camel crush menthol review

Taste: 4(regular)/8(fresh) Ahh, the Camel Crush. Seems like we are the last to get everything, since my uncle living on the east coast was getting the fire safe cigarettes years ago. RJ you're ###ED! Fresher. This is a completely mixed bag. So as far as the availability.. that's up to what the stores and distributors decide to order for their store I would think. But then again maybe they started all their cigarettes with self-extinguishing papers? I'm sure some people might like being able to go to regular/crush the ball and get menthol, but why would you add menthol to menthol!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!? I'm so pissed as well. LOL And if you guys live near smaller towns, the older gas stations will have the old camel menthols. Where I live, in Phoenix, we still have the regular Camel menthols. I highly recommend this product to casual smokers who “only smoke when they drink” or “have a cigarette on the occasion”, but cannot, no matter how much I love Camel, recommend this be anyone’s standard cigarette. I am so mad! ###in ###, i want my old camel menthol. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reads this an changes it back... R.J. YOU ###ED UP ROYALY. I now smoke Pall Mall Menthol, due to the extremely lower price. You effectively have four choices of menthol intensity in each Camel Menthol (no boost, boost at the beginning, boost midway, boost on finish). Pretty neat, huh? [Mini review] This humorously defaced $1 bill, [Concert Review] Explosions in the Sky at The Ogden Theatre. and when u're almost done, the hot amber falls off!!! The cigarette starts out as an everyday unflavored cigarette but instantly transforms into a cool menthol when the consumer squeezes the menthol capsule hidden away inside the filter, which can be done any time before or while smoking, or not at all. It seems like many cigarettes have changed flavor. On occasion, sometimes I even pop the pellet long in advance of lighting the cigarette to let the menthol absorb deeper into the filter. The Camel Crush is Camels newest product which encapsulates two distinct flavors into one cigarette. 95% agreed that the change was great. On the other hand, they SHOULD bring back Turkish Jades. I will be looking for a new brand. WT[censored]. now they came out with this CRAP! ITS NOT EVEN MENTHOL ANYMORE!! Option 2: Smoke Camel WIDE Menthol because there is no added capsule in the filter. RJ ###S. I just discoverd this today when I purchased a carton. If you don't like them, don't activate the menthol capsule, or find a new brand! Just bring 'em back already! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But, when I do get coupons ($2.00 off per pack all Camel styles) -excluding non-filter and Kamel Reds, it makes the price of Camels much cheaper than the cheapest (that are tolerable anyway). Eh, I like the new camel menthols. Value: 7(average cost of smokes), img via: Because in New York that happens to every cigarette because it is required by law.. and often times the additives they use on the papers to make them self extinguish can drastically change the taste of the cigarette. Odor: 6(mild, yet noticeable) RJ PR- D.S. I've enjoyed Full Flavor Menthols for many many years and had no intention of quiting. thank you for SELLING OUT! Camel most def should have spent more time on these. This is simply the way cigarettes for sale in the US have to be given that the majority of the states have made this a requirement and maintaining manufacturing lines with two different papers (non-FSC and FSC) is impractical in the long run. I had the exact same experience through a company called SwipeUpDeals. I liked Crush when it came out.. but to me it wasn't enough menthol and I didn't like the harsh taste.. so when these came out I was extremely happy to have a menthol that wasn't extremely harsh on my throat like Newports or Marlboro Menthols are.. especially lights! The capsules inside are even worse for your health it seems. ###in ###, i want my old camel menthol. OUTRAGEOUS!!! GIVE ME BACK MY CAMEL MENTHOLS!!! The verdict on this one varies from person to person. If I wanted Camel crush, I would buy Camel Crush, but those crushable ball thingies should not be in "REGULAR"-MENTHOL"!!! Thomas Kinkade musical christmas tree ornament. © 2004-2020 And on top of that, if you're not constantly puffin' on 'em, THEY GO OUT!!! i also read your review on the energy drink type cigs, fucking brilliant… funniest shit ive ever read. I think it's a great idea.. its like condensing 2 cigarettes into one. This is increasingly important given the US market has fewer adults smoking every year, and from those who smoke, the ratio of those choosing Menthol over Non-Menthol cigarettes is increasing. Here in California they are 9 to 10 dollars a pack. While it is, however, a neat gimmick, is it a good cigarette? It is also, in my