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Estamos aquí para servirle como su mejor asesor de vehículos desde 2000. 1-844-DRIV-JDM JDM Sport Classics specializes in the identification, import, and sale of premium Japanese Domestic Market cars, trucks and vans. What you see is what you get! SOLD. We get a South Carolina dealer title for every vehicle which can be transferred to your state directly, like any other used car title. We produce and upload full in-depth walkaround and driving videos of every car both in Japan and at our warehouse. All our JDM vehicles can be legally registered. From the classic Subaru Impreza of World Rally Championship fame, to the street racing cars built by Nissan and Honda, we grew up worshipping the craftsmanship, speed and looks of Japanese sports cars. ATL JDM can even arrange for shipping straight to your doorstep in Texas, or anywhere in the United States. That’s why, at JDM Sport Classics, we only deal in the best of the best. Quality JDM Imports in Austin, Texas. While others brag to you about how big they are, how low their prices are, or how high their quality is, we do things differently for you. maps[836] = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map836"), gmap_options); Whether you want a turbocharged, manual transmission, right-hand drive, custom performance classic sports car, or you want a retro Japanese daily driver, JDM Sport Classics has you covered. Our car dealership and warehouse storage in Three Rivers, Michigan, is open to visit and test drive our wide selection of legally imported JDM sports cars. Never buy without seeing the actual item! Get low easy monthly payments on the car of your dreams. } Maybe you grew up watching the World Rally Championship and fell head over heels for the Toyota Celica GT-Four WRC, or saw Paul Walker street racing a Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R in 2 Fast 2 Furious; either way, the love for Japanese domestic market sports cars runs deep. JDM right hand drive cars for … HARDTOP $ 6,500.00 Add to cart These vehicles are currently in transit from Japan after being properly inspected and tested. *Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico excluded. If you’ve ever bought a Honda or Toyota in Texas, you know these cars are famous for their reliability and lifespan. function initialize_836() Once a car reaches that age, it becomes exempt from specific regulations from the NHTSA, EPA, FHTSA and DOT. When it comes to classic Japanese Domestic Market vehicles, everyone in the United States had to patiently wait twenty five years before becoming federally legal to import. JDM Alliance LLC 332 likes. 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino. Car enthusiasts come in all different ages. We make the customer and all of their needs our top priority. Extensive experience in the classic and collectible car industry, as well as considerable experience importing RHD cars to the US. Headquartered in Irmo, South Carolina with offices in Japan where our vehicles are individually selected for importing. All our cars comply with the 25 year rule for the import of foreign vehicles. { At JDM Sport Classics we understand that love—it’s why we started importing Japanese cars—and will do everything we can to help you track down and purchase your dream Japanese classic sports car. ATL JDM’s twenty plus years of experience, knowledge, and services, save you the headache and hassle of importing allowing you more time to enjoy the ride! Su precio es de 370,000 mxn, Subaru Sumo 4WD una excelente camioneta para irse de viaje o camping con amigos o familia ,además de disfrutar las vistas del cielo con su techo panorámico! Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a encontrar las mejores ofertas en el mercado y ofrecemos los mejores vehículos que se adapten a sus necesidades. In six easy steps, we can source exactly what you are looking for using ATL JDM’s Custom Import Plan. We work tirelessly, scouring the Japanese Domestic Market for the highest quality vintage, premium, and classic right hand drive cars over 25 years old, and ship them to you in the best possible condition. There were a good number of iconic right hand drive (RHD) models with options and trims that were not offered anywhere else but Japan, making them extremely desirable. Austin, Texas Info@ATXJDM.com 512-745-1040 Phone. Tiene placas de auto antiguo. draggable: true, JDM Imports in Texas - JDM cars for sale in Texas . Located in Three Rivers, Michigan, but serving the continental United States, JDM focuses on finding the best quality, lowest mileage retro Japanese sports cars and bringing them to the US. (Why drive a normal truck when you can import a Fire Truck?). Copyright 2008-2014 SCW Performance LLC. 1992 Nissan Skyline GTR: R33 RB26DETT Engine Swap and More! Lunes - Viernes: 9 a. m. - 6 p. m.Sábado: 10 a. m. - 2 p. m.Domingo: cerrado, Escenaria Av. When it comes to Japanese Domestic