pitch perfect beca and jesse pregnant

In order to move the plot forward, it really may not have made sense to keep Beca with her college boyfriend, either, or to shoehorn Bumper into a plot that really revolved around Fat Amy and her relationship with her father. The phone rings to the studio Jesse gets up to answer as Beca is in the restroom, the familiar voice of Callie the nurse answers. "Are we really going to do this though Jesse? This was it. Jesse knocked on the bathroom door. Also you can find me on tumblr as cenestpasmoi-bechloe. And his eyes drifted back down to the bump awkwardly, this time noticing that Beca’s left hand sported an engagement and wedding ring while she smoothed her palm across her bump, “So you’re having a kid after all.”, “Come on Jesse,” Beca replied in an exasperated tone, “don’t do this.”, Jesse’s eyes shot back up to Beca’s, innocently looking back at her while she looked unimpressed. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. ", "Well we have good news Jesse. she wanted to know, wringing her hands around. "Beca, i was kidding, you dont have too" Jesse said pulling her back down to the sofa, kissing her then pulling out his i-phone. Its one thing to be expecting a baby- but in the circumstances that Jesse and Beca were? The movie opens with the Barden Bellas about to perform at the ICCA championships. COMPLETE. "We're going to have a baby Jesse.". Not after six months of dating and in their second year of college. Works and bookmarks tagged with Pregnant!Beca will show up in Pregnant Beca Mitchell's filter. I'll count too three. Ultimately, a cameo from the Treblemakers may have been unsatisfying, anyway. Jesse...I'm pregnant. Jesse wanted to know, and she stared. Your girlfriend is pregnant and by 6 weeks. She sat down on teh little seat opposite the Nurses desk, Jesse standing behind her witha firm hand on Beca's shoulder. "Hurry up, stop hogging the bathroom!". Is that alright? She had hoped that Jesse had some sort of idea, because she was completely unsure. “Right. | And it just felt like it was time to make a fresh start. "No problem" Jesse said as he left closing the door almost all the way again. What if im a terrible mother Jess. Pregnant!Beca has been made a synonym of Pregnant Beca Mitchell. Beca pulled her head up and rested her hands on her lap, which Jesse moved to covering her small hands in his own. "I took a pregnancy test today, I'm pregnant. ", "Beca, i cannot imagine someone as a better mother in the world. The woman who flat out told him time and time again that she didn’t even know if she wanted children. Just try to arrive as fast as you can.". (Sequel to pitch perfect 2) by fanfics_fan with 1,656 reads. Life as Beca experiences it best; through music. Beca is accepted with a more diverse group than has ever been the Bellas, but Beca and Aubrey end up clashing over Aubrey's direction for the group, which she mistakenly believes is the winning direction. (They might be right). he put an arm around her, and she put her head on his shoulder. We're going to have a baby". When I came aboard, the version of the script that was in play already had those decisions made. "It's inevitable". Jesse hung up his phone and turned back to Beca with a wide smile. ", "Okay, the only time i can fit you in is around 15 minutes time. She’s never tried to change me. ", "Your my nerd" Beca laughed, sniffling still. I would not kill OUR baby for the world. Maybe they'll get back to these guys at some point. Your review has been posted. Beca says she doesn't have time to watch the movies, as Bellas are rehearsing all the time. Bec, you're having my baby! Sorry.” He mumbled, his hand reaching round to scratch the back of his head. He took her hand on the gear stick and started to reverse, to head out onto the road of there future. Now, Pitch Perfect 3's director, Trish Sie, has explained why the boys were cut for the third installment of the film. We would like to book an emergency appointment for a pregnancy test. Callie picked it up in her hand, taking the needle closer to Beca's skin with the other. Site Map; Diversity Statement; Someone who took him completely by surprise. he asked in concern. Like I have a home. Jeca. She was married to Chloe??? perfect, acapella, jesse. Meanwhile, Beca Mitchell is a reluctant freshman at Barden, her Barden professor father paying for her tuition for one year just so that she can be exposed to college life. 2.4K 52 5. How far is this from Harrison Ave? If you’ve created a rom-com I’ve probably watched it. “Do what? That was soo good! Injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, The Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition. One Last Picture. Beca nodded, nervous as hell. "I'm really scared, Jess", she admitted, her voice barely louder than Lily's. "Okay it's fine ill just do it." "I don't know, Jesse". "Don't make