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Harrison, NY 10528 116th Street (773) 927-4151, 2018 Brevard Road CALCULATE MSI OF ROLL MATERIAL. (336) 887-2651, 3333 N.W. Formula: width of roll in inches x 12 x length of material in feet / 1000 = MSI Example: 12 in x 12 x 5000 ft / 1000 = 720 MSI. The numbers are rounded to four decimal places. The WestRock Roll Calculators, Sheet Calculators and Metric Conversion Calculators are provided to you as a convenient tool. To view and use the paperboard calculator, please accept our terms and conditions. It was so tedious and after awhile, just plain irritating. Privacy | Legal | Cookies | Accessibility, Number of Rolls and Total Linear Feet per in an Order, Price per Short Ton to Price per Metric Ton, Price per Metric Ton to Price per Short Ton, Price per Ton to Price per Thousand Sheets, Price per Thousand Sheets to Price per Ton, Price per CWT to Price per Thousand Sheets, Price per MSF to Price per Thousand Sheets, Price per MSI to Price per Thousand Sheets, Price per Thousand Sheets to Price per CWT, Price per Thousand Sheets to Price per MSF, Price per Thousand Sheets to Price per MSI. Let's assume it's five wooden boards. Click on the blue tabs to start your paperboard calculations. Fill in all values to complete calculation. Footage per Single Sheet using width and length; MSF Total using width, length and sheet quantity But this is a big number, so we divide by 1,000 to convert square feet into MSF. Step 2 – Take the price per thousand (or Per M) and divide by 1000. (See my other article – “Board Feet? WESTROCK, WestRock and Design, and the WestRock Logo are trademarks owned by WestRock Company. There are two creators who could use our support in return. MSF stands for 1000 square feet. In order to provide the best service possible, WestRock has developed roll, sheet and metric conversion calculators to make your job easier. WestRock does not assume responsibility for incorrect calculations. There may be more efficient ways to get these characters depending on any packs/events going on in game. Paper Calculators is the world's best paper calculator resource. All rights reserved. Calculate: Pounds per Thousand Sheets (M Weight) using basic size, basis weight, sheet width and sheet length Sheets per Ton using basic size, basis weight, sheet width and sheet length; Sheet Quantity to Weight using basic size, basis weight, sheet width and sheet length; Calculate: Sq. Chicago, IL 60609 Calculator Tool. Decide on the number of pieces you want to purchase. Philadelphia, PA 19134 How to Calculate”) Thickness X Width X Length / 144 (Make sure to change the 8 foot to 96 inches (8×12)) 2 X 4 X 96 / 144 = 5.33333. So I designed a quick little spreadsheet on Excel that would calculate the answer for me and I must use … Before you can calculate the price however, you have to know how many board feet are in the item you want to price, making this a 2-step process. MSF Panic Farm Calculator BETA. We quickly realized the significant need when several of these groups requested more sanitizer, in larger bulk quantities. Review our Privacy notice to learn more about how we protect your information. Let Us Do The Math . (909) 476-1500, *All of our locations that have converting and warehouse facilities are FSC, SFI, and PEFC certified, Case Makes, the Latest Case Creation, Launches New Website, Case Paper Receives Award of Excellence from the 26th Annual Communicator Awards. Using the lumber calculator: an example. It used to drive me crazy trying to figure out how to calculate prices per thousand and then convert it into per piece. To access WestRock Terms of Use, click here. Choose the dimensions of the boards. Use of the WestRock Roll Calculators, Sheet Calculators and Metric Conversion Calculators assumes basic knowledge of U.S. standard paperboard roll and sheet dimensions and characteristics. From the formulas below, enter dry pounds (or grams) of coating per area coated. Estimate the U.S. dollar price per MSI or MSF for a roll of paper of a given grade and basis weight. Use numbers and decimal points only – no spaces, commas or other symbols. (305) 681-2273, 9168 Hermosa Ave. Here’s the formula on how you calculate per piece. For a simple example, let’s say we have a 1” x 12” piece of pine 10’ long. WestRock does not warrant the results and the tool is not a substitute for discussion with a WestRock sales or customer service representative who can help you with your specific requirements when placing orders. In square feet, there are 61,610 in each ton of 33 pound liner. Datasheets. Step 1 – Get the board feet per piece. (914) 899-3500, 499 East Tioga Street Use our calculator for conversion formulas, metric equivalents and more. Let's assume you want to use this board foot calculator to determine how much you should pay for a few hardwood pieces. 500 Mamaroneck Avenue Supporting MSF Content Creators Tuana and Mr F2P MSF The MSF community relies on YouTube content creators for news, tips, gossip, theory crafting and entertainment. M is the Roman numeral for 1,000. Or leave the math to us and contact one of our expert sales representatives. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 This means 60.61 MSF. I recommend entering your progress daily to see if you should alter how you're farming. We are also continuing to donate sanitizer to those who are in need. To help our first responders, we are now producing and distributing FDA, CDC & WHO compliant hand sanitizer across the country, and can accommodate requests from gallon to tote sizes. (215) 634-6500, 900 West 45th Street Please note that these calculations are close estimates. MSF = 1,000 square feet. For immediate orders, please call (864) 546-4948. The calculators below will convert British to Metric values and help you determine the amount of coating required for a given amount and basis weight of paper. lbs/MSF = 1.899 : g/m²: Insert the basis weight of the paper to be coated in the formula below. © 2020 WestRock Company. Insert the basis weight of the paper to be coated in the formula below. High Point, NC 27263 The square foot surface of the board is … Miami, FL 33167 This calculator is an estimate on how many shards you need to farm per day and how many shipments you should purchase. It's easy to choose the right amount of film for your project. Entry of incorrect dimensions or use of incorrect metrics will result in incorrect calculations. » Start Calculating. Click on calculate. Fill in all values to complete calculations. CALCULATE LENGTH OF MATERIAL WITH KNOWN MSI. We understand that you rely on us for more than paperboard. Use numbers and decimal points only – no spaces, commas or other symbols. To help our first responders with the current COVID-19 crisis, we began making and are donating thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer to hospital workers, the police force, food workers and government officials in Ohio, South Carolina and New York.

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