how to keep guppies

You need to take care and master these little ways to safeguard your guppies from untimely death. You should also control the population of guppies if you have a small tank so that all of them can live in harmony. The tank would be about 30cm x 30cm x 450cm (approx. Males can have brightly coloured spots or stripes as well as other markings as a result of selective breeding, while females are usually grey in colour. Guppies can eat a wide range of fish foods, anything from Baby Brine Shrimp to Daphnia and various types of worm such as shredded earth worms, blood worms. WHAT EXACTLY IS A GUPPY? – Here Are Crucial Things To Consider, Can Guppies Live With Angelfish? So, it would be best if you keep the guppies by taking tank size into consideration. Do Guppies Need Oxygen? Thank you. Ive still got one guppy thats got to be nearly 3 now and its doing fine. Fish such as Barbs, Oscar, and African Cichlids are not suitable tankmates for your guppies. You should never tip anyone else’s water into your tank always remove the fish from the old water with a net and then put them into your water. Live food such as wingless fruit fly, grindal worms, white worms, Walter worms, daphnia, mosquito larvae and tubifex are eagerly received. A breeding set-up should be designed for easy maintenance, especially as chances are you'll end up with loads of tanks! You should also think about supplementing with brine shrimp or bloodworms to make sure they are getting all of the nutrients they need and give them a better chance at growing into adults. It is 57 litres. It is very important not to over-feed your Guppy. are the guppies you getting bad quality stock? The size of your tank is something that needs to be taken into consideration when you are buying fish, and although they are small, guppies are no exception because they breed very easily – before you know it, four guppies could become eight and then twelve, and so on. Be careful of predator fish within the tank, however, and make sure the guppies have plenty of hiding spots for themselves and their fry. However the larger the tank the easier it is to maintain the water quality. they can over enjoy themselves and work themselves to death that’s why I try to keep a 3:2 ratio of males to females. They can live for years, bringing a fun and fascinating centerpiece to any room of your. This will not only look nice but helps to filter the water as well. Good quality food makes a stronger guppy that will be more resistant to infection or disease. It contaminates the tank water and unbalances the water chemistry. They probably got in the tank with the water from where you bought the fish from. Once they have reached the age of between 6-8 weeks they should have no problems being introduced in to the main tank with the rest of the population. A full spectrum light bulb should be used as an alternative. Even though guppies are fairly clean, fry are very susceptible to pollution in the water, so to make sure they stay healthy it’s important to maintain good water conditions. Then you wait. 20% of the water is changed twice per week. The temp. The tank inhabitants should be suitable for one another. Guppies are one of the most common species of fish found in home freshwater tanks. Guppies are tropical fish. What is this? If your tank is overcrowded, your guppies will be cramped for space. The filters should also be cleaned at least once or twice a month, depending on their size. But it is still better to prevent than to find ways to cure it. However, just like humans, your guppies can fall sick. Toxic water is another big reason for the death of your guppies. Everyone looks after their guppies differently to everyone else but in general the following would be a good regime to follow : The tank size all depends upon the amount of guppies that you have in the tanks and also the quality and effectiveness of the filtration. You’ll also want to make sure you have a really good filtration system. If you want to change the temperature, it should be gradual so that your guppies will get time to acclimatize to the temperature change. They are very similar in that they also live birth and they are shy fish that prefer to live in peace, making for a calm aquarium. Use a small fish net to catch the fry and transfer them to a separate aquarium. You’ll also want to make sure that there is a least 2 inches of gravel on the bottom of the tank. Besides, you can occasionally feed them live food such as brine shrimp, micro worms, and daphnia. However if you would like to have more control, you can take things to a breeding tank. Having searched on line, the consensus seems to be that a 48 ltr tank is to small for guppies. 825020666, *whilst stocks last, subject to T&Cs, offers end soon, we do recommend keeping a small filter in the tank, Guppies can eat a wide range of fish foods, The best top, middle and bottom-dwelling tropical fish for aquariums, The six best marine fish for new reefkeepers. The water parameters should always be maintained for the optimum growth of your guppies.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'jaljeev_com-box-4','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); Diet plays a crucial role in determining the lifespan of any fish. Today, I have bred fish and plants for sale, and had various numbers and sizes of fish tanks. Are they stressed or something, or is this normal behaviour please? I am keen not to overstock but would like a community tank, Thanks in advance. Wait until the fry are at least one inch long before you move them and let them and let them live with adult fish. Also, before adding any new fish or plant in the tank, you can always put them in a quarantine tank for about two weeks. The best way to battle against any disease is to prevent it. You may have heard of the guppy fish before, but there are so many guppy facts you may not know. Also, you need to keep an eye on the salinity and pH level of the tank water. The guppies’ natural habitat can be found in North-East & South America. It’s especially important to think of the make-up of your tank if you are considering breeding your guppies as well. It takes around two weeks to cycle the tank.

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