slay the spire builds

The reason why this build is the best is simply the fact that it has absolutely no counter. All Rights Reserved. (This might stuff your hand full of junk), Ninja Scroll: Start each combat with 3 Shivs in hand. Moving in and out of stances feels pure Watcher, and there are numerous cards which combine to great effect. We are collecting run data to help you refine your deck skills. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Smaller decks are more predictable and easier to score on the synergy points. You'll need some defence while you build up. The best Watcher deck build recommendations in Slay the Spire. The Watcher has three stances - Calm, Wrath and Divinity. In the end, you will indeed need linking cards and more advanced tactics, but first go for instant gratification until you get the hang of things. I personally believe that a deck of around 20 cards at the end is perfect, while working with up to 25 is also doable, although I wouldn’t recommend going that far. What makes her so different from the other classes is her ability to move in and out of powerful stances using cards. It’s not intended to address the challenges of Ascension mode. Also remember that you are not actually forced to pick up cards or any type of loot from the one shown after a battle: you can simply move on without getting anything. Halt is good here too, but use it in Wrath to get maximum block before changing stance. Comments for this article are now closed. One of the most important cards in a Silent deck is Acrobatics, which draws three cards and requires a discard of one. You don't need to take every card offered to you - you can skip card rewards. Slay The Spire tier list and deck builder The difference between an average card and a great card can be one simple upgrade. Finally, consider Establishment, a card which makes any Retainable card cost one less Energy each round it is held. Make sure, to begin with, you have enough cards to get in and out of Calm and Wrath. Comprehensive guide to deck building for the silent. You never know which cards you'll get while you play so always be flexible with builds. In Slay the Spire, you select a character and begin climbing a tower. Medical Kit: Status cards can now be played. Barricade is a card that prevents defenses from being eliminated at the end of the enemies' turn, which is the standard mechanic in Slay The Spire. Slay the Spire - The Ironclad Exhaust Builds Written by KebabSoup / Jan 29, 2018 Just sharing the builds that I find the most reliable and fun to use … Infinite Blades places two shivs in the players hand at the beginning of each turn after an upgrade, and Accuracy increases the damage that shivs do by five after an upgrade. Whenever I play the Defect, I always try to go for cards that will enhance that play style, giving me more options to power up my lightning orbs or spawn more of them. rooms, which makes the whole game a lot easier (and makes choosing a path easier too). Finally, remember that you can also get Relics without fighting Elites! You also need to already have the Silent and Defect classes unlocked. You never know which cards you'll get while you play so always be flexible with builds. Bird Faced Urn: Whenever you play a Power, heal 2 HP.

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