Market imports, it’s vital that you trust the source. Contamos con los estándares mas altos de calidad en nuestra selección de automóviles, así como el asesoramiento y transporte seguro. Even with the restrictions above, ATL JDM is able to still source out twenty five year old vehicles with our standards of quality being top priority. You will love our comprehensive variety of all kinds of Japanese sports cars and daily drivers, as well as 4WD off-road trucks and hot hatchbacks. We can easily source left hand drive (LHD), right hand drive (RHD), turbocharged, supercharged, automatic transmission, manual transmission, all wheel drive (AWD), four wheel drive (4WD), real wheel drive (RWD), and even special limited edition trim levels. Grupo Mexicano/Canadiense dedicado a la compra, venta e importación de autos y piezas de origen Japones y Europeo. We take pride in finding the rarest, highest quality examples of street legal RHD manual transmission Japanese cars and vans, complete with all required paperwork. Take a ride, feel the turbocharged engine beneath the immaculate exterior and enjoy the tuned manual gearbox as you cruise down Michigan country roads. } Or remember seeing him with the more Notorious Nissan Skyline R34 GTR nicknamed “Godzilla”, the unbeatable King of Track and Rally Motorsports. We thoroughly inspect each vehicle before purchase and all vehicles are serviced before making their way to the United States. In addition, the company founders have many years of experience importing JDM cars to Europe and New Zealand, so you can rest assured that your dream car will be handled with care and integrity. With the help from our partners, who are stationed in Japan, we are able to source the highest quality JDM imports in the Southeast. JDM RHD 1986 HONDA CR-X SI F1 FORMULA ONE EDITION 1:400, 1995 JDM RHD HONDA INTEGRA SIR G VTEC B18, 1986 JDM RHD TOYOTA MR2 SUPERCHARGER AW11, JDM RHD 1995 HONDA ACCORD COUPE 2.2i 1-OWNER, JDM RHD 1982 HONDA CIVIC EX 1.5L RARE CLASSIC, JDM RHD 1991 HONDA CR-X SIR MUGEN EDITION EF8, JDM RHD 1995 TOYOTA HIACE WAGON SUPER CUSTOM, JDM RHD 1991 Honda ACTY TRUCK 4WD 660CC ATTACK, JDM RHD 1990 TOYOTA CROWN ROYAL SALOON VIP, JDM RHD 1995 Y33 NISSAN CEDRIC CUSTOM SHOW CAR, JDM RHD 1995 SUZUKI CARA / AUTOZAM AZ1 660CC (INCOMING), JDM RHD 1995 NISSAN SKYLINE R32 GTS-T TYPE M DRIFT, 1994 JDM RHD Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo GC8 (INCOMING), 1995 JDM RHD NISSAN CIMA Y32 CUSTOM VIP CAR, JDM RHD 1995 JZX90 TOYOTA MARK II TWIN TURBO 5MT, 1995 JDM RHD HONDA ODYSSEY 4WD (INCOMING), 1995 JDM RHD HONDA INTEGRA TYPE R COUPE (INCOMING), 1996 HONDA CIVIC EK3 HATCHBACK 5MT (INCOMING), 1995 HONDA CIVIC EG8 SEDAN 5-SPEED 1.5 FERIO (INCOMING), 1995 JDM RHD TOYOTA RAV4 L 4WD (INCOMING), 1995 JDM RHD R33 NISSAN SKYLINE GTS25T 4DR (INCOMING), 1995 JDM RHD R33 NISSAN SKYLINE GTS25T COUPE TYPE M (INCOMING), 1995 JDM RHD TOYOTA RAV4 L 4WD 5-SPEED(INCOMING). We find the vehicles, setup the shipping, and handle all the import paperwork. © 2020 JDM Alliance LLC. 1990 Toyota MR2. Quality JDM Imports in Austin, Texas. All of our vehicles are 100% legal to drive in all 50 states with fully transferrable Texas Titles. Check out our custom plan below. Our experts have a deep knowledge of the local market, and the contacts needed to seek out the rarest and most interesting examples of JDM sports cars. Japanese Domestic Market refers to Japan’s home market. Subaru Sumo 4WD una excelente camioneta para irse de viaje o camping con amigos o familia ,además de disfrutar las vistas del cielo con su techo panorámico! This allows you to see every detail and angle of the vehicle. zoom: 5, 1108 Millard St, Three Rivers, Michigan, 49093. position: new google.maps.LatLng(34.108919000,-81.196058100), At Duncan Imports & Classic Cars, our mission is to provide customers and car collectors with a fair, friendly and fun experience when buying a hard-to-find Japanese Import car, a right-hand-drive Japanese minitruck, classic antique car or muscle car. Su precio es de 150,000 mxn. It appears that your cart is currently empty! About JDM Alliance JDM Alliance strives to provide the best possible buying experience for used JDM engines and auto parts. Some of Japan’s Most Legendary Makes and Models: Nissan Skyline – Nissan Silvia – Nissan Pulsar – Nissan Sunny Toyota Supra – Toyota Mark II – Toyota Celsior – Toyota Hilux Call or Text today! Japan Direct Motors specializes in the sale of JDM right hand drive cars from Japan. Being twenty five years old means these vehicles are now EXEMPT from any specific regulations per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHSTA), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration(FHTSA), and Department of Transportation (DOT). Now that Twenty five years have passed ATL JDM is now legally able to import and sell a plethora of vehicles that were never offered in the United States.

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