does bonnie get her magic back in season 8

Jeremy embraces her back and closes her eyes as he holds her. Prior to its destruction, she was the Anchor to the Other Side and, until recently, a supernatural huntress. Before Damon walks off, he tells her that he owes her one. Thinking this will be the only way to get Damon to leave them all alone. After a moment, she angrily shoves the calendar off the table into the fireplace. Finally, Alaric and Bonnie are seen standing over Jo's body with the Phoenix stone. Following this, Kai frees himself, and, as revenge, he links Bonnie's life to Elena through a powerful curse that will keep Elena in a coma as long as Bonnie is alive. Bonnie is very worried and Caroline tells her Abby needs time to adjust. They turn away and being to head straight for Bonnie, who is shocked to sense they are heading for her. Once alone, Bonnie calls Elena and verifies that Elena is not yet arrived. Sometime later, Bonnie, steals an abandoned car, hot-wiring it to get it to start. When Caroline reaches out to grab the necklace, she gets a shock from the necklace. He tells her that he needs to save his brother and doesn't listen to her warning and enters the burning building. In Do Not Go Gentle, Bonnie is seen attending the 1920s Decade Dance with Jamie. She finally tries a spell from Alaric's "Shamanistic Oral Traditions." In Gods and Monsters, Bonnie is completely overcome by the huntress' instinct, as she feels Caroline and Enzo's feelings and emotions since she marked them, and is intent to hunt and kill them, however, it's made very clear that she doesn't want to hurt them but can't control her hunter instinct to kill the ones that she has marked, a lot like Rayna. Caroline is in the room with her, though Bonnie believes she is not real. Once everyone is safely outside, Bonnie is shown to be sealing the Armory itself, to prevent the members and whatever was in the vault from getting out; with Alex screaming out, learning her sister is dead and she is now trap inside the vault with what killed her sister. Caroline appears and says "I'm stronger than you can imagine, I defeated the hunter's curse in minutes You thought that you could betray me? In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, she is dreaming of Lily and Kai and she couldn't use magic, but Elena wakes her up from the nightmare saying they need to get ready for Jo and Alaric's wedding. Enzo calls her, she tells him that she know what they are planning, that see can see it. Later on, Bonnie and Caroline arrive at the Salvatore Boarding House to say their goodbyes to Elena. She screams in pain as she tries to run away from them only to be surprised by even more. Then Elena and Stefan followed. Bonnie eventually freed herself from the prison world(s) using the power from Qetsiyah's blood from Silas' tombstone. He says the only important thing is that Bonnie has her magic back and that he wouldn't try to kill Damon as that would be killing one-third of the population of the Unknown Dimension. Later, when Matt dies, his soul temporarily goes to the Other Side and finds Bonnie. During a recent chat with executive producer Julie Plec, TVLine learned that Bonnie will have a “pretty unlucky run of trying to get her magic back” at the top of Season 8. Later, it is revealed that Jeremy knows that another witch from the other side is helping Vicki. He tells Bonnie that she is the key to everything and he will not let anything bad happen to her. Bonnie pays an early visit to Elena in her room. Needing some privacy to perform the spell, Bonnie and Caroline head over to the old mansion where the 100 witches had all died a horrible death. Bonnie insists he shouldn't tell the others, but Jeremy tells Damon about it, adding that no one can be brought back from the dead without consequences, that Nature found a balance- meaning Bonnie died to bring Jeremy back to life. She tells him that she's not ready to be dead yet and that she doesn't know what to do about her dad. Bonnie notices that her grandmother seems more than just exhausted. In The Sun Also Rises, Over at the old witches' house, Jeremy and Bonnie look through the Grimoires to find a way of stopping Elena becoming a vampire. Then, Stefan calls, telling her that Enzo died and is about to pass on through her at any given moment. Stefan realizes that it was Katherine and not Elena Bonnie saw. Bonnie quickly gains the upper hand, knocking Enzo to his feet. Soon after, the three of them arrive to Mystic Falls, where Bonnie and Silas are throwing witty remarks and insults at each other, while studying the anchor overwhelming spell. She tells them to kill off a few of the names and then she will decide on whether or not to give up her final life to Bonnie. With tears in her eyes she hugged Enzo, only to be surprised when Damon appeared. After Caroline leaves to bring Luka back to the Mystic