personal opinion, one of the best menthol cigarettes on the market at this time. But everything comes to an end unfortunately... my favorite cigarettes of all.. the Camel Turkish Jade's were discontinued.. and theres nothing like those either. and to the person who started all this there is an option [censored]. i've gotten sick from smoking camel crush's for weeks straight. I found 2 cigarettes wouthout the ball in sovar then its not menthol at all, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Just ask a smoker. I am not happy with this what so ever. Score: I complained to the company, they took a note of it. I was advised that a representative would call... Not sure if my claim was rejected by letter after not so much as an inspection... AN & Associates - Small diy polishing machine $24.99, DRI Avast Software Shannon Co. Ireland - dri avast software unauthorised charge on credit card, Merrill Edge - Account locked for no reason. And the silvers don't have the harsh chemically taste that some light cigarettes can have. Mostly because the most highly circulated propeganda AGAINST menthol are entirely fictitious (fiberglass, crystalized lungs, racist motives, et al.) I’m not sure if this is a light cigarette or what, but that’s definitely what it tastes like. btw, the damn cherry just fell off on my laptop a few min ago so i got pissed enough to look up complaints on it. The problem I had with Camels was the new and "IMPROVED" blend, which was, unfortunately NOT an improvement in taste, but a slightly lower grade tobacco designed to lower the rising cost of the Camel brand when all tobacco product prices were on the rise. no returns on a $40.00 carton! BEFORE making the change, 5, 000 people were interviewed about the new taste... I've been told that the "Capsules" aren't actually all Menthol if any at all...The bottom line is we aren't stupid and I have my assumptions about these stupid "Capsules" {some other cheaper drug or pesticide they put in there to drive costs down and rise profits up}...I've also heard of a handful of deaths from the Camel Crush cigarettes as well...Now in reality i'm not complaining at all and just stating what I believe is going on...I smoked Camel Menthol Lights in the Pre-Capsule era and I'm smoking Camel Menthol Silver's now {suppossedly now the Camel Menthol Lights, although I suspect other BS behind it} and I've really not noticed any difference...Make no mistake though and that is that this is no conspiracy...If RJ did this it was simply to bring in more $$$... eijg;ptbmq';rm fl i like them because they taste like penin, I hate this gimick, too! Ever. Thank you, and god bless! I agree...the old ones were better and I heard the capsule can actually cause your lungs to collapse! they taste like a camel menthol light now and then when you crush it it tastes like a camel crush x2 which is horrible why did they have to ruin my favorite and only preferred cigarette blend!? As with anything, what could be an aquired taste is just that - aquired after some time. I hated it when they changed the Camel Menthol blend that i LOVED FOR YEAR, but I love the menthol capsules... A menthol cigarette with a built in cough drop - WOOHOO! Option 3: Change to Salem, which are manufactured by the same company and very similar in taste. I smoke these, i like the taste. They already have a crush filter menthol cigarette, we don't need another one! Well, the exact opposite applies here. Look forward to new blends, both in cigarettes and Camel Snuss from R.J.R. The reasoning behind the Cool Burst technology implemented in the new Camel Menthol and Camel Menthol Silver (replacing the old descriptor of Menthol Lights) is to allow for increased interaction with the cigarette (and tbus improved brand relationship), as well as control and customization by the adult tobacco consumer. AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Win/win if you're a menthol fan to begin with. on another note- camel crush basically i agree with everything you said- they were attention grabbers. I think there was a very large gap in the idea of what we smokers want and will pay good money for and what the execs think the public will buy. Mind you, the wides don't tast quite the same, but you're still getting 5% more tobacco even though the cigarettes are slightly shorter. The Wides are hard to find in my area and at 60.00 a carton smokes are a dying luxury. if this is permenant ill stop buyin camel all together. and ya were kinda told ya just need to learn to read. Taste. I tried a Crush when they first came out and I felt like I had eaten a tub of Vick's Vapor Rub. If you don't want it to be more menthol then don't burst it genius. I tried complaining to the company directly but not luck. Obviously, more people like the change than don't, otherwise they would have remanufactured them by now.

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