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Players finding themselves with excess components may use the Recycler to break them down into raw resources. Once a Timed Explosive Charge has been thrown, it will automatically arm itself and then detonate after 10 seconds. The player, who turned out in close proximity to the bomb will be killed instantly. The process of creating explosives takes 30 seconds. Dear playersǃ Right now, the development of this website lies on the shoulders of a small group of enthusiasts. [14.12.2014] There was a significant change to the recipe of Timed Explosive Charge (C4) . Rust Labs is a reliable database for the video game, Rust. In use, it may be attached to a vertical surface. After securing on the object, firecracker automatically activates and explodes with a pause of 10 seconds. You are able to donate via the payment methods listed below. Including players. By the way, the recipe of the explosive was also complicated;. —Information accurate as of: build 904.83 Timed Explosive Charges are not to be confused with Explosives The Timed Explosive Charge (commonly referred to as "C4") is a craftable explosive weapon that can be thrown onto walls, doors, or deployable items. The Timed Explosive Charge, or C4, is an item often used when raiding other players. Always check the area nearby for campers and close all doors nearby. How Much Raid Costs Rust Raid Costs - Quick Sheet If you find a typographical error, inaccuracy or a mistake, please tell us about it in the comments. This Rust Craft Calculator provides stats based on weekly updates. After the detonation causes some significant damage to the object, on which it was installed, and to everything that stays in the area of damage of it. Go crafting weapons calculator. Once … Raiding calculator: - Price for raid: gunpowder, charcoal or sulfur - You can choose: * C4, rocket, satchel charge or explosive ammo * Walls, doors, windows or traps and barricades Recycling and scrap calculator: - For components, laptop and cctv CRAFT COST: - Price for craft: gunpowder, charcoal or sulfur (this is not application by FACEPUNCH studio) To create explosives with a timer it is necessary to know the recipe. Thank you in advanceǃ. If sitting in the corner behind the recycler at outpost you are unable to be bumped away from it allowing players to take whats in it. Rust game C4 calculator! A machine found in most radtowns which can break items into ~50% of their constituency. e-mail me if something is wrong! The money we will get from the supporters will be invested in the website development, salaries for the editors, and payment for the dedicated server. state enforced diversity 320 pts. From the remaining cloth units and explosives create a C4 with a timer. Table, showing the amount of C4 for destroying objects, How to craft explosives with a timer (Recipe), Версия игры, при которой информация с этой статьи была проверены в последний раз. Update Log [14.12.2014] There was a significant change to the recipe of Timed Explosive Charge (C4) . Rust is the copyright of © "Facepunch Studios LTD". So if you have 5 Pipes, don't put one in each slot. In this case, the required amount of explosive has been increased from 15 to 25 pieces. It can be obtained at level 25 for 34 XP points. Last update: 24 may 2015 (bad low grade fuel recipe for exp. It provides weekly updates and revised statistical information for items and game mechanics. Try not to sit directly ontop of it and keep an eye on your surroundings as the loud noise will attract bandits. some items can give more loot from being recycled separately for example: recycling sewing kits separately gives 1 extra rope than when its recycled in a stack, CCTV Cameras and Targeting Computers also give more loot when being recycled separately, Some items yield more when processed separately, i like to work on metal, make my house stronger. A machine found in most radtowns which can break items into ~50% of their constituency. The Rust Labs Calculator features in-depth material costs for all the existent items in-game. Get main resources from which explosives could be made: Sulfur ore, metal ore and wood are to be processed in the, From the remaining sulfur ( units), metal fragments, animal fat, and gunpowder to create units of. Timed Explosive Charge is a bomb with a timer. I made this for myself and I decided to share it! This page was last edited on 5 August 2016, at 02:30. Mainly used for raiding bases. The definitive and updated quick sheet that shows all main raiding tools and it's effectiveness. If you find this page useful please donate! If you like our projects, you have a chance to help our project grow. To create a C4 with a timer, follow these steps: The process of creating explosives takes 30 seconds. Items which have constituent materials that they require only one of will have a 50% chance to retrieve the constituent from recycling. The last column is the cheapest Sulfur raiding method, allowing you to save thousands of Sulfur. 2 years ago. Crafting weapons calculator. flare and leather in the recipe were replaced by Cloth, because the leather has been temporarily taken out of the game. The Recycler prefers to consume multiple units in a slot, rather than one of every item that's in it. From the remaining cloth units and explosives create a C4 with a timer. Due to its characteristics, the C4 is much more effective than the rockets, although in some situations the rocket is still preferable.

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