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Some may prefer to drop it down at front. I bought I bought a Polygon Cascade 2, It's very good cycle it's worth every penny And they also provided me Good deals on accessories Thank you ChooseMyBicycle team. Should last well – they look sturdy and have happily dealt with difficult roads so far. Which components had the most effect (good or bad) on the bike's stiffness? As such, I found myself shifting far more than I would normally and wishing for a more simplified double or single crankset. One can pick from our wide range of top Indian and international cycling brands with also kids and toddler specific range of bicycles. This frame at first glance looks a bit aggressive in geometry and this is because this bicycle is a flat-bar/fitness Road Bicycle with an Endurance Road Bike geometry for a good mix of stability and comfort. And as all good commuter bikes should, the Speeder 100 includes mounts for racks both front and rear. On dry roads, they are excellent. Front-end control at low and high speeds is fantastically accurate, which makes for a fun time in the saddle. 8 Characters]. Fantasy Cycling: game [at] The £600-£650 price point is a really crucial one for manufacturers these days, as it's the kind of money lots of people are spending on bikes through company-run cycle-to-work schemes. It does pose one question, though: who needs drop bars? Merida (Taiwan) - Fast and lightweight, the SPEEDER shares its genes with road bikes and gets a redesign for the 2020 season. Handling is generally good, though the long stem means you're a bit more forward weight-wise, making the back end a bit more skid-happy than other urban machines I've ridden. For more information on the difference between the most common recreational bikes, read our feature or watch the accompanying video comparing flat bar road, urban and hybrid bikes. It wasn’t the gloved-fit most people expect from their road bikes. An awesome, quick, fast responsive bike. Direct and lively at low speed but no sense of instability. In action, though, they don't hinder the ride experience. Please check your Email Inbox/Spam for an, Enter A Message For Our Experts To Help You, Please enter a valid Password [Min. It doesn't feel too quick when you first set off though, and much of that is down to the tyres as well. The Speeder is an important bike for Merida in the UK. Sign In or Register to start selling your bike stuff fast! Yes, surprisingly so. It puts quality componentry and higher-range performance squarely within reach of casual cyclists or people with limited budgets. With a rucksack-shod rider, it would be a fast light commuting machine, and for some reason the carbon fork features rack mounts if you want bags up front. While the Joytech hubs and own-branded rims aren't the last word in performance, and they certainly can't match fellow Taiwanese manufacturer Giant's own-brand hoops, they roll well enough and even look quite sexy with their 28-spoke lacing. Downhill or with a strong south westerly tail wind along the beach I can usually get it into one of the 3 top gears. Tell us about the geometry of the frame and fork? As I mentioned, I've been testing this bike in fairly inclement conditions and even with less-than-grippy tyres, these brakes have offered good overall power. But with a bit of dampness on the floor, and maybe some slidey surface mulch, you'll want to swap to something with a bit more bite because these lose grip very quickly in poor conditions. Spending a little more while still maintaining a conscious budget is a sure path to a more enjoyable riding experience. Reach/positioning is particularly good, with a slightly more stretched-out feel than on most hybrid-style bikes, meaning just a little more head-down enthusiasm. The full carbon fork is bladed and that not only shaves weight of the frame but also makes the bicycle even more aero in performance. If you are not yet a member,why not register using your facebook accountor sign up directly to Togoparts. Advertising, commercial: sales [at] road.ccView our media pack. Taking turns on the bike was a precise but somewhat sluggish exercise, with some turns requiring some significant lean-in to negotiate. Fundamentally great town bike and weekend cruiser that just needs a couple of practical touches to live up to its hype, Beautiful looking handbuilt steel frame with Alfine hub but a firmer ride than expected, Interesting bike to look at, not so interesting to ride – uninspiring and, contrary to expectations, no fun, Fab general use leisure and commuting bike that proves price isn't always an indication of performance, Editorial, general: info [at] Upload, Manage and Browse more than 21,000 bike ads on your Apple and Android Phones! would you recommend any changes? is an e-commerce portal exclusive for buying bicycles, accessories and apparels. Overall, the most important parts of the componentry – the Ultegra drivetrain and the Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakes – are really fantastic. The same is even more true when compared to another drop-bar all-rounder we liked, the £1,325 Forme Monyash 1 with its Tiagra drivetrain. Protected: Unsure what to wear to go riding? I'd say it was about as stiff as you'd want a