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He is the current Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea , and supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. January 7, 2020 According to Google search results, the most foolish Prime Minister in the world is the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China is ranked first on the list. Petro Poroshenko is deeply involved in high level of corruption but talks about more and more against corruption and make huge amount of money through corruption he is richest person in the world. According to BBC news he has lot of property which included include a vineyard in Italy, a mountain villa, and two luxury yachts he establish a great business by using offshore schemes and charity foundations money. Saustav Bhattarai. Some of prime ministers in the world are very corrupt and done high level of corruption they all have lot of properties, well establish business, assets with the country and outside the country some of them destroy the economy of country through more and more corruption. Sometimes, the way images are described on the internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. We’re continually working to improve our algorithms to prevent unexpected results like this.”. The controversy broke Google gave a statement that included. Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. He was a chairperson of African Union Between during 2011 to 2012 but currently leader of Guinea. To compete with Google Analytics, Microsoft launches its own web analytics... Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest: Questions and Answers for October 30 co... How to deal with breast health during COVID-19? Because the words, 'Modi' and 'criminal' occurred so closely it led to that particular image turning up. It is not the first time Google has come across such a controversy. Present Prime Minister of Russia is most hated man in Russia due to high level of corruption also declare as one of the most Corrupt Prime Minister in the World, From 2008 to 2012 Medvedev served as the third President of Russia. A quick Google search for the most stupid prime ministers in the world! These results upset us and are not reflective of Google’s views. Facebook posts claiming Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ranked first in the list of 50 of the world's most honest politicians', is fake. He resigned from the seat of Prime Minister after the panama papers releases he is involved in offshore companies as panama papers shoes he has lot of illegal property in London and many hidden resources from the people. Usually corruption occurs in election campaigns and due to that economy of the country badly effects. The article published in 2015 can be accessed here. An article published in the American business magazine Forbes published in 2018 ranked the Indian prime minister ninth on the list of World's Most Powerful People. Also see: Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2019. Russia is most powerful country this country president and previous Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declare world biggest corrupt politician in panama papers leaks because he has lot of wealth well establish business in country and outside the country and two billion property in many other countries. According to panama papers leaks he has done high level of corruption but he refused and said that I have not more property just have one house in London but he declared most corrupt prime minister in the world. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Indian Prime Minister and Google may be at odds once again since the popular search engine placed him under its list of 'The Most Stupid Prime Ministers In The World'. We apologise for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused. According to Google, the image search results were drawn from multiple news articles with images of  Modi and his statements with regard to politicians with a criminal background. Here’s Know, These 10 achievements of PM... Imran Khan blames India for terror attack... Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announced : 80... See Halloween look’s of These Bollywood Actress, Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan reveals she’s clinically depressed, Do you know, These Bollywood Celebrities have also worked in Hollywood, Here’s Know, When PUBG Mobile Back in India, These Upcoming Movies Released in November. He served as prime minister three times during 1999 to 2012 during his second tenure as Prime Minister, he was also the Chairman of the ruling United Russia Party. Experts answer. Happy birthday Shah Rukh Khan: Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma... Afghanistan: Gunmen kill at least 10 students in attack on Kabul university, Bangladesh: Hindu households torched, vandalised in Comilla district. Send It To Us On +91 77009 06588. MSI GP65 Leopard 10SFK Review: Best performer in the range! Sex Slave For Sale: British Model Kidnapped In Italy To Auction Her Off On Dark Web, Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2019, Top 10 Highest Paid Singers In Bollywood 2019. Kindly turn off your ad blocker and help us serve you better. He failed in running governance but he managed media.. You can see the ranking of Indian media’s freedom among the world’s ranking in Google.. A Google search showed leaders such as David Cameron, Tony Abbott, and Lee Kuan Yew as ‘the world’s stupidest Prime Ministers.’ Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa of Bahrain is the longest-serving current prime minister, having taken office on 19 January 1970. Shared on several Facebook pages, the posts claim, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi ranked first in a list of 50 most honest politicians released by the United States". Just In Time For Dashain – Callbreak, Ludo, Kitti + 5... At last, Television Clean Feed Policy to be implemented from Kartik... Realme C12 with 6000mAh battery, Helio G35 launched in Nepal. I am talking upto before the Lockdown.. Unemployment has raisen.. Economic fall down happened.. Demonetisation became utter flop.. He has 96 million dollar net worth he is richest person in the world with really huge income. BOOM could not find a single list of 'most honest leaders' that was released by the United States. Modi had also made it to the Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people in 2017. If words ‘most stupid prime... Arif Usmani Appointment As President NBP A…, Prompt Measures Needed For Prevention Of Covid-19:…, Murder Attack On Cleric: Police Register FIR, Pakistan Making Reconciliatory Efforts For Peace, Stability…, 20 Employees of Senate Secretariat Confirmed For…, Khalilzad Calls On COAS To Discuss Afghan…, Objections Raised On Zardari Petitions Seeking Change…, Google declares Narendra Modi world’s most stupid prime minister, Google declares Narendra Modi world’s most foolish prime minister, Circular Debt on the Rise Despite Towering Govt Claims, Seventh Death Anniversary of Reshma Being Observed Today, Gunmen Attack Kabul University, Several Students Injured, Opposition’s Prime Objective Is To Get NRO: PM Khan, Firdous Ashiq Awan Replaces Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, NAB Committed to Make Corruption-Free Pakistan: Javed Iqbal. However, similar posts have been shared on several Facebook pages. JIT Constituted To Investigate Sedition Case Registered Against PML-N Leaders. But fools.. David Cameron is a British Politician and served as a Prime minister (2010 to 2016) of United Kingdom also a leader of conservative party from 2005 to 2016, born was in London to wealthy upper richest class family. Something similar happened on Thursday when a search for “World's Most Stupid Prime Ministers” showed Narendra Modi along with other leaders like David Cameron, Tony Abbot and even … Sometimes, the way images are described on the internet can yield surprising results to specific queries. However, Google listed the World’s stupid Prime Ministers. He destroys his own country economy with huge corruption he is richest politician in the world with lot of amount. He is very dangerous man for his country. According to Google, image search results drawn from several news articles with pictures of Modi and his statements regarding leaders with criminal backgrounds. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Here is the list of top 10 most corrupt Prime Minister in the World 2019. Divya Gandotra is a Tech YouTuber and Entrepreneur from Jammu. The most foolish prime minister in the world according to google search results is Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. Corruption may have direct link to the people who are paying tax and getting nothing their leaders are doing corruption in that way that country could not make progress and there are a lot of bad effects of corruption as well in those countries where per capita income is very less. (Required), XHTML: You can use these html tags:

, Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved, Top 10 Most Corrupt Prime Minister in the World, Some of prime ministers in the world are very corrupt and done high level of corruption they all have lot of properties. Why would I change my mind for? Sometimes, the way images described on the Internet can produce surprising results for specific questions. World’s most used search engine Google has once again declared Narendra Modi the most stupid prime minister in the world. Why would I change my mind? The post can be seen here and its archived version can be accessed here. But is Modi the world’s dumbest Prime Minister? This is a list of current heads of state and heads of government.In some cases, mainly in … Something similar happened on Thursday when a search for “World's Most Stupid Prime Ministers” showed Narendra Modi along with other leaders like David Cameron, Tony Abbot and even former leaders like Lee Kuan Yew. After listing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the ‘Top 10 criminals of the world’ list, Google now lists him in yet another embarrassing list. Marquess of Hartington, 1880, 1886, 1887.Spencer Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire, leader of the Liberal Party, 1875-80. ATC Acquits PM Imran In Parliament Attack Case. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says doctors had plan in case he died of Covid-19 03 May, 2020, 11.16 AM IST. Kirsten Dunst Body Measurements, Height, Weight, Age, Bra Size, Biography, Wiki, Bhoomi Trailer Is Out: Sanjay Dutt After A Long Time Returns In A Father Revenge Drama, Top 10 Most Spoken Language In The World 2017. Click here to read our latest fact check stories and other updates. 66 years old Narendra Modi is most corrupt Prime Minister in the world he is current 14th Prime Minister of India he fight against corruption and black money always say no more corruption but he is involved deeply with corruption he took lot of money from Sahara group from his rich businessman friends for the election campaign and never pay back to his friend. Google said that the results of the query Top 10 criminals in India, were due to a British daily that contained an image of Modi and incorrect metadata. However, we found other rankings over the years which featured the prime minister. October 9, 2020 October 9, 2020 0. Mick Jagger Net Worth; How Much Is Mick Jagger Net Worth Right Now? This is not the first time that Google has come into such controversy. We apologise for any confusion or misunderstanding this has caused. You agree to our use of cookies by continuing to use our site. -. (Translated from Hindi: अमेरिका में जारी पचास सबसे ईमानदार नेताओ में भारत के एकमात्र नेता हमारे नरेंद्र मोदी वो प्रथम स्थान पर | we should proud of our PM). Acer Swift 3 2020 (Intel) Review: Best budget ultrabook of 2020? According to Google, the image search results were drawn from multiple news articles with images of  Modi and his statements with regard to politicians with a criminal background.

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