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Minimal walking or hiking and terrain is very accessible. From 1950-1985, productions surveys in Maine have shown variable trends in Maine's common breeding waterfowl. Sea Duck season in Maine for 2019-2020 is forthcoming. The daily limit is 2, only one may be a hen; possession limit is 6, only 3 may be hens. Some geese will renest after losing the first nest. Past Management Goal and Objectives. Meals are homecooked with lobster and fresh seafood. Hunting, predation, starvation, disease, and accidents (e.g. 3 Days Fully Guided Hunt with 3 Nights Lodging and Breakfast (Oct. – Jan.) $2700 for Single Hunter. Maine’s rugged and rocky coastline is home to some of the best sea duck hunting in the east. Rising Sun Outfitters began in 1998, offering Guided Sea Duck Hunts along the rugged coast of Downeast Maine. 3 nights lodging in an authentic ocean side Maine Lodge. Molt. Remain still when birds are approaching your set. In the breeding season they may lay their eggs further inland by lakes, streams and rivers, because the young take time to develop their ability to tolerate salt water. This process is referred to as the molt. Sea duck hunting guides at it's best! We hunt from coastal ledges and islands which is the traditional Maine way of hunting Sea Ducks. The white-fronted goose, snow goose and Atlantic brant are only observed in Maine as they migrate through. 1073 Ferry Road, Bancroft, Maine 04497 Augusta, ME 04333-0041, Mailing Address: Some species of ducks will lay eggs in the nest of another duck leaving the other duck to incubate the eggs. Predation is the greatest factor attributed to nest failure. There is no hunting on Sundays. A sea duck hunt in Maine should be on every waterfowlers “bucket list”! Firearms, ammunition, or other personal waterfowl hunting gear. Greater scaups, lesser scaups, Barrow's goldeneyes, red-breasted mergansers, canvasbacks, redheads, and ruddy ducks are less common in Maine. Great guide, great hunt & beautiful Maine scenery.”, Annie the Black Lab's duck retrieval services, Maine License with State & Federal stamps, 2-3 boxes of 3” #2’s or #bb non toxic shot per day, Knee high boots and insulated bibs or Waders. Unlike ducks, a goose's plumage does not differ between males and females and subadult and adult geese. Immature birds have a higher mortality rate (39-65%) than adults (23-46%), and males have a higher annual mortality rate than females. Clients may choose to hunt from offshore ledges, layout boats, or our custom duck boat upon the Captains discretion. Ring-necks and redheads typically feed in shallower water, sometimes so shallow they do not need to dive. Set decoys close to your blind with one decoy at least 40 yards out. Rising Sun Outfitters began in 1998, offering Guided Sea Duck Hunts along the rugged coast of Downeast Maine. Red-breasted mergansers do not nest in tree cavities like the common and hooded mergansers; they nest on the ground. If you have to cancel a hunt, you will be offered the next available date in that season if any are available. TTY: Maine Relay 711 Rising Sun Outfitters offers waterfowlers the opportunity to experience a unique and unforgettable waterfowl hunting adventure along the rugged Maine coast. Dabbling ducks form short pair bonds that weaken during the onset of incubation. Distribution and Population trends. Mollusk are less important part of mallards and pintails diet. Registered Maine Sea Duck Hunting Guides utilize the finest handmade waterfowl decoys while hunting from off-shore ledges, layout boats, and our 21 foot custom duck boat to create exciting, fast-paced, waterfowling adventures. Longevity. Hunt for common eiders, surf scoters, white-winged scoters, common scoters, and old squaws (Longtails). Diving ducks may renest if they lose their nest early in the breeding season; but mergansers do not renest after loosing their initial nest, because males leave the breeding areas early. Between 1983 and 1987, black duck harvests were reduced in the U. S. by 42% and in Maine by 61%. Both scaup species have the lowest nesting success rate. Season lengths increased in 1994 to 40 days and again in 1996 to 50 days, but the black duck season remained reduced. The altitude of migration depends on terrain and the distance flown. For example, among the dabblers, a European widgeon had the lowest and a mallard had the longest maximum life span. About 70% of nesting pairs successfully hatch their eggs. A Layout Boat Hunt should not be missed by sea duck hunting enthusiasts.

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