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Milica "Mila" Mulroney (Serbian Cyrillic: Милица "Мила" Пивнички – Milica "Mila" Pivnički; born July 13, 1953) is the wife of the 18th Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney. Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. He wrote up his thoughts on domestic policy and foreign affairs in 10 bullet points that he called An Agenda for Canadian Greatness. [5], The Meech Lake Accord also met its doom in 1990. She was notable for taking on a greater role during her husband's tenure than previous spouses of Canadian prime ministers and for the criticism of lavish spending habits. Mulroney asked Lucien Bouchard to join as counsel. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to The Liberals then surged in the polls, to take a lead, after trailing by more than 20 percentage points. Mulroney's usage of a rare Constitutional clause to push the tax through,[71] prices not falling very much with the MST removed, and the "in your face" nature of the tax infuriated politicians and the public. Mr. Mulroney was in Ottawa on Tuesday as the featured guest of The Prime Ministers Series which is intended to educate and inspire policy makers and public servants. [19] The Cliche Commission's report was largely adopted by the Bourassa government. For the Canadian Forces, the Mulroney years began with hope but ended with disappointment. The environment was a key focus of Mulroney's government, as Canada became the first industrialized country to ratify both the biodiversity convention and the climate change convention agreed to at the UN Conference on the Environment. Questions remain as to why these warnings were not taken more seriously and whether the events leading to the bombing could have been prevented. The first Conservative majority government in 26 years—and only the second in 54 years—initially seemed to give Mulroney a very formidable position. In 1977, he was appointed company president. Mulroney was elected party leader on June 11, 1983, beating Clark on the fourth ballot, attracting broad support from the many factions of the party and especially from representatives of his native Quebec. Mulroney was inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame in 2018.[99]. [15] After graduating from St. Francis Xavier with a degree in political science in 1959, Mulroney at first pursued a law degree from Dalhousie Law School in Halifax. He declined an offer to run in a Quebec by-election as a federal Liberal. Trudeau announced his retirement in February, and the Liberal Party chose John Turner, previously the Minister of Finance under Trudeau in the 1970s, as its new leader. Campbell went as far as to claim that Mulroney knew the Tories would be defeated regardless of who led them into the election, and wanted a "scapegoat who would bear the burden of his unpopularity" rather than a true successor. One of Mulroney's main priorities was to lower the deficit, which had increased from $1 billion under Lester B. Pearson to $32.4 billion under Pierre Eliott Trudeau. “And they’re very supportive.” Which would explain the calls from the likes of front-runner Peter MacKay and leading Conservatives such as Lisa Raitt. Mulroney earned a salary well into the six-figure range. Benedict Mulroney worked overtime and ran a repair business to earn extra money for his children's education, and he encouraged his oldest son to attend university. [64] After the falling out, Mulroney began work on his autobiography, without Newman's help. Mulroney emphatically thinks not, disagreeing with 19 prominent members of the political and foreign affairs establishment, including two of his own former chiefs of staff, who wrote Trudeau calling for a prisoner exchange and dropping the extradition trial against Meng in a case brought by the U.S. What Mulroney, in rejecting hostage diplomacy, is suggesting instead is “an immediate and urgent rethink” of Canada-China policy, with a policy task force that could be chaired by someone such as David Mulroney (no kin), the hawkish former Canadian ambassador to China.

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