gamestop order not showing up

They lost it or forgot to ship it somehow. From what I'm hearing the rest of the bundle *should* still ship on time. @jkettn @DJEric213 - Gamestop Glitch @BrayanD86724826 Is this fr? I get an email confirmation and I can see this order no problem and make any changes I need from my account. @Rian4nggara Is this typical? @ExteriorLord @rjohnson514 @GameStop Im having issues with controller too, its been in “waiting for product to be available” and “In Progress” status since thursday. ... if you have the receipt or an ID to match your pre-order, you're fine. Still good on my end. @PlayStation So anyone getting a message from gamestop about upgrading your shipping DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR SHIPPING as the agent i spoke to explained this is what is causing cancellations of ps5 & Xbox pre-orders apparently its a glitch in their system. Poor customer service. DID ANYONE ELSE HOP ON THAT GAMESTOP GLITCH THAT JUST HAPPENED, @broadfawn @S_Kennedy_ @Warcraft @GameStopHelp @GameStop Yeah it’s still awaiting carrier pickup. #PlayStation5 #sony, @zemurian mine says november 3rd yeah i wasn’t about to pay for release date shipping but usually i haven’t had a delay this long from gamestop? It's those who work at the cooperate offices that are dicks and the owner too. Idk. @mikeamaya525 @bigjoe240053 @darkjedi886 @GameStop okay so apparently everything is fine, they'll actually deduct 70 dollars from the price of the bundle because of the game delay, the PS5 will arrive on time tho, @daniel_zaitoun ... GameStop employees are not trained to troubleshoot your consoles. Inform me please. @mama_b5 This...might not be a bug or glitch? From pricing issues from their end and pre-orders. i’m trying to get a $20 psn card so sam can get the wattson skin but gamestop won’t work ? @Dmack313rd @GameStop why is the cart not working?? @KGVitalTo2k @6GamingLeague I’m not even in that league this season you simpleton @Xbox Are there gonna be more consoles available for purchase on release day at retailers? Mine doesn't show in my history but if I search by order number I can find it. @GameStop Your website down again? I downloaded the app and the Switch doesn't appear in my Pre-ordered list. Order Not Showing Up? @videogamedeals Just had mines canceled, I called gamestop. They told me they are aware of the website issue. @Zeaig I have already sent a message to customer service with no reply. You can’t hide behind the phrase “it was a glitch” anytime something happens you aren’t prepared for. It was working for me but then it fixed itself. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I f'd up and used the wrong payment option and just need to have an idea of when I need to have the money ready. It’s been 3 days since the DM and they haven’t even read my information yet. I’m a gamestop manager. @ChainHat @videogamedeals I got mines canceled about 40 minutes ago, I called gamestop and they told they are aware of the website issue. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the NintendoSwitch community. How do you rate Gamestop over the past 3 months? I haven't seen a receipt or email to determine if this is related to my PS5 preorder or not. @Spam1Of1 but when i go to my order history i dont see anything at all involving it only the previous thing i ordered? This was the first and last time I use this service. I see some of my preorders through the app. I want to clear this up before reporting it. No matter what I add to the cart it says “not applied”. @GameStop is there a delay in store for preordered #PS5 accessories we arnt being told about?? Edit: I don't see an order number or anything on my receipts. This week been trying to cancel preorders but the actions would error out when trying to cancel. So what day can I go up to gamestop and buy the new xbox? Check our previous tweets , @BlueDaddy24 Basically I preordered 6 things and only 2 show through there. Asking for a friend , @ThatCubeGamer I got an email for an order, but order not in account. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Wrong email, and I can't change the email now. - Airpod’s Pro Glitch torn between missing working at gamestop and not missing it at all, @RealJWEST602 and emails to customer service just go unanswered . Delimma: I can now only get one console do to some unforeseen financial issues. @GameStop Your websites been down since last night. My paypal has a pending $4 shipping charge for the pro I tried getting but no order history. On god it’ll be the year 2078 by the time cyberpunk 2077 comes out from all these delay’s When does the money typically come out of your bank account? Absolute bullshit. @NewsdaySee @GameStop Hey GameStop is your website down I can’t get access to your site keep getting denied, @PS5sales #ps5 #PlayStation5, i’m trying to get a $20 psn card so sam can get the wattson skin but gamestop won’t work ?

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