bike like this to feel – there's no sense of unwanted flex. The problem is last time, there were all kinds of people saying all kinds of things were against the rules. The 48-34T chainring setup offer enough gears to tackle most riding conditions except extreme gradients, with positive shifting from the Shimano Sora Rapidfire shifters. Stopping quickly every time is one of the most important attributes a bicycle must have when tackling city traffic. Fit and finish were immaculate, which is much more than I can say for many manufacturers releasing bikes in this price bracket. I replaced them with a slightly racier set of Kevlar-beaded 26mm tyres and the performance of the Speeder was noticeably improved. Because they can be pumped up to 100psi, it means you have exactly the same contact patch with the road as skinnier tyres at 100psi, yet enjoy just a little more comfort. Nice and direct, although not so twitchy to be tiresome at speed. The Sora shifters were easy to use and responded quickly. Like this site? We've tested few flat-bar bikes with quite this level of road performance, but if we compare the Speeder 900 to drop-bar road bikes, there's the £1,399 Ribble CGR AL with Shimano 105 which we thought was great value, which reflects very well on the Speeder. Against the background of bikes like that, the Speeder looks very good value indeed. Very well made frame and fork with nice details such as internal cable routing and a smart if slightly old-school glossy finish. Most of them were punishing to say the least – paths covered in loose gravel and compacted mud, uneven urban surfaces peppered with potholes and manhole slats, and a few days worth of slippery rainwater sloshing all over the place. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from Against the background of bikes like that, the Speeder looks very good value indeed. The cycle was delivered to me like i had got the cycle from the shop. You get good quality wheels – Tiagra hubs laced to Mavic CXP22s – and good stopping too with Avid's FR5 levers and SD3 brakes. Old No.109/New No. We at will also have our own cycling events across India for all types of cyclists from amateur short weekend rides to professional race for the experts. If you are looking for a bicycle as good as a roadie but with lesser aggressiveness then the Merida Speeder 200 (2018) is the perfect choice for you. I put on pedal clips rather than clipless with shoes - just used to them. Excellent fast flat-bar road bike with awesome performance, fantastic spec and great price, If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the Top Cashback page and get some top cashback while helping to support your favourite independent cycling website. More memorable is the Merida Comp SL saddle, which looks suitably svelte and serious but offers just a little bit of cushioning. The combination of its smooth and eager ride, impressive Shimano Ultegra spec and excellent Deore hydraulic disc brakes means that it's a whole lot of fun and not short on quality. It felt like all my effort was being used effectively. The Merida Speeder 900 lives up to its name as a supremely fast and efficient flat-bar road bike. Tech, reviews: tech [at] Bit of a race track through there. This bracket is an important entry in the lineup of any bike manufacturer. Reach for me was particularly good – I have relatively long torso, so top tube lengths can feel a bit short, but this was perfect. Did the bike feel stiff in the right places? Did any part of the bike feel too stiff or too flexible? The aluminium tubing is placed into a mould and then high-pressure pumps are used to force the aluminium into the shape of the mould, creating a frame that provides stiffness without the need for additional reinforcement or extra material. The Speeder T3-D took a little getting used to. Geometry is on the money, too. Braking is equally secure, with Shimano MT-500 (Deore) hydraulic disc brakes taking good care of stopping duties. This, combined with the tall headtube, made for an easy to ride bike with good levels of responsiveness. Buy and sell with more than 160,000 cyclists on the go! That said, they do their job without letting down the rest of the bike. Saddle and grips are actually pretty good. To learn more about how this bike compares to similar urban-type bikes, check out our full feature on flat bar road versus urban versus hybrid bikes. I prefer to use the big gear upfront and sit on a middle gear at the back when cruising depending upon wind speed and direction. Did it feel efficient? The frame and fork's fast road bike tendencies are certainly not hindered by the groupset. They use hydraulic fluid in a fully sealed line to a dual piston caliper. Because of positioning it's not quite as good as a drop-bar for sprinting, but still enjoyable to chuck around. What do the manufacturers say about it? Out of the box it's a very comfortable bike to pilot, mostly down to the reasonably soft saddle and the big air chambers of the Kenda 32mm tyres. It takes the edge off of rough surfaces well and deals with bigger bumps without crashing. All Hybrid bikes are built by Cytech qualified mechanics, delivered free to the UK mainland & include 8 weeks free bike insurance.

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