mossberg 930 review

I took a video of it so if I ever put it on the tubes I will send RF the link. For serious business, comfort, for me at least, is sometimes one, November was an incredible month for the development staff here at Full30. Any reliability issues found while testing a tactical or defensive shotgun would automatically disqualify said gun from remaining in my inventory. They make the 590 pump in 20 gauge and the Shockwaves are 590's in 20, and 410, so a SPX in 20 shouldn't be too far of a stretch. Is the bead sight on the 930 tactical a night sight? It depends on who you ask, but to me, it’s pretty specific. This specific shotgun was made in collaboration with the 1st couple of skeet shooting, Gil and Vicki Ash of Krieghoff International, OSP School, and Safari Magazine. For a shotgun that I am betting my life on, it’ll be a pump. I genuinely like the ergonomics of this gun and I think most people would be able to use it fairly well. Here are the basic specifications of the Mossberg 930 Combo Field/Security. Quick handling, positive controls and the best shotgun trigger I’ve pulled in years. For inertial shotgun autoloaders “limp wrist-ing” works the opposite of what one might think, the opposite of the way handguns behave. Keeping in mind, I am talking about bang for buck. The receiver is drilled and tapped for optics mounts. None is supplied with the Mossberg 930 JM Pro, but making one takes about 10 minutes. He is still active in law enforcement, with 20 years experience. Both are well pleased with their guns' performances and recommend them highly. I won’t deny that it did take a little work and some cursing was said, but I always have to modify the things I buy so I’m used to a little cursing at new things until I’ve made them mine. I didn’t breach any doors during testing (I’m not sure that breaching loads would properly cycle the 930’s action anyway) but it’s possible that the breaching vents helped moderate the gun’s recoil, which was very mild by any standards. The Mossberg 930 JM Pro is an impressive shotgun. Finding a shotgun that fit within my budget yet still had the high capacity and other features needed for 3-gun was exacerbated by the fact that I’m cross-eye dominant: I’m right-handed, but my left eye is my dominant eye. The balance and pointability made it easy to shoot well. It’s a shame you let one poorly functioning gun get your panties in a bunch at a fine brand. Even the Marines are changing to a semi-auto-- Benelli M4 Super 90. Because of this, we were able to run round after round through the firearm for quite some time without having too much of the usual issues that come from shooting shotguns all day. I have been a cop for 26 years and never experienced weapon perform so badly. When it came to buckshot mag dumps I couldn’t keep up with a former SEAL and his Benelli, but that says more about the shooters than it does about the guns. Let’s check out this new Mossberg in more … Remember, the magazine spring is contained only by the magazine cap, so remove the cap carefully and feed your custom-made plug down through the outstretched spring. In total, there are 20 different versions of the Mossberg 930 for you to choose from. Within the hunting category, there are 12 different variations of shotgun. I have shoulder damage and find that I can practice longer, and I'm faster with the 20. I used the shim that dropped the heel by .25″, and the 930 now fits just about perfectly. The action on the weapon was also silky smooth straight out of the box, and for the duration of the day we spent shooting the gun we had almost no issues. Thanks for your comments! You’re looking for a new gun rack? It has a QD mount on one side and a Picatinny rail on the other. Mossberg 930 Hunting shotguns have a dozen models to choose from, based entirely around what animal you’re wanting to hunt. Where Can I Buy the Mossberg 930 Waterfowl Shotgun? If you need more rounds than this, the 930 Tactical isn’t the right gun for you. Mossberg also supplies extended, ported tubes individually or in a Pro Factor Hunt Pac that includes Improved Cylinder, Modified, and XX-Full tubes. Bad luck. FLAWLESS ANS WILL NEVER GIVE IT UP. Not rounds you would shoot for fun. I'm glad to see Mossberg is still trying new models. What type of shot do you shoot at 50 yards? Be it 2 3/4 or 3 inches, factory or leftover reloads, it didn't matter. About halfway through I thought I might want to clean the gun and give it a fair shake.

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