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As Lance described it, there were three customers and another employee in the shop. Lance made a pivotal decision which he describes as, “in an instant, I choose not to be a victim.”. Lance’s response? But when we have conversations about real life concealed carry gun use, we have to take a moment to remember the pivotal lessons delivered in one episode about the Los Angeles watch repair man who refused to be a victim. Similar to the other celebrities, Thomas also has been involved in various controversies. In September 2012, He was accused by a New York City jeweler where he owed him a remaining balance for purchased items of $67,800 with the down payment of $30,000 in December 2009. This should include extensively training how you intend to fight. Lance Thomas has a net worth of approx. which makes him add more to his personality and has the weight of 102 kg. And lastly, you can’t use a gun that you can’t access. Lance attended Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School. He plays in the position of forward during his games. To know more about Lance Thomas, he can be followed on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wiki. The talented forward has won many awards and achievements till date such as McDonald’s All-American, NCAA Champion, NBA D-League All-Star and so on. Thomas survived each shootout without permanent injuries. Two more were shot to death Thursday at the small shop where owner Lance Thomas buys and sells expensive Rolex watches and antique pocket timepieces, police said. However, he has a huge fan base which includes large portion of women. View Our Collection: We Restore ROLEX & Omega We have been in the vintage watch business since 1973.… My Favorite Arizona Firearm Retailer Is Legendary ... They’re Killing John Demjanjuk Once Again! Lance was just one of many shopkeeps on the frontlines of honest law-abiding citizens stuck in the DMZ of gangland, USA. Remember This CBS TV Cop Series, NIGHT HEAT? The situation may be different in future but currently he is just enjoying his single life. “Let’s go all the way back, mentally, to ground zero [of the incident]. A person has an inalienable right to defend himself and his place of business from violent attack. During multiple incidents Thomas was forced to defend his life with deadly force. By this time, though, Lance concedes that “they weren’t quick enough.”. Four attempts on his life and his business… It could be analogous to lightning striking the same place four times. Rethinking Private Security In A Troubled America, Film Documentary, IN SEARCH OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT. We’re talking about Lance Thomas. No Lie Was Off Limits to the Late Sarah Brady in Her Quest to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans. Later, he enrolled in Duke University for his further studies where he was also the player member representing the college basketball team. Carry every single day, everywhere you physically can. He told his customers to hit the floor and he proceeded to defend his life at point blank range against automatic firearms. That can only come when you take an honest assessment of your life, your habits, and your limitations and cater to those. The first incident occurred within weeks of getting the gun. The two robbers watching the door fled the scene. Unit 4862 Culver City, Ca. “What if I didn’t have the gun there but on the desk? But carrying a gun should compel you to take responsibility for it. Lance Thomas, for those unfamiliar, first got a .38 S&W to defend his shop after a serious of violent robberies took place in the area. Lance put the first gun he owned at his repair station next to customer’s watches. The second incident happened at 7:15 p.m. Four armed robbers moved on the store. He redoubled his efforts in training with handguns and quickly recovered from his injuries.

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