dollhouse game walkthrough

Collect the DAGGER (3). All circles move 1/4 turn when clicked. Repeat the process until the tumbler shows 8-6-2-5. Think you're an expert in Dollhouse? The cursor changes to a hand when you can use an object at that spot. Use the CAN OPENER to open the tin to get the BIRD SEED. Areas highlighted in green indicate activities are not complete. After watching the movie, pick up the SADDLE (E). When the number shows in the first position of the tumblers, release the mouse button. Hit the FLY with the FLY SWATTER (A). Speak with Sam. Place the METAL FIGURE on the locking mechanism on the case. Click on the sofa in the center of the room (A). Collect the GEAR and RAZOR. Gaming. You cannot use the map to change locations. Put the objects together in such a way that a plant will eat the lock. Install the CHARGED BATTERY and link the gears with the CHAIN. Collect the helpful button-eyed, zippered doll and a DRAWER KEY (C). mesieCZ, whew!!! Collect a CLOWN LEG and WIRE. Click the cabinet (C). In Casual mode, there are one or more glittering areas. Insert the VIDEO TAPE to see the symbols (B) needed to unlock the orphanage door. Collect the SHOVEL. Screenshots by Louis Koot. After coming out of the hallucination, she wanders around a park for a bit, before eventually returning to Wonderland. Use the CABINET KEY on the lock (C). The numbers “86” are the first two numbers of the code combination. Set the time to 3:00 (C). For example, a cat will transform into a crow and back again. Use the MATCHES to melt the wax covering the key hole. Use the lighter (blue) to light the wood. When you see multiple stars against a blue background, click on that spot to load a Hidden Object Scene (HOS). Enter a corridor. Place the cursor on the tip of the dial. FLEUR-DE-LIS and a RUBY EYE will be added to your inventory once you complete the search. Collect the CAN OPENER and SKULL LOCKET from the hidden object area (A). Game not for me, to me it is just a pixel hunt. The balloon rises, tilts the watering can and water drips into the pipes. Dollhouse is a frightening film noir horror story sure to send shivers down your spine. Making money at the Doll House is based on a slaves level so training them is the most important part of your job. As she crawls deeper and deeper … Click on the cover to open it (B). If you did not light the candle from the stairway flames when you were at the house, return and complete this task. Chapter 5's real world prologue begins with Alice hallucinating being at Rutledge Asylum, complete with a shaved head and a straitjacket dress. Read the property rights document. Use the GLASS SHARD to cut the curtain surrounding the carousel (A). A SKULL LOCKET and WIRE CUTTERS will be added to your inventory once you complete the search. Open the door (B). Access the hidden object area (A). Get the PICKAXE. Place the three FLEUR-DE-LIS emblems in the slots indicated (aqua). One solution is shown above. Released May 24, 2019. Crank the handle several times. fianly out all i looked at was comment 46 that has all the ansers thanks:Djohn, A video workthrough for this game:Dollhouse Escape Walkthrough - Evolution Tutorials. Attach the DEAD BATTERY to the wires. Their movement is as follows: Click circle 1. Expert – The Hint bar requires two minutes to recharge. Access the hidden object area (B). Click the Journal (A) and then the corresponding tab (B) to read about an event. Place the SECRET MACHINE KEY in the key hole (C). Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. Your mission is to find 9 different letters (d o l l h o u s e) in order to escape the dollhouse. Note the number (B), which you'll need to solve a riddle later on. Text by Dick Leeuw. Place the STEEL MOON in the mechanism covering the window (C). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Place the hose (white) on the water outlet slot. Move horizontally or diagonally to neighboring cells. Collect the RUBY EYE and FLEUR-DE-LIS from the hidden object area (B). Mend the TOY ROOF. Play This Game Dollhouse Escape 1 Video Walkthrough. Tie the ROPE to the window (B). Use the DUSTER to remove the glass around the HAMMER. Use the NAILS and HAMMER to repair the LADDER. You are the Doll Master and it is your duty to turn untrained slaves into valuable "Dolls"!. Access the interactive area on the tree (D). Inspect the bulletin board (B) to read about the murders. Collect the DUSTER. Insert the LIGHTBULB. They appear where you need to either use or take an object, read a document, or move to the next location. Put the DOLL FOR THE DOLLHOUSE in the dollhouse (A). Click to raise the blinds. Use the WIRE (B) to hook onto the doll. The sun should be on top and the moon on the