ioo vs vgs

Every year a couple of LICs perform well, but fund manager performance is inconsistent and almost impossible to predict. However their management fees differ: IOO: 0.4% VGS: 0.18%. The Fund employs an indexing investment approach. From reading comments here it seems that VGS is a clear favorite. Of the top 25% of active Australian share funds in 2015, only 1% remained in the top quartile by 2019. And make sure you count the overlapping ones as the same class when you do your balancing e.g if you want 40/60 Aus/international split then the 40 will include AFI + VAS and the 60 will include the rest. A seller of an unloved and ignored LIC may have trouble finding buyers at any price. Both IOO and VT are ETFs. IOO has a higher 5-year return than VT (12.09% vs 9.82%). Thanks for bringing it back to the fundamentals of what we are trying to achieve via passive investing & index tracking. You need to invest in both VTS & VEU to get a similar level of diversification that VGS provides, VTS charges a lower annual management fee than VGS, VGS is Australian Domiciled but VTS is American Domiciled, VTS exposes you to the US Tax system, death duties and the W-8BEN form whereas VGS operates under Australian Tax law, VGS has more funds under management than VTS, VTS holds 3,500+ shares vs VGS which holds 1,500+ shares, VGS invests directly in shares whereas IWLD is a fund of funds that invests in other ETFs, Both ETFs have very similar dividend yields because both invest in a similar range of international companies, IWLD invests in 3,800+ shares compared with 1,500+ for VGS. VGS on the other hand focusses on investing in only international companies from the developed world. Before acting, you should consider seeking independent personal financial advice that is tailored to your needs. This means that you pay Vanguard $1.80 for every $1,000 you invest in VGS, $18 for every $10,000 you invest in VGS or $180 for every $100,000 you invest in VGS. These discounts may never close, trapping investors in LICs that have both underperformed and trade at a discount to their asset value. Now I have another 10k to invest and I want to get more international exposure. YTD Return-10.51%: 1-Month Return: 80% of Australian share LICs failed to beat a market index over 5 years. VGAD is a hedged international ETFs – one of the only hedged ETFs! IOO benefited from this change and no longer requires investors to submit W-8BEN forms. It is for educational purposes only and does not constitute formal financial advice.

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