oregon fire map

The Northwest Interagency Coordination Center (NWCC) is the Geographic Area Coordination Center for the Northwest Region which includes the States of Oregon and Washington. User Agreement and Zoom in to see fire perimeters and evacuation zones. apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. We created the ability for everyone to create an account. The Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center Wildfire Map tracks every wildfire—big and small—across the western states. We license some of this data through paid APIs to select businesses and organizations on a case-by-case basis. Air quality smoke map: Track current Oregon air quality conditions as wildfires spread Homes … Among others, also includes fire history, ownership, MODIS heat detections, National 7-Day Significant Fire Potential, Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group, No Current Fuels and Fire Behavior Advisories for the Northwest. Located in Portland, OR, the NWCC serves as the focal point for interagency resource coordination, logistics support, aviation support and predictive services for all state and federal agencies involved in wildland fire management and suppression in the region. Please note: the points displayed on the map above indicate each fire's starting location and provide general references ONLY. (Please copy the email address into a composed email to send to us). The largest current wildfire map for the California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and more built by the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center. The Real-time Assessment and Planning Tool for Oregon (RAPTOR) Map for Oregon combines fire, weather and evacuation information in one location. If you can't see the map above, click this link. servers to maintain accuracy and real-time information. We have built numerous algorithms to process various information—everything from wildfires to GIS features, cities, states, and more. | NWCC Home | About Us | Site Disclaimer | Contact Us, Questions or suggestions regarding website content or design should be directed to blm_or_nwcc@blm.gov. Learn how to create your own. Due to high user traffic, the large fire map may load slower than normal and will be briefly unavailable during morning updates. Interactive real-time wildfire map for the United States, including California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and others. © 2019 Oregon Live LLC. See current wildfires and wildfire perimeters on the Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center Wildfire Map.

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