mazda bongo campervan review

All rights reserved. The Waeco 40-litre compressor refrigerator is a practical piece of kit. It’s one of the smallest campers on the market, but offers a lot more than a similarly priced Volkswagen. This car is extremely fun and safe to drive. It is better than a ‘bucket and chuck it’, but only just. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Previously I was riding a minivan with Estima (used) → Bongo Frendy (used). However, problems such as this are often straightforward to avoid with routine maintenance and regular checks. The suspension’s lower ball joint is usually the first component to wear. To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: Latest Reviews in Campervans and Motor Homes, Latest items in Campervans and Motor Homes, Preston Motorhomes and Caravans -, National Motorhomes -, Motorhome Hire -, Becks Motorhomes -, RV World Showroom -, Devon Conversions - Its only failing is that the mattress is thin, so we would recommend fitting a new one or using some kind of camping mat, or bed foam that has been designed specifically for use on made-up seat beds. I was surprised to have mw own last for 12 years now. My dad drives it about 120 ... Cars are my passion. Read KernowBongo's review of the Mazda Bongo Campervan, 6 of 14 Mazda Bongo reviews, & compare with other Campervans & Motor Homes at Review Centre We have owned our Bongo 2.5TD 4WD for 7 1/2 years and its quite simply part of the family. Or just short of being a full high-top? Press the button on the underside of the roof, just behind the front seats. Overall, this quirky Japanese import combines the benefit of a driveable day vehicle with all the facilities of a basic camper. The reason these diminutive vehicles have flooded the British market in recent years is that they convert to well-specified, affordable campers at a lower price than VW-based alternatives. " " Try waggling the drop links and anti-roll bar to see if there’s any play. TCV Corporation All rights reserved. This can often be identified by lifting the bonnet and looking inside the header tank (located on the nearside). The rules on older vehicles in Japan mean that servicable vehicles become uneconomic to run at a certain age and enterprising motor dealers in the UK realised that bringing well-equipped used, right-hand drive vehicles here was a good idea. Verdict. If there’s play, look at the lower ball joint to see if this is the problem. Rob Hawkins looks at what can go wrong with a Mazda Bongo Friendee or a Ford Freda – so you can not only buy a good camper van, but head off trouble with a bit of general maintenance. The bench seat bed is comfortable but short. Not only was it a good value, but the car has never once had a problem since it was bought in 2002 with 75000 miles on it. Mar 21, 2017 - This is my campervan conversion from start to finish. The average fuel consumption is 6km, and if you run a long distance, you need to refuel more often, which is not good for your wallet. I fell in love with my 1991 Mazda 626. This price is fixed by the manufacturing company of the car. In 1999 they stopped producing manual versions so most of them are automatic, which is no problem, it just means you can sit back and enjoy the cup holders. Here is a review about 2007 Mazda 5. Update my browser now, Home › Reviews›Wellhouse›Mazda›Bongo Friendee, Practical Motorhome's experts review the Wellhouse Leisure Mazda Bongo Friendee. We did have a cylinder head go on us two years ago, but then she is 17 yrs old! Suspension knocking sounds are often caused by the anti-rollbars. Here at Practical Motorhome we want to make sure you get a great deal on your next vehicle, so we’ve teamed up with selected partners to bring you hand-picked product information from a relevant supplier. Who are they best suited to? Sarah Wakely, Editor, Practical Motorhome. Read More, " Latest reviews. Mazda Bongo anyone?Motorhomes and Campervans. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. With over 10 years experience in the Japanese Import Trade, we source the best Mazda Bongos Mercedes Viano and Nissan Elgrands available. I was skeptical but a friend who regularly purchases foreign vehicles highly recommended it after my string of bad luck with American brands. The view from the driver's seat was good, and it was very easy to drive because of its small turn for its size. There are various versions and they are all quite fast, some of them are also four wheel drive which is great. It is often exported from Japan to Europe to be converted to a campervan. If the level is low, there’s a leak and this may cause the engine to overheat and the head gasket to fail. That's why I chose to pack my luggage and carry a lot of people. I loved everything about this car ... My dad has brought home before a Mazda MX-5 Turbo car, and with the red scarlet color to it, I could not resist driving it. Here at Practical Motorhome we want to make sure you get a great deal on your next vehicle, so we’ve teamed up with selected partners to bring you hand-picked product information from a relevant