synecdoche funny examples

"Pentagon" often refers to a few decision-making generals. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. The material used to make something - or what was used in the past - is often used to represent the entire object. The word “bread” refers to food or money, as in “Writing is my bread and butter,” or “He is the sole breadwinner.” 2. The phrase "hired hands" can be used to refer to workers. Synecdoche Examples Synecdoche in Conversation. You are very likely to hear some form of synecdoche often during an English conversation, it is a very commonly used type of figurative language. Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. Remember that synecdoche refers to parts and wholes of a thing, metonymy to a related term. 6. As we saw, "wheels" was a synecdoche for "car." When we’re on the phone and you talk real slow, The word synecdoche is derived from the Greek phrases synekdochē and ekdechesthai, meaning “to sense” and “to understand.”. It's an odd word for what is simply using part of a whole to represent the whole. The word “suit” refers to a businessman. Let us look at some of the examples of synecdoche that we often hear in casual conversations: 1. In Hamletby Shakespeare, the ghost of Hamlet’s father implies Claudius killed him. He then directly speaks to the “heart,” or the most significant element of the lover. Holland as a synecdoche for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As a result, this literary device allows writers to express ideas in unique ways to create deeper meaning for their readers. In this example, a love song and a romantic relationship are expressed in instances: Our song is a slamming screen door, It can be defined as a figure of speech where part of a sentence describes the entirety. All Rights Reserved. Here is an illustrative example of the difference between synecdoche and metonymy: Both synecdoche and metonymy emphasize relationships between words and ideas. 4. It can also be in the opposite way by referencing a part to the whole. Rather than listing the various aspects of an idea, it captures the essence. In truth, synecdoche and metonymy have a lot in common and even grammarians can't always agree on whether an expression is synecdoche or metonymy. Faulkner’s story is characterized by a town full of gossipers, and frequently the narrator speaks in terms of “we.” This macrocosmic use of synecdoche serves to highlight the unity and simplicity of a town or generation’s psyche. To go for a walk in the "woods" means to go for a walk in a forest-like setting. synecdoche (sih-neck-duh-kee): figure of comparison in which a word standing for part of further examples rhetorical figures in sound. Synecdoche is a common element in pop culture that speaks for generations in macrocosmic synecdoche and significant parts of people or places in microcosmic synecdoche. If you said "check out my new wheels," "wheels" is an example of synecdoche, used to refer to a "car." In fact, it’s derived from the Greek word synekdoche: “simultaneous meaning.” As a literary device, synecdoche allows for a smaller component of something to stand in for the larger whole, in a rhetorical manner. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at the definition of synecdoche as well as looking at some examples of synecdoche in use in both spoken language and in a written context. It is used commonly within the English language. When people say "The New York Times" printed a new story, they mean one specific journalist wrote a new piece. This is effective for readers in that synecdoche allows them to think of an object or idea in a different way, in terms of the representation of its parts.

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