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Ultimately, the decision was made to visit Cedar Point. Not again! Zephyr is a family attraction at Kings Island and it is a perfect ride for kids who aren't ready for the taller swing rides at theme parks such as the WindSeeker. We decided to change things up a little bit due to weather concerns. What added to the fun? If you cannot handle spinning rides, this is not the ride for you. While Kings Island does not compare to Cedar Point, it was a very good park that I really wouldn't mind visiting again the next time we are in Indiana. Haunt and the Great Pumpkin Fest may be over for the season, however, we are opening this Saturday, November 3, from 11:30 – 8 pm for an extra day of fun and thrills. The pumpkin submitted by Shannon Brooks received the most likes, loves, etc. Here are a few tips from the Theme Park Maniacs! Please enter a valid email address and confirm that you are at least 13 years of age. It made for an epic moment and it was even more epic when we all wound up on the next few rides. This ride has two side-by-side tracks and the coasters will be dispatched at the same time, but who will win the race? At Kings Dominion it’s more than just a job, it’s an adventure! Now Intamin handles the duties and maintenance of the Eiffel Towers. Well being the pain in the ass that I am, I nagged him until we got our way. Kings Island: Shake, Rattle & Roll While some of your favorite rides will be open and available during WinterFest , this is your last chance to get rides in on some of your other favorites including Intimidator ... Our 19th annual Halloween Haunt event is in full swing, with two new shows taking the stage this year. This giant swing attraction takes riders up in the air more than 30 feet for a soothing, wave motion experience. Kings Dominion: 2014 Haunt Review. We knew there would be a chance of rain at Kings Island, but we have been here before and we said bring on the rain and the Beast is the one that decided to bring it on but more on that later on. August 20, 2015. Our partnership with local craft brewery, Center of the Universe Brewing Company, has led us down a dark, delicious path with the all-new Redrum Bloodsucker IIPA coming to Halloween Haunt this year! Located just steps away from Kings Dominion, Camp Wilderness - a KOA Campground - features camp sites, RV sites and a number of well-appointed deluxe cabins that are far from roughing it. Apply online and let the journey begin! Kings Island: The Bat The Bat will bring you to a height of 78 feet with a 70 foot drop at a top speed of 51 MPH. This is a spinning on top of bouncing on top of spinning type of ride. Of course, after that the chaos continued! The observation floor is at a height of 264 feet and you will get one of the best views in the park from this tower! Vortex will bring you to a height of 148 feet with a 138 foot drop at a top speed of 55 MPH with a total of 6 inversions! Not only is this a boomerang roller coaster, but it is also an inverted roller coaster as the train hangs below the track. Kings Island: WindSeeker This is an intense thrill ride and it is not included in your park admission. Flying Ace is designed for children to get their first thrills on as this is a low thrill attraction. Manufactured by: Huss. If you’re staying for Halloween Haunt later in the evening, No Boo Lanyards can be purchased for the more timid members in your group. Guests with the following conditions are prohibited from riding: Any physical conditions that may be aggravated by this ride, All restraint systems must be positioned and fastened properly, Remain seated facing forward in an upright position and hold on until the ride comes to a complete stop, Keep all parts of your body inside swing at all times, Secure all items or leave items in a locker or with a non-rider, Guests with any type of prosthesis should not ride unless the device is properly secured. The entire ride spins around as the arms of the Monster bounce you up and down and your individual car will spin, depending on how the weight is seated in your car. Kings Island: Delirium Early on the in the day, we decided to go on the boat ride with the giant splash at the bottom and we got our antics on yelling THIS IS AWESOME and whatnot. Yeah, but if you find yourself abusing the pass then it's well worth it. We went right for the front row on Banshee and it was only a one train wait to get on. On this ride, you'll experience the weightlessness and strong accelerations and side to side movements! Kings Island: Monster We woke up in Sandusky, Ohio right outside of Cedar Point on this dismal day. Jobs are available in all departments from aquatics to rides, food to security and more. This steel coaster has a compact design and layout to it and is a great ride for families to get on as it doesn't have a high speed or a high drop to it, but it is still a very fun ride. This ride was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics and it opened up at the park in 1972! Manufactured by: Arrow Dynamics. Banshee is a steel inverted roller coaster located at Kings Island, manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard and it opened up at the park during the 2014 operating season. Drop Tower was manufactured by Intamin and it opened up at the park back in 1999. Want to earn cash while having fun too? Once you climb aboard the Monster, you'll be spun, lifted and spun some more! The pass itself was 180 dollars. This one-of-a-kind hybrid coaster will send you twisting through an experience that is impossible on a traditional wooden coaster. Kings Island is advertising two new rides for the upcoming season and they involve the Planet Snoopy section of the park! This one-of-a-kind hybrid coaster will send you twisting through an experience that is impossible on a traditional wooden coaster. Manufactured by: Arrow Dynamics. If you cannot handle spinning rides, this is not the ride for you. Again, it’s on sale for the best – and I mean best, it won’t get any lower, this is really it – price of the season…and you get unlimited visits and free parking to Halloween Haunt, the Great Pumpkin Fest and WinterFest in 2018! Rides like this have also been known as Triple Spin. Xtreme Skyflyer is comparable to bungee jumping and sky diving; it is actually the best of both worlds. Wood and steel combine forces to bring you our newest roller coaster, Twisted Timbers. Annual maintenance on I305 also includes removing and inspecting the catch car – the 40’ feet long device that carries the train to the top of that massive lift hill. The girl on the swing tried to distract the guests by jumping off her swing suddenly and setting up the girl on the porch for her scare. Two of the rides that REALLY stood out for me were the Beast, which is a wooden roller coaster and Diamondback, which is a steel roller coaster similar to that of Nitro., August 21, 2015. All of the other seats on the inside of the train are facing towards the other riders so you can enjoy their reactions during the course of the ride. Kings Island: Eiffel Tower For Intimidator 305, this process takes place right after the park closes for Haunt and wraps in the Spring for opening. Oct 08, 2019. This ride will take you through the back-woods at Kings Island and as you ride this, you need to fear The Beast! Manufactured by: Mondial. This is a spinning ride that has three arms of gondolas moving counterclockwise against the ride's main direction. This is a classic flying scooters ride manufactured by Larson International. Taking in the thrills from Halloween Haunt and our world-class coasters can make you work up an appetite. If you aren't ready for the big roller coasters, this is a perfect place to start! Kings Island: Adventure Express Our focus for both Kings Island and Cedar Point was to get on the bigger rides, but we did decide to hit some of the smaller rides at Kings Island as there are only so many big rides to go on. The Beast is the Best. The Eiffel Tower is a 1/3 replica of the real Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Want to earn cash while having fun too? It's a very popular park in the area and there are new rides like Diamondback and Banshee that people just love to flock to. Manufactured by: Intamin. Kings Dominion is currently closed until a Christmas reopening next month. on Facebook and is the winner of a 4-pack of Halloween Haunt tickets and Fright Lanes to use the final two weekends of our terrifyingly-good event.

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