supplier. The Mazda Bongo and its sister vehicle, the Ford Freda, were never officially imported to the UK, but were numerous in Japan during the 1990s. Read More, " My boyfriend's mom is driving a Mazda 5. These include getting an under-seal, adding a coolant alarm, as well as conversion and packing logistics. It had a Mazda Bongo Frendy Auto Free Top and was very convenient for outdoor activities, camping, fishing, sports, etc. When I got into it at the used car lot and saw the oscillating fan, I was sold. The single-leg table is fine to use when drinking a cup of tea or eating a snack but with the limited dimensions of the Bongo’s interior, main meals can prove tricky. Rob Hawkins looks at what can go wrong with a Mazda Bongo Friendee or a Ford Freda – so you can not only buy a good camper van, but head off trouble with a bit of general maintenance. There’s a cupboard under the sink, but no cutlery drawer. Apply some multi-purpose grease along the three runners, found at the top and bottom of the door and along the rear side panel on the outside of the Bongo. These narrow-bodied commercials became very popular as camper vans. This vehicle is an 8 seater MPV that was produced up until 2004 in Japan. We visited KG Auto Engineers to discover the typical trouble associated with the Bongo and the best solutions for fixing and avoiding them. Given its size, it is best to think of the Bongo as an MPV that can double as a camper – in fact, in its pre-converted state it’s a six-seater with two rows of seats that fold down to make a bed. The latest review of Mazda Bongo measures performance, economy, comfort, practicality and reliability. Do Not Use - they make charges for services you did not have Let’s put this into context: this is a ten-year old vehicle with a new conversion. I let go of it due to a breakdown, but it was something I wanted to ride longer if it did not break. Stay away reporting to trading standards Read More, " I choose my cars based on three things: its overall design, its engine, and the technology incorporated in it. It should be renewed if it looks at all suspicious. It is a grey import, never having been sold outside Japan where it was made until 2000 (so, any model you buy will be used). Mazda Bongo Camper vans for sale, rot free superior quality top spec recent Jap imports available from stock, all fitted with HQ kitchen units.Card payment aval This is probably due to its incredible versatility. " Read More, " It is a very versatile vehicle to convert as the options really are endless. When I was looking for a device called Auto Free Top, which is unique to this car, I was looking for it at a reasonable price and the affection I put into the car of the former owner. TALBOT AVALON 1992 When lowering the roof, press the safety button once (located inside the roof). ... After fours years with a Bongo campervan we too made the move last month. Great service We also offer a range of other cars and camper vans. It does this with some style and better levels of specification than you could expect from European campers of equivalent age. We recommend joining the owners club, if only for the access to useful parts and services information it provides: go to the website at I was very surprised. The joints and pipes can be checked from under the front of the Bongo. They are now a very common sight on the second-hand market and can represent incredible value. " Who do I pay to and how do I transfer the money? 2020  I have no regrets. As it happened, I leased a Mazda 3 just before it became totally popular , just two and a half years ago. A lot of them have been used as taxis in Japan and you have to be certain that your importer can truly certify the mileage or you could end up buying one that has a couple of thousand miles. It is often exported from Japan to Europe to be converted to a campervan. Written on: 17/06/2012 There are a number of problems associated with the Mazda Bongo, which in some cases have given it a bad name. Check the condition of the brake flexi-hoses as they can perish, which would cause the Bongo to fail its MoT. The 1996 model we tested has a full camper conversion from Wellhouse Leisure, which adds £4500 to the price. Even if it's used, the condition of the interior and exterior is good at the time of purchase, and I still think I did a good shopping. The Mazda Bongo is still very well specified in comparison to the more modern Japanese MPV's and comes with automatic gearbox, power steering, front and rear air-conditioning, twin airbags, electric windows, and are available with a range of petrol and diesel engines all with either two or four wheel drive. The Bongo-based camper vans came to the UK in huge numbers during the early 2000s through companies such as Wellhouse Leisure. Read More, " All rights reserved. [tl:gallery index=13 size=459×306], If you have an electric elevating roof, there are a number of procedures to follow to ensure it will raise and lower. It's long, MPV-like, and I thought it's another Toyota or Honda brand.

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