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Wings and midsection are pure white while the abdomen (rear part of the body) is brown with a conspicuous tuft of brown hairs at the tip. Their team is conducting experiments on how different environmentally friendly options — from essential oils to detergents to tiny pathogenic worms called nematodes — might weaken those protective winter webs, stopping the devastation before it emerges with the caterpillars in the spring. Be sure that any product used is currently registered and follow all label directions. Some doctors have reported an uptick in patients complaining of severe rashes or respiratory symptoms from inhaling the hairs. The browntail moth was accidently introduced into Somerville, Massachusetts from Europe in 1897. Some people also have breathing problems from inhaling the hairs. But relying on natural fungal blooms isn’t a long-term solution, Groden says. This is the time when the grown caterpillars are changing into moths and shedding their skins, including the itchy hairs. State and federal scientists banded together to release millions of parasitoid flies and other insects to try to thwart the moth population boom in especially hard-hit regions, while others drove around administering a lethal fungus to infested trees. Similar to poison ivy, browntail moth rash tends to be red, bumpy and itchy and can cause discomfort to those affected for hours or even weeks. Utilize other local resources, as well as the tips below when considering what precautions to take, and when. Check with your doctor or local pharmacist for options available in your area. Maine Forest Service Browntail Moth Information, Midcoast Maine Browntail Moth Support (Facebook), Maine CDC Division of Disease Surveillance – Browntail Moth, Say NO to New Year’s Resolutions and YES to Self-Love and Gratitude, Hormones in the Mature Man: A lesson on Andropause. For severe reactions, or if you have trouble breathing, contact your doctor to develop an immediate plan of action. 211 Maine will serve as a hub for all State of Maine agencies involved in browntail moth issues. These microscopic hairs can be airborne and are found everywhere in browntail infested … Groden says they’ll need several more years of lab tests to determine the viability of this option, and even if it proves successful, it will be only one in a suite of tools required to combat the spread. He sent his team out searching in areas of the park that receive the most visitor traffic, and they ended up manually removing 141 nests from 29 different sites. In Portland, still on the edges of the outbreak, nests were found last winter in Deering Oaks park. Please contact your doctor, pharmacist, or other licensed healthcare worker directly with any medical concerns. In high enough numbers, the caterpillars can denude a single tree in weeks. “If a university in Maine isn’t researching browntail moths,” Maine Forest Service entomologist Tom Schmeelk says, “then there is not going to be anybody researching browntail moths.”. The larval stage (caterpillar) of this insect feeds on the foliage of hardwood trees and shrubs including oak, shadbush, apple, cherry, beach plum, and rugosa rose. The nests are silvery white and may have leaves incorporated into them. Jesse Wheeler, exotic plant program coordinator at Acadia National Park, took this approach after a visitor spotted a few webs last year, the first of this outbreak. This is caused by a reaction to the toxins found in the moth’s hairs. Groden, a recently retired UMaine entomologist, has collected thousands in freezers in order to study their biology and, hopefully, fight back against their proliferation. “We heard one story from customers who had friends moving up from out of state and said they were on the verge of signing on a house near Megunticook Lake, then backed out because of the moth issue.”. The "Stott" spray nozzle. It’s the same fungus New England arborists and scientists tried to spread a century ago. The Browntail moth is an invasive species found along the coastal regions of Maine. Browntail moth caterpillar poisoning: Introduction. At Kennebec Pharmacy and Home Care, we are dedicated to making better living possible for the people we serve. In … There are 200 to 300 larvae in each nest. Her stories have appeared in, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close. “Now we know they are here, and they are probably not going away, unfortunately, until the natural cycle wanes.”. Full press release, For More Information:  By 1915, they spread across roughly 36 million acres, and researchers sought aggressive means to cull the pest, “which is so destructive to our deciduous trees and also so obnoxious to our people,” as a 1912 Massachusetts Forestry Department study complained. Trees can withstand two or three years of infestation, but after that, they weaken and can die from leaf loss. The infestation finally began to crash in the 1940s and by 1973 tapered to a low of just 1,200 acres in patches of the New England coast. The mention of pesticides in the fact sheets linked to these pages does not imply an endorsement of any product. [Photos, left to right: They’re behind plastic, but still, just thinking about them makes me itch. Larval feeding damages and sometimes kills the host, but the primary human impact from the browntail moth is the result of contact with poisonous hairs found on the caterpillars. Text Zip Code to 898-211  What scientists do know is that the caterpillars don’t sport their toxic hairs until emerging from their webs in late April, after growing through the winter. In late August the larvae hatch from eggs laid on the undersides of leaves and form overwintering webs in trees and shrubs. But scientists don’t know how long that cycle might last, Groden says, or what factors — from climate change to natural shifts in parasitoid populations — might affect it. It is the policy of the State of Maine to minimize reliance on pesticides. Wash exposed clothing immediately alone and in hot water with the recommended amount of laundry detergent. The chance of contacting browntail moth rash increases during dry, windy conditions. As the presence of browntail moth rash has increased, so has the availability and use of prescription treatments to help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. Augusta (Leighton Rd. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Prescriptions for Browntail Moth Rash Relief Spray are available for pick-up from Kennebec Pharmacy locations in Augusta and Rockport or by delivery statewide. Browntail moth caterpillars are active from May-July which is when most rashes occur. “I don’t know that we have any potential long-term strategies that are going to solve the outbreak,” she says. Browntail moth caterpillar poisoning: A hairy, bright-colored caterpillar which can cause skin symptoms on contact with the hair. The breeze sent microscopic hairs drifting towards her face and left her itching for days, with welts that wrapped around her neck. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR RELIEF FROM BROWNTAIL MOTH RASH, PRESCRIPTIONS FOR BROWNTAIL MOTH RASH SPRAY ARE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP FROM KENNEBEC PHARMACY LOCATIONS IN AUGUSTA AND ROCKPORT OR BY DELIVERY STATEWIDE. It has two broken white lines on each side of its brown body and two orangy-red spots on the end of its back. Complete necessary yard work on damp days or wet down material with a hose to help keep hairs from becoming airborne. And a state entomologist said Thursday that the worst conditions in … Ste. They lay eggs on the underside of leaves.

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