bottom. Zoom in on the portrait of Police Chief Edgar Torres (A). Collect the WALKING STICK. Place the CHARGED BATTERY (B) and the CHAIN (C) where they belong. A WRENCH and a CLOCK HAND will be added to your inventory once you complete the search. Collect a FLEUR-DE-LIS. Use the BUG SPRAY and WIRE CUTTERS to free the DOLL’S ARM. Welcome to the Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector’s Edition walkthrough on Gamezebo. Click on it to move it. A SHUTTER CORD and a SKULL LOCKET will be added to your inventory once you complete the search. A CLOCK HAND will be added to your inventory after you watch the movie. Place the DOLL FOR THE DOLLHOUSE in the glowing spot (C). Drag the dial to the number “8”. A RAG is added to inventory. Damn, if first L was a snake it would have bit me lol, had problem in finding the first was like invisible to my eyes.had to strain to see that onethnx for help:). Place the BOOK in the book shelf (D). Go to the right to visit the police station. Once the dolls saw the lock, enter the house. Water begins to flow. Speak to Jimmy. Collect the MAILBOX HANDLE from inside the dollhouse. We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Place the MASK on the face in the locker. You cannot change modes during the game. Use the CLOWN'S HEART (B) and LEG (C) to fix the clown. Look at the screenshot to complete the mini-game: Double click: the first ring, the third ring, the fourth ring, the first ring and the third ring. A DOLL FOR THE DOLLHOUSE will be added to your inventory. Map: Your map will show you all the places you've visited and will also show you where there are hidden object scenes. The SYRINGE WITH ACID will be added to your inventory. Collect the other two gears (green). Giant Bomb users. All important game events are automatically recorded in the Journal. Enter the code 423. Use the SCISSORS to snip the NEEDLE AND THREAD from the sewing machine. A FLY SWATTER and a HOOK will be added to your inventory once you complete the search. Proceed through the gates to the police station. During this chapter, Alice obtains the Misstitched dress and meets the Insane Children and the Dollmaker. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. any Giant Bomb content. The “5” represents the last diget of a code combination. After you watch the movie, a DOLL FOR THE DOLLHOUSE will be added to your inventory. Access the control plate of the video player (A). Sometimes nice to "not" think so much. Click the hint button in the lower right corner when you're stuck. Click on the handle to open the mailbox (C). Use the FISHING NET to retrieve the green BALL. Collect the NAIL FILE. Collect the CROSS and SECRET MACHINE KEY. Finally out. Click the red key until a sun appears in the top lock portion. Put them in the frame (Z). Use the PUTTY KNIFE to scrape away the plaster to reveal a code needed to open the machine room door. Use the TRAIN LEVER to release the train (B). Use the FISHING NET to snare the BALL (B). Collect the NUT and EMPTY OILER from the hidden object area (B). Why nobody help me with the letter "S" ????? A DOLL FOR THE DOLLHOUSE will be added to your inventory. Use the INSULATING TAPE to mend the wires. Circle 4 moves clockwise, circle 1 move counter clockwise. Use the DAGGER on the chief’s picture. This document contains a complete Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! Note the plank on the right side. I'm out! Good luck and have fun! Place the POLICE BADGE in the lock slot holding the chains on the chief. Collect the MASK FRAGMENT and PAINT THINNER. Click the painting. Use the CROWBAR on the boards covering the area on the left side of the hall. Format multiple images into a tidy layout. Once you have completed the game, the PLAY selection on the main menu changes to PLAY BONUS CHAPTER. Use the HANDCUFFS on Morgan in the parking lot. Place the doll in the house (A). Survive a horrifying trip into the mind of detective Marie. Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! Place the WALKING STICK in the slot for a lever on the box. The code “XXX5” behind the card is noted in the journal. The symbols will light up when correctly placed. Solve the interactive puzzle to gain entrance. This hidden object game requires visiting several locations and using inventory items to advance play. Place the GEAR in the safe mechanism (B). your comment about that letter S saved me.. gosh that was the only one that was so hard to find. Use the CORKSCREW to remove the barrel cork. The panel opens. Use the SHARD OF GLASS on the curtain covering the carousel. Note the case number: 3-4-1. Exit at the bottom of the screen. Click three times to unlock the drawer.

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