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“It was like that — When crack happened, entire families were disrupted — that’s when the shutdown started. Rocker bands Metallica and Anthrax occupied space there as well. This message gave the borough the confidence to reign supreme during the golden age of Hip Hop and triumph over and epidemic created to defeat them. “LL came down into the Coliseum, going from booth to booth looking for us. "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash Members of TPA, who were graffiti writers, soon became FREEDOM WRITERS. "Beat Bop" by Rammellzee and K.Rob CER was a member of the infamous Queens graffiti crew TPA (The Public Animals). In turn, he helped mold the Kings of Rock. Cey was familiar with another local writer, who would later become Jackson alumni, named Hype. People gave Jackson a bad rap, but the teachers were passionate. And I love eating chicken and collard greens/” — DMC, Phade shared his view on the conflict, caused by urban tribalism, saying “Hollis, they didn’t have the same attitude towards life as they did in Jamaica, In Jamaica everybody was Godbody. Min 1 (NE) They changed the paradigm. Hype always had a longer vision than everybody else. They made their money and moved their families out to Queens — some were good working-class people, but some of them were hustlers that moved away from the Harlem Scene and the Bronx scene and bought houses.”. “They spoke of Fat Cat/ that nigga’s name made bell rings, black, Some fiends scream/ About Supreme Team/ A Jamaica, Queens thing” —, Sweet G who had witnessed the transition in Hip Hop and infusion of drugs, spoke of the dealers saying “They’re coming in with the newest fashion and the newest freshest clothes and the newest look. Abandonment. I remember getting approached to sell by some guys who lived on the corner and both of them getting killed” said Gilbert. Morris Park Crew dedicates their latest newsletter to denouncing CAP: “We never did and still don’t approve, admire, or respect, but oppose what CAP did and what he stood for.” The 8-page attack on the “jealous toy” continues: It’s sad that under his assumed direction, MPC became known as nothing but a disrespectful bombing crew intent on destroying other writer’s work to gain fame, because they themselves, like CAP, had no artistic talent. Now, over twenty years after his name became synonymous with crossing out and starting graffiti beef, CAP is being disowned by the Bronx-based crew he repped all these years. Indeed, many families who had learned lessons from Barnes, in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx had settled in the Queens during the late seventies. King Phade recalls first hearing of LL Cool J, while he was still in the Bronx. You had a brother, cousin, uncle or maybe a mother, father on crack. You can’t just address academics with a child who’s going through that” said Ivori. In Jackson, we were encouraged to be creative.”. Revolt Jackson would give birth to further royalty and produce a princess. You might be able to find glimpses of it, on some lost faces who still occupy a space on the avenue. Sweety G spoke on his view of Jackson saying “Andrew Jackson was the illest, it was like going to Riker’s Island on a social component. 4 Featured break dancers Now they had the top rap group in the world and they was like ‘You gotta respect us! KAP recalls how the Queens Masterpiece was designed. Express.co.uk. Taki 183, "8th Wonder" by The Sugarhill Gang “Back in those days, Jackson was the toughest school in Queens. He bumped into CER and recalled him saying “We’re going to do Jackson.” However, it wasn’t CER who was the designer of the piece. The predominately Black student body was the refuse of Jamaica, Queens. Cap Many students, were behind in reading and maths skills. Although their album was somewhat successful, the group failed to follow up when group member, Lord Black was murdered in the early 90s. They went to other schools. I remember, that I thought it was a stupid name… ‘DJ Run,’ but I found out later that he was always running his mouth in the gym.”. Hype saw videos being a tool, I remember when he first started doing videos for free, working for Puffy and Ralph McDaniels — That’s the best thing you could say about Queens cats, they didn’t just apply themselves to Hip Hop, they were visionaries” said Fathead. Cey Adams, the Jamaica, Queens graft writer who was active in the 70s and early 80s, would move on to be a graphic designer for Def Jam. Dooku, a Force-sensitive human male, was a Jedi Master that fell to the dark side of the Force and became the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Tyranus during the final years of the Galactic Republic. “You’re coming from an environment in Queens where everybody had a crackhead in their family. A message that didn’t go all city, would be reverberated throughout the borough and eventually the world. A lot of gangsters came out of Jackson. A message written on a wall would speak to a generation, telling them that they would overcome a system that had been put in place to defeat them. The most visible physical presence was Bigfoot aka Big Jean who was a security guard while working for MC Lyte and Audio Two. 4.Jump up ^ "The Radio Dept. “Niggas from Rochdale poppin shells/ Snatching Rings/, Fly from Shirt Kings/ From Queensbridge to 118/” — Nas, Phade elaborated on the early success of Shirt Kings, attributing it to both LL Cool J and Jam Master Jay. Another Hip Hop star would make his mark in Jackson’s gymnasium. Me and Kash, we was part of the Five Percent Nation. Dr. Rich, reflected on the conversation she had with the graffiti writers saying “I pointed out all of the graffiti that was on the school and said ‘Look, this is our school, our community and I have a vision for this school and for you, that I hope you will share in the coming months. "Tony Silver, 72, Documentary Director, Dies". Retrieved 20 April 2009. [1], Contents Jackson was held to me as a threat. Commentary and interviews by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant

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