hotel del luna ep 16 recap

But I now realize that the cycle had to reset so that CS can meet MW in the future.

Chan-sung stifles his sobs and watches until she disappears into the mist. And as promised in the past life, Yeo Jin-goo is now dating IU in present life.

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I like it. The book’s author feels bad when he hears the truth about Bartender Kim, and he offers to get rid of the manuscript. He looks refreshingly good! I'm glad that they both made the choice of letting go in the last episode and here they just tied up all the loose ends. Petition to change title to: Hotel de la Luna. I enjoyed the whole show but the last two eps were just fillers! It's been great guys. I'm laughing at this comments telling the hong sisters to do it right and threatening them that they wont watch unless its 'original' or better than the master's sun. Chan-sung’s eyes open with bewilderment. Sera Aug 01 2019 6:58 pm

Due to an unexpected case, he begins to work as a manager at Hotel del Luna. seriously give me one character that's like man weol. he is a human now, but (maybe) his lover not human. Lunaa Sep 06 2019 11:21 am window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Maybe Mago was waiting for SongHwa and YeonWoo to reincarnate and CS happened to be born around the same time and him being friends with Mira made him the perfect utility pick to execute her plans? tawnii Jun 02 2019 10:36 pm HotelDelLunaFan Aug 21 2019 6:11 am The vibe I got from it was a sad one however. Its a tv series name..they can write hote de luna for god sake. James Aug 26 2019 12:08 pm It ended exactly the way we wanted it to be: sad, happy, bittersweet, and everyone got to have their own resolutions. He is already scrificed his life, ego and love for her.

I agree that his plotline was revealed too late and felt kind of rushed but I think the resolution for it was good enough. Had me giggling. And Manwol of course was always better with Chanseong at her side.

I will make this short coz I’m already an emotional wreck as it is. Chan-sung simply let Man-wol go to find the peace she’d earned, and without guilt for leaving Chan-sung behind. Yes, they're one of the greatest writers to exist because all of their dramas are so good. In a stuttering voice, Chan-sung slowly said the name of the person whom he held so dearly all this time…

They should end up together but because of some reason, Man Weol hates him. I didn't know that Lee Tae-sun and Lee Do-hyun were in Prison Playbook together and now they're in Hotel Del Luna together again. It is sad to think that he has to look forward for his next life to seek happiness. I can't wait for Arthdal Chronicles.

Bleevv Sep 01 2019 8:45 pm Man-wol decides to make her journey to the afterlife without Reaper’s help, so only Chan-sung accompanies her to the tunnel’s entrance. She orders him sternly never to wear that tiger print suit again, hee. But in any case I found this ending to be consistent with the story and yet irrational.

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