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120 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8489DC4F3519374FA563396CEAB50E99>]/Index[89 48]/Info 88 0 R/Length 135/Prev 162840/Root 90 0 R/Size 137/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream xͽۖ\Ǒ�yO�s��L��Pw$őXM�� ��z��S"J8PH�4���g�5�3��������jif��"r[�v77����������4_���v~�,�oo濙��/�������������v9��������[~[�]�w����;������m���v��^���vy�Z-����b7=����a}�]��/����g�s�����1���QW���z�������r����jq��V�V���q��������~+l}}�.��nog¶כ3��>.��v��uö��]`���~���n}�:�mw�^/��%�l��A�N�oydܵc����ݺ`��m�X������<2���v�k��v���a-��ey\\o���]�\-�8�������^��P]�����P���gVd�k����? HMAS STIRLING was selected to honour the name of Captain James Stirling, Royal Navy, the naval officer who landed on Garden Island in 1827 and returned in June, 1829 to found not only the first European settlement in Western Australia, but also the first free colony anywhere in Australia. The remaining portion of the Island is nature reserve, the navy has been active in the removal of introduced flora and fauna species. HMAS Stirling is located on Garden Island and is the Royal Australian Navy’s largest base on the west coast of Australia. It is located on Garden Island in the state of Western Australia, near the city of Perth. endstream endobj startxref %PDF-1.3 Military installations & facilities, Military type at Within Garden Island, Rockingham, WA 6168 The name HMAS Stirling honours Admiral Sir James Stirling, Royal Navy (28 January 1791 – 23 April 1865), a British marine officer and colonial administrator who landed on Garden Island, Western Australia in 1827 and returned as commander of the barque Parmelia in June 1829 to establish and administer the Swan River Colony in Western Australia. 89 0 obj <> endobj Location in Western Australia: Runways Direction Length Surface m ft 05/23 450 1,476 Asphalt Sources: AIP: HMAS Stirling (ICAO: YGAD) is the Royal Australian Navy's primary base on the west coast (Fleet Base West) of Australia. The 4.3 km (2.7 mi) causeway linking the island with the mainland was completed in June 1973. Base Activities . The base is approximately 33 kilometres south west of Perth. Garden Island also has its own airport on the island (ICAO: YGAD). �9��ϴ;�_6 �ط�C7�Cgַx��.�i�LO In the interest of public safety and safety of property, Restricted Naval Waters exist on Garden Island in the vicinity of the Armament Jetty and Colpoys Pt as de"ned below. h�bbd```b``�SA$�R�z̶�o�j��d�� "YD��/��`��d� � "eK@�X2X%3�T�\Q`�A���d,� �c|A��)�9��`]z R~��$��z10�������C� �E� Stirling has expanded enormously within its existing boundaries and has seen building such as the Submarine Escape Training Facility – one of only six in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. %��������� List your business or download GPS co-ordinates. h�b```f``����� j� Ā B@1V��� -9���k��.�~4���%����AtX1�00EҲ@,�g�g���!� ���`G�4�K�R3�'��z}bla�P�a`9uO���rՆ�� L{~���L|�����)v�f2�4� ���T� f:` 8�.� The base is home to more than 2,300 service personnel, 600 Defence civilians and 500 long-term contractors. Construction of the naval base, HMAS Stirling, began in 1971 and was completed in 1978, along with a bridge and causeway that allows personnel to drive onto the island. >XF�TH���J.Y�=�j� �`5h�ȧ�U%oXL6�m�u���. HMAS Stirling (ICAO: YGAD) is the Royal Australian Navy's primary base on the west coast (Fleet Base West) of Australia. 5 0 obj He was the first Governor of Western Australia (1828–38) and on his own initiative signed Britain's first limited treaty with Japan in 1854. HMAS STIRLING, Superintendent of Naval waters at Garden Island declared on 14 December 2009, hereby make the following notice under Regulation 4 of the Control of Naval Waters Regulations. HMAS Stirling is currently under the command of Captain Angela Bond, RAN. HMAS STIRLING - BUILDINGS A0013, A0002 & A0051 project. The first major unit to call Fleet Base West home was HMAS Stuart, having first been assigned to Stirling in 1984 for several years and, after refitting in the east, again in 1988 until decommissioning in 1991. �o�:�1�Ol���ź)]���l��}ڴ�M�7����p08�F�`���E�*� z�G�L�V�D���`ݚO�����HK�;\o7�?H���*2 �l d���=���F�?�F臈�j�cn�.0L���߲�]�Fc�M�`I7�T������R?�V�NV}�wwכM����"��� ~�Q��n65�%�+�]���Ϙ�c���^B+�B�M5���s�*��C�i�A���t�w������s�,ޅ��+���Q4M;Dj�#(�y���� [3], HMAS Sheean (front left), HMAS Collins (front right), HMAS Sirius (back left) and ex-HMAS Westralia at HMAS Stirling in 2006, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,, Find your nearby Medical Centres: Health in Australia, contact details, opening hours, maps and GPS directions to GP Garden Island. %%EOF History. << /Length 6 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> The island has its own quarantine conditions, which prohibit bringing of plants and animals to the island. stream Construction of the wharves and workshops began in early 1973 and accommodation in 1975 with the facility, including the new Fleet Base West, being formally commissioned on 28 July 1978. Stirling is home to all six of the Collins class submarines operated by the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service. 0 [2] %PDF-1.5 %���� 7��aXN��`�\_��D[����M璙� [�J��os����>�����:�:���nu�:8���z�/�,�^l�׻m��?^�w���]�����5ڲX��~ϟ��[�G���Xv�m��.5�~˸�����w���/,��n�8.��J���fj��~�cl��aC�z��n�v[��v���������~��c-W�̏�}ӏy���mvc=�{���Z���,�~ۼ���z�n>@�V������ l�0�j=��% ��o�@�Ҁ����� ���L�*�1u8[\xa�ta�6=��ْ���ê�:���s�c��aY� � �C�=d;l�/̾�6��b�෹^���gxr).GhϺ��w�,�0�`�t�7�⇐�757PX���2�D���6~�X0��q��`�q�d�D!c�X��6�#�X��������k+��Eo0��1�]-P5�%z#c�?����0�mޕI�Y�~��lC��Y���z8�m�Pq�Kh�����䈮�TS�ѓ����J{�$��#U C� Garden Island is 10 km (6.2 mi) in length, 1.5 km (0.93 mi) wide, and is 13 km2 (5.0 sq mi) in area, with Stirling occupying approximately 28% of that area. It is located on Garden Island in the state of Western Australia, near the city of Perth. endstream endobj 90 0 obj <. HMAS Stirling is named after Admiral Sir James Stirling (28 January 1791 – 23 April 1865). The planning of Stirling began in 1969 when, after it was decided to create the Two-Ocean Policy, a feasibility study into the use of Garden Island as a naval base was begun. 136 0 obj <>stream Map YGAD.

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