Grill, Bonnie decides to tell Jeremy why they shouldn’t be together. There, she meets Alex St. John, where she provides Bonnie with information to Rayna's creation and the Everlastings. With the help of Damon, they find her. Elena is caught and confronted when as they suspected, she had taken the Moonstone. Caroline then asks is Bonnie alright and Bonnie replies "Yes, now that I unlinked her." Later, as Stefan and Elena get back, together with Matt and arrive at Whitmore, Jeremy and Damon arrive too. Not long after, Bonnie had reached her breaking point, as she found the suicide Bourbon she and Damon made a pact on and began drinking it profusely. Granted, the pulse seen at the end of the episode could be something else. Later, Bonnie went to tell Jeremy that Shane wanted to try again, but Damon said that he needed to find someone he can attach his warm and fuzzy feelings on, and Jeremy chose Bonnie. She tries to shut the door in his face a few times, but he tells her he wants to visit Lily and give her an MP3 player. Touching her arm, Bonnie soon realizes that it is Katherine and not Elena. Bonnie asks if he is a witch but he admits he is a warlock. After Damon destroyed the corpse of the last shaman, thus breaking Bonnie's connection to it, she lost her abilities as a shamanic huntress. Nora seemed impressed with Bonnie's willingness to help. Bonnie smiles and tearfully raises the feathers in the air, and they both laugh and enjoy their last memory together. Just then, Bonnie looses her foothold in the physical world and flashes to the other side, where the dimension is in it’s final seconds. Bonnie is last seen speeding away from the Salvatore Boarding House and toward the key to her freedom in Nova Scotia. She is also shown trying to convince Katherine to come to the Salvatore House so they can kill her with the knife. Bonnie later finds out that Jeremy kisses Anna After getting the necklace from Anna to Jeremy from Jeremy to Bonnie is ready to cast the spell in front of a fire. Luckily, Damon put an end her time as the huntress when he burned the body of last shamanic descendant, stopping her from killing Enzo and bringing her back to normal. It could be assumed that since her mother abandoned her, that it was her Grams that had raised Bonnie for most of her life. She tells him to never give up on himself and stay strong. Later on,Elena and Damon finally run-up to Bonnie,ready to pass through. It's later been a day since they arrived in this dimension and Bonnie first appears at the Salvatore's Boarding House in the morning with her childhood teddy bear which she lost when she was 9, and with her Grams' grimoire. It was meant to kill Vampires. Vicki appears and she begs Matt to stop Bonnie. Matt says to Vicki goodbye and Vicky vanishes. Just before he leaves her, he tells her to tell everyone that she's dead, that she and Jeremy can't keep hiding this. Bonnie start car alarms in the parking lot and scream at Silas to get out of her head as he awkwardly shouted "Control! Elena said that if they killed Kol, Damon would be free of his compulsion and Jeremy would have his Hunter's Mark complete. They both begin looking through the old Grimoires to find an answer. Bonnie is one of the most powerful main characters and general character shown in the series. She took him down to her body, and said that's what she wanted, too -- but you can't always get what you want. The fire stops and Damon is okay. That is when Vaughn appears and stabs Bonnie, where she falls onto the cave floor. She still refuses to hand it over to him. Bonnie turns around and leaves without saying a word. Before Lucy leaves the party, Bonnie stops her to try and figure out who she is. Reaching down to pick up her bookbag, it comes open on her Grimoire. So, did Bonnie get her powers back on The Vampire Diaries? By the end of the episode, Abby decides to leave even if Caroline tries to convince her to stay. Damon calls Bonnie seeking more help with finding Julian, with Nora, she believes there is something she can do. Once again, Bonnie gives Elena the cold shoulder. In Gone Girl, she is seen with Jeremy talking about her birthday. Using her powers, Bonnie has the doors to the party open. Bonnie asks Luka if he knows how to break a bind between a talisman and a spell. As Elena starts yelling, Bonnie starts coughing up blood, signaling the group that she is dying together with the other side. Matt tells her that she needs to leave town, but she refuses, saying that she can't let Kai win. "Elena" is revealed to be Katherine when she calls Jeremy a brat for insisting that she save Bonnie first before getting the cure. They both fall to the ground and pass out. Later, Bonnie, along with Stefan are searching a wooded trail following yet another lead related to the missing people that may be connected to Damon and Enzo.

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