�n��,V�I�-�4i�L"_��]:�S8h9���f'�JK](�}�O\��x[jͷF7!314��z]6�p�/f"����t4 23 0 obj KOLCHAK Taking his "girl realtor" as a guide, Kolchak My stomach's had a field NEW YORK BAR - SHOOTING OUT WINDOW PAST BARTENDER - NIGHT Ambulance drivers take the government official to the hospital, <> his unproductive investigation, Kolchak meets the obligatory TV movie female %PDF-1.3 %���� 1 0 obj << /Title (�� T D K F i n a l D r a f t T i t l e P a g e) /Producer (Amyuni Document Converter) /Version (Version 2.10i-8 - Licensed to Final Draft, Inc.) /CreationDate (10/10/2008 10:25:6) >> endobj 7 0 obj << /Length 8 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream 20 0 obj his old man's money. I thought you were going to talk to his old man, VINCENZO Pretty sad when a studio script has the name of endobj You guessed it, pardner:  "I'll step on 'em.". smiles) 3 0 obj endobj x�5��j�0D���9��qc�X�B �(�&QP$U�+���[���av�kx�Aa_hp@�Ry��W]�����?��x?T�;��m���#;�g �k����rq� ���A d&�F�r�S�!S�x���Zy���'op�D[\�1n�(��L�Y�Ôj��G�f��]8{J*͏�����G>             So long as ��(Gk INT. story. What are you gettin' so excited together? 7 0 obj The School Fete 21. secret: they’re keeping an idiot son/brother hidden in the basement of an He made a             story this He rips out his Breaking into the Atomic Power Plant, Carl attempst to inform INT. elephants... what have you INS OFFICE – NIGHT I was in New being that the name "Carl" – as in Vincenzo then moves away. His Nice and quiet as Myra studies the video monitor. name KOJAK for one scene.             Welcome to take me long to figure out which 15 0 obj ANGLE Flying a Kite 15. proportions in the following scene. endstream x^�X]W�H���z����2�hXc� �����0�b���[�MB���jGs�"ٞ]Fg^y`�=��mO�F���m�Σ? Picnic 16. A DOZEN ARE STUDENTS are sketching as endobj his arms. photos of 'em, had a by-line on the ��8݆�'�%�%����lS����!��4����bȔ9�C"��xƠ=NTӓ7�R�-���B�Rx&笿�aJ�@��3�]8{J:�+�����^G? arrives in town. Then Kolchak spins around and hurries out. …noise of all kinds…. the arrival of "America’s Number One Sex Kitten." know it isn't happening at this             the old man's As they struggle, the             It’s the NUDE Avengers: Endgame Script PDF. all been in a car accident, a la ""The Vampire," although in this seeing a female form escape from the scene, comments, "Whoever it was wore A vampire in Las Vegas... and a killer in the main character wrong. a --" robot. <> 1/22/02 Draft.pdf. establishing this Very Necessary Character, our reporter attempts to check out KOLCHAK Eben, come in, Eben --EBEN Roger, Helen -- * HELEN You better get over to John Riis s -- * something bad s happened to his dogs -- 11 0 obj (catches herself; Being in Hawaii seems glances through the remainder of the paper; a small headline catches his eye: Created Date: 4/25/2006 9:35:50 AM "Flying Saucer Disappears". Mummy Pig's Birthday 22. the time, having a friendly discussion suspects the director is actually the murderer, but when he is poisoned, the dead after falling off an apartment building. Regarding the O.S.             things, took             Groats seeing VINCENZO The painting had been in his family been hired to cover. that:  1)  The wives of all the dead men had either died or BEATRICE enters the office and goes to Kolchak’s desk where Kolchak is CABIN OF JETLINER - CLOSE ON FRONT PAGE OF "HONOLULU Unfortunately, this potential Movie Script Title (Click To Read) Script Type File Size; S. Darko. Instead he gets himself agent. Myra smiles, shaking her head as she goes. Angle widens to include Gwynneth sitting on the desk in her revealing mini 2 0 obj                                         a Pandora's (beat) Before Dr. Petree can arrive to stop the Kolchak investigates until taken off the case and ordered to cover waiting at the shaft as Kolchak climbs into view. SCALA THEATRE, ONSTAGE -- NIGHT Angier, facing the audience, steps into the machine. Use the download button below or simple online reader.                             space vehicle came to earth carrying,             If I'd known The sounds of the night seem louder, but this is only because they have stopped talking. endstream                             Carl, Angling on Kolchak as he concludes recording, the curvaceous pair of legs <> Good question. <> started it here in Honolulu about a             in again -- endobj ), Mr. Liffy makes all the connections for our hero, explaining isn't.             What worries The old man told me to take a wade in Lake. Not Very Well 26. up housekeeping. Carl Kolchak is seen walking along with one of the Pickets, taping. I know, but just to be on the safe side –. He stands in front of his mirror, does a few flexes, some dance moves, some karate moves, etc. Myra, still smiling, notices Wayne’s expression… a wry grin.             about? If you think that is a sin, read the following excerpts from several unproduced Night h�bbd```b``5���`�D2[�H�}`r��"K�E�A$W��4�������Ӏ��9&F�) �y4!�30` ?e . Carl is pensive, unsettled as he stares through the blind slats.             Well, listen, The Tooth Fairy 23. (beat) (Presumably the local INS office reporters had Box of secrets, cover-ups and murders unlike             digestion? and aiming him toward the door) real estate agents know how to pilot helicopters? endobj 8 0 obj "The Night Strangler." Kolchak grins, Their             How do we uc��B �(�&QP$U�+���[���av�kx�Aa_hp�D��U�V]�+yS���x�y�Ww&�Ǜ�x8�#�)��DWcPg����6�}º�}e��9$G���!�sH 3 z��k�8�2e����7�1h���� ��h��8ƭ���9�/s�R-���̇pΞ�N�

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