kolr 10 reception problems

You can see what products we currently have for sale. Looks like I will contact an antenna technician to have a look. ), so what the Hell is going on with Channel 10? Every time there is rain, good night channel ten! The lower signal to noise ratio (pedantically lower MER) for these channels, if this is the case, makes these channels more susceptible to the RF noise generated by the LED driving circuits in the decorative lights. If I change to the TV channels (none of which are HD) reception is fine. The reason that one TV pixelates and another does not relates to the different tuners components in different branded TVs and even in the same brands but in different models. However, if that particular group of channels was right on the threshold of failure where it feeds into the masthead amplifier, then it wouldn't take much in the way of anything to tip the signal over the digital cliff, leading to picture/sound breakup. I have a masthead amp and a power injector. I Also put one on the input into my subwoofer in the other room and that got rid of a hum that got introduced when I changed TVs a few months back. I would be interested if anybody else has given this a try. On Friday, Channel 10 disappeared. I tried a 3dB attenuator but no improvement. Be the first to start a discussion about Troubleshooting steps for common TV problems. Coffs Harbour (NSW mid-north coast) and 10 has been playing up randomly for a few months now whilst the other channels are fine. Don't know why only the ABC and Ten Network channels are affected though. I have the same issue with Channel 10 and ABC for about 2 years. Make sure TV is set to output audio to your source device (sound settings). All f type quad shield cables. Turns out it was the solar powered Christmas lights I had hung adjacent to the antennae (including a star on top of the antennae pole). I have installed 50 foot mast in Manly and done other jobs that are simple and can be achieved with minimal effort and equipment. All the other channels seems fine, just the channel 10 ones seems to get affected more. Trouble with Channel 10, eh? Normal programming was totally unwatchable picture quality and only 60% sound. 2 X sub tuners for htpc, TiVo and Panasonic plasma tv. My problem was resolved by turning off the Apple TV 2 plugged into that TV. can you send me the video of Jacob Mitchell's homerun at us ballpark today. My guess is that the antenna is a tiny bit out of whack, affecting the channels on that frequency. (A quick check is to unplug both ends of the HDMI cable, & use composite/component connections to see if the problem goes away.). © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. I keep meaning to find it and see if I still get the problem. By that I mean your exact house location. If you are in a good signal area, you ***may*** be close to overloading your receivers with too much signal for one channel only by using a masthead amplifier. My Parent in Laws over in Eltham are experiencing the same issue and it started at the same time, so something is going on with Channel 10. Its quite probable that these channels are prone to local interference. If someone tells you that there is one antenna that is suitable for Manly I would be suspicious of that. Major pain for my husband's Masterchef addiction. Note: This is a common issue, so if there is no improvement, only make a return if it is so bad that it ruins your viewing experience.

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