me repeat it", she murmured, pulling her head away from Jesse's fingers. Keeping the Trebles out of Pitch Perfect … "Jess...I dont know whether these are happy tears or sad tears but just promise me one thing...", "Because... Because..." She broke down into sobs covering her face with her hands. Her eyes were red and puffy, she was unsure how to feel in the moment. “So no, I don’t want you to try to be nice, okay?” There was poison in Beca’s tone as she sniffed loudly, and Jesse cleared his throat awkwardly as Beca added in a hurt voice, “You left me in pieces, and Chloe was the only person around to help put me back together. ", "A ten minute drive i suppose, but i cant confirm. Looking for an old soul like myself. Was it more complicated than that? Will anyone be able to save her before she's beyond repair? Pitch Perfect 3 did just fine without a relationship subplot for Beca or Fat Amy, and maybe we'll get to see those aspects played out if there ever is a Pitch Perfect 4. He had spent their freshman year breaking them down, slowly but surely, and he wasn't about to go through that again. The furrowed brow shot up to Jesse’s hairline as he took a step backwards in shock. "We're going to have a baby Jesse." What then? "They can fit you in, in ten minutes, we need to leave right now!" She spun around on her rotating chair, typing a few things into her computer before snapping on a pair of latex gloves and picking up a needle from a sterile towel that was laid out on a tray on the desk. They exited and passed through the waiting room, eyes looking up from magazines to look at who passed. ", "Your very welcome, its my job anyway." #beca #jeca #jesse #pitchperfect #pitchperfect2. Jesse swallowed loudly. Being in love with her feels right, and being loved by her is what makes me feel like I belong somewhere. I told you we would have Aca-children from day one so here we are a 2 years down the road and were going to have a baby together because so long as you want that, there is nothing else i would want for us in the world. Prior to the release of Pitch Perfect 3, news broke that the dudes we've come to know and love from the Treblemakers had not been worked into the latest installment of the singing-oriented franchise. Fanfiction Romance Pitchperfect Oc Beca Jesse ... Ava Wilson is off to college with her best friend Jessie in tow. In the meantime, you can catch the latest flick in theaters, now, and check out what is coming in 2018 with CinemaBlend's full schedule. This seems pretty good considering it says your 4 weeks. That she wasn’t really maternal enough for that. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (129), Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins (1), Hunger Games Series - All Media Types (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Bellas For Life - Unofficial Netflix Series, just a cute lil one (maybe two) shot i've had in my brain for ages, set somewhere between pitch perfect 1 and 2, There's a girl who gives a shit behind this wall (You just walked through it). I'm a woman. by gleefever202 Follow. When she arrives she is reprimanded by the older Bellas. Fat Amy called, hammering on the door. Plus i gave them that number.". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Hi Doc, I love your one shots and fics. Her voice was as amused and confused as her facial expression, which only assisted Jesse’s embarrassment further. By: aussiebabe290. They reached the parking lot and climbed back into Jesse's car. Set between Pitch Perfect 2 and Pitch Perfect 3. As they are about to perform, Aubrey (Anna Camp) tries to assure them she'll do a good job, but is shot down. He pressed a kiss to her lips and he felt her smile, for the first time since she had burst into the Treble House. Jesse said turning to look at her and wrapping an arm around her waist. ", "Okay" Jesse opened the door wide, staring at Beca. ", "That I was one of those aca pella girls, you were one of those aca pella boys-". | That's it. "What do you want to do?" Jesse is th… Pouring pretend cups of tea to one another before asking for more in a fake vaguely British accent. “Chl-…oh wow.” was all he could muster while Beca nodded proudly. But here they were, facing the reality that was their life. Beca was difficult, stubborn, quick to jump to conclusions, defensive, and rarely cared about what other people wanted - just like she hadn’t cared one bit that he’d always wanted to live in LA and had hoped that she would live there with him too. “-Dude, I dunno how messed up your math is, but we haven’t seen each other in like five years.”. His attention snapped back up to his ex-girlfriend who still looked at him in shock, “…I was in the neighbourhood.”, “Yeah I can see that.” Beca replied with a mildly amused tone, “I just wondered why you were in my neighbourhood.”.

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