super mario 64 luigi cheat code

Play as Big Boo in Big Boo's Haunt Star 5 (JS). All Super Mario 64 CHATS. When you have made your way to Whomp's Fortress Star 1 turn the code on to play as a Piranha Plant. Chain Chomps Come Out Of Red Coins (YE) 812E5CAA 478C 812E5CAE 0066 (Works on Bob Omb Battlefield and Whomp's Fortress) Poison 1up Mushrooms (YE) 812F3C9E FFFF (1up mushrooms take away 1 life) Play As 1up Mushroom (O) 8133B4D6 9BF4 Deadly 1up Mushrooms (YE) 812F3CA0 A1C0 812F3CA2 00AE (1up mushrooms kill you) 1up Mushrooms From Bowser's Fire (YE) 812B8AE6 4010 812B8AF2 00D4 Press L To Spawn 1up Mushrooms (YE) 8133D2D0 27BD 8133D2D2 FFE8 8133D2D4 AFBF 8133D2D6 0014 8133D2D8 3C0A 8133D2DA 8034 8133D2DC 814A 8133D2DE AFA1 8133D2E0 2408 8133D2E2 0020 8133D2E4 1148 8133D2E6 0003 8133D2E8 8FBF 8133D2EA 0014 8133D2EC 27BD 8133D2EE 0018 8133D2F0 03E0 8133D2F2 0008 8133D2F4 3C04 8133D2F6 8036 8133D2F8 8C84 8133D2FA 1160 8133D2FC 2405 8133D2FE 00D4 8133D300 3C06 8133D302 1300 8133D304 0C0A 8133D306 7B73 8133D308 24C6 8133D30A 4010 8133D30C 8FBF 8133D30E 0014 8133D310 27BD 8133D312 0018 8133D314 03E0 8133D316 0008 810EE060 8033 810EE062 D2D0 1up Mushrooms From Trees (YE) 812B0ABA 4010 812B0AC6 00D4 Flying Shy Guy Toad (YE) 8134209C 8019 8134209E 56A4 80342207 00FF 813420C4 8015 813420C6 A53C 81342116 2049 8134225E F8A0 Mushroom Mario (SM803) 8107EC40 0083 8107EC42 2400 8107EC38 0083 8107EC3A 2400 8107EC20 B4B4 8107EC22 B400 8107EC28 B4B4 8107EC2A B400 8107EC70 0083 8107EC72 2400 8107EC68 0083 8107EC6A 2400 8107ECA0 B4B4 8107ECA2 B400 8107EC98 B4B4 8107EC9A B400 Chuk-yas From Wing Cap Blocks (YE) 81330BA2 00DF 81330BA6 0528 Lots Of Goombas From Goombas (YE) 802A1BA7 00C0 812A1BAE 472C 803328C7 0020 Bob Ombs From Metal Cap Blocks (YE) 80330BAB 00BC 81330BAE 3174 Pirahna Plants From Goombas (YE) 802A1BA7 0064 812A1BAE 1FBC Fire From Bob Ombs (SM803) 812E7562 0090 812E7556 1AA4 Bob Ombs From Trees (YE) 812B0ABA 3174 812B0AC6 00BC Wing Caps From Koopas (YE) 812FC4DE 0087 812FC4D2 3DB8 Metal Caps From Bob Ombs (YE) 812E7562 0086 812E7556 3DD8 Blue Coins From Trees (YE) 812B0ABA 0830 812B0AC6 0076 Wing Caps From Snifits (SM803) 8130DC16 3DB8 8130DC1A 0087 Yoshis From Wing Cap Blocks (YE) 80330BA3 0055 81330BA6 4538 Koopa Shells From Trees (SM803) 812B0ABA 1F3C 812B0AC6 00BE (I think yoshielectron did this once in a hacking video once but never made it into a code.) and go to Bob-omb Battlefield star 2 to play as Koopa the Quick. When you start your file, you'll be big. Don't worry, this code doesn't make your game crash but it is fun to look at.8133B429 9910There's thi.. 8107EC20 80008107EC22 FF008107EC24 FF808107EC26 00008107EC28 FFFF8107EC2A 80008107EC2C 80008107EC2E FF008107EC38 FF008107EC3A 0000.. Luigi: 812535C2 3FC0 812535BE 3F40 8107EC38 007F 8107EC40 00FF Wario: 812535BE 4000 812535CA 4020 8107EC40 FFFF 8107EC38 5050 8107EC20.. Show Code. Get the first 2 stars in bob-omb battlefield in less than 5 minutes. Play as Big Bully in Lethal Lava Land (JS). Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. It doesn't have the annoying glitches like not being able to save or go into Big Boo's Haunt and other stuff.) Play as Toad in The Princess's Secret Slide (JS). 8. 34 Go into the small Tiny-huge island painting, choose the first star and turn on the code to play as the man-eating fish. This code compliments the 'Change Mario to 1 of 5 different sizes' code. When the metal cap runs out Mario will be returned to normal. If you don't want to explode when you press L, just don't add that part.) Go to Jolly Roger Bay star 1 and then activate the code and see if you can show that other eel who's boss! Please enter in the form of: code - effectPress gs button for 99 coins8933B218 0063go into any level and press.. Mario missing a hand:8033B3BB 0060Bruvazcan suit:8107EC40 00008107EC38 00008107EC3A 00008107EC42 00008107EC70 00008107EC72 00008.. No Screen8007C2AB 8080Cumulonimbus Clouds8007C280 8080Neon Earth8007C558 8000Dissipated Pictures8007C880 8080Game Aggravates..

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