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Reckful is still one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with almost 800,000 followers on his channel. The fans say they are absolute opposites, and gravitate to Jenna more. When Reckful started playing “World of Warcraft” he was inspired by another gamer,  Error, who had the same character class in the game, a rogue. Some people thanked Reckful, admiring his generosity, others criticized his decision to stream how he bought those presents, letting the audience decide whether he should buy this or that present or not. Jenna was his girlfriend since high school. Reckful gained his popularity playing various games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Acheron’s Call”, and he’s now a full time streamer on Twitch, having almost 800,000 followers on his channel. She does model, as evidenced by her instagram. It is true, and no, no one really likes her. I feel like if it's true this is a huge mistake. Also weren't they like 2 months away from finally living together. The reason for this is pretty simple. Even if he has a girlfriend, Reckful is always on the lookout for someone he could flirt with. His place had the coolest backyard view’; though no one can submit that this post was true, neither can it be proven false. A post shared by Reckful (@byron.bernstein) on Sep 7, 2018 at 11:16am PDT. Byron Reckful Age. Reckful also won the MLG (Major League Gaming) “World of Warcraft” tournament which too place in Washington DC in 2010. As a matter of fact, he is often referred to as a ‘catching eye’ by fans. I remember her last tweet was something along the lines of "this community is aids", or something like that. He said that it was fun to compete with his friends in the game where a mouse was strictly needed, which meant Reckful would lose all the time since he just couldn’t use a mouse properly. Both Jenna and Blue often visit game conventions such as Blizzcon, Dreamhack, etc, however, for now Reckful seems to be alone. Something like that, Jenna is almost done with college. But anyone can become a mediocre model 3,287 Likes, 118 Comments - Reckful (@byron.bernstein) on Instagram: jenna I am relatively new to this stream and I vaguely know about Jenna but not much. When Reckful posted a movie in which he showed the most interesting and skillful moments of his arena-playing, the video called “Reckful 3” attracted a million views in no time, and now the video has more than five million views. His has an older brother named Gary committed suicide when Byron was young. Reckful (Twitch) Wiki Bio, banned, net worth, age, girlfriend, depression, Relationships with Jenna Angeles and Blue Madrigal. Will be funny stream since you know how competitive reckful is. Reckful Relationship with Blue Madrigal and Jenna Angeles. its weird people think she is hot she is ugly u just need to go to her instagram and look at the non-photoshop pictures. Net worth. i think one of byron's best stream was a short one where he was just chillin in their house. Another Reckful hobby is being a Santa Claus for his subscribers and fans. Before that tournament he was always a runner-up or in third place at MLG. Reckful is still one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with almost 800,000 followers on his channel. In 2011 Blizzard banned Reckful’s main account in the game, which made his fans write official petitions to Blizzard asking to bring him back to the game since his success inspired many others to play “World of Warcraft”. She does model, as evidenced by her instagram. dont rip jenna, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Let’s have a closer look on Reckful, both as a gamer and as a person. Open relationship Kappa. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Everyone is team Jenna but reckful is team vagina. Reckful has dark hair and sports a beard almost all the time; his eyes are light-brown. She says she's a model but I just don't see it. Reckful’s overall net worth is estimated by sources to be around $3.5 million, as of early 2019. jenna and jackie are definitely the two most down to earth people to ever show up on someone's stream. Reckful felt that nothing good was coming in his future, and tried to kill himself – he took 22 sleeping pills, drank a bottle of wine and tied a plastic bag over his head, and then he felt trapped and fell asleep, but on waking, he understood that he had ripped the bag off his head in sleep. Several times Reckful became a victim of scamming, losing various sums around $4,000 and $15,000. After all these years of Twitch chat shouting RIP Jenna, it was Twitch chat that ripped her. Byron “Reckful” Age. His father is more than 75 years old now, though nothing is known about his occupation, nor about his mother’s name, age or occupation neither. they're chill, nice, shy but not too shy, down for whatever, tolerant of … Two years ago he asked his fans to tag him in their wish-lists at Amazon so he could buy them something of their choice. Next up in the Hager household for birthday celebrations is Poppy, Reckful was born on May 8, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. But anyone can become a mediocre model. Wiki Bio, age, real face and name, net worth, Chasty Ballesteros (The Ranch) Wiki Bio, wedding, net worth, husband, Kathy Leutner Wiki, boyfriend Sidney Crosby, Engaged, Net Worth, Age, YouTuber Jenna Marbles’ Wiki: Net Worth, Dog, Boyfriend Julien Solomita, Married, Engaged, Jon Taffer’s wife Nicole Taffer – is she died?

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