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12. i have heard all the artists that you guys mentioned. The soaring melodies have been used in. It's time to add more variety to the list, and what better way to do so than Mozart's Horn Concerto no. Completed in 1787, Mozart composed this horn concerto for his friend, Joseph Leutgeb (a horn player himself). Franz Schubert 4 in E flat major. Feb-24-2015, 16:28 #2. That or Dinu Lipatti´s 21st with Karajan, but that of course is not a studio recording. Brahms wrote it his First Piano Concerto in 1858, when he was just 25 years old – he went on to write just one more. What makes this concerto unique is Mozart’s surprising use of the solo piano. The violin is firmly centre stage and you get to really appreciate how clever Mozart’s melodies were without all the orchestral stuff getting in the way. Fun, exuberant, lovely, and pleasant are words that come to mind when describing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. The first disc here contains a live recording of a 1970 solo recital in the Mozarteum Salzburg, while the second features a combination of 1973 recordings of the B flat major Concerto with Karl Böhm and the double Concerto in E flat major with his daughter Elena. 2 in D major. The piece was written in 1957 for his son’s 19th birthday and it would be fair to say the work is one of the composer’s jollier pieces. 1-27 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91). 24 is as good a place as any. This is something of an anomaly in Mozart's canon. 2 is an adaption of the original concerto composed for oboe in 1777. It is believed that Mozart wrote the five violin concertos for his own personal use, but when the older and more skilled violinist Antonio Brunetti requested to perform them, he revised and rewrote the violin parts to be more virtuosic. It is probably the single most difficult piece that I have ever played.” The Hungarian composer Béla Bartók wrote the concerto in 1930 and it’s not just the solo part that’s tricky – the New York Philharmonic had to delay the premiere as they couldn’t master the music in time. So, cheekily, he decided that he would simply rearrange his oboe concerto from the year before (1777), with a few alterations to the melodies to make them more flute-like. Confusingly. Of course Mozart’s were generally smaller and, it would be fair to say, slighter works – in fact Mozart said of three of his piano concertos “In order to win applause one must write stuff which is so inane that a coachman could sing it”. It even includes a jokey reference to his son’s piano practise – listen out for the scales in the final movement at around 13.40. 3? The pianist to whom it was dedicated – Josef Hofmann – never performed it in public and it was the composer himself who gave the premiere in 1909 in New York. Hold on to your hats…. What’s interesting about this concerto is that when Mozart was finished composing the piece, he bought a pet starling and taught it to sing the theme from the final movement. As for individual recordings the 27th with Gilels and Böhm will get my vote as the greatest recording of a Mozart Piano Concerto. Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. Showing off came naturally to Mozart, so it's probably not a huge surprise to learn that composing concertos, a showboater's medium if ever there was one, was something that he did extremely well. Most striking, though, is how mature it sounds. Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor Opus 18 (1), Student finger-snaps along to Mozart's Rondo alla Turca, Beethoven beats Mozart to the top spot as the most, Mozart's famous opera The Magic Flute is about to be, New releases: 60 years of iconic Morricone music and, Album reviews and new releases: songs for Remembrance and, New Releases: Mozart's Violin Concertos performed by, Nikolaj Znaider and Brahms' Piano Concertos played by Adam Laloum, New Releases: The debut album from The Ayoub Sisters and, New Releases: 'Pavarotti: The People's Tenor' and, Download 'Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor Opus 18 (1)' on iTunes. Written around fifty years later than Bach’s concerto above, Haydn’s Keyboard Concerto No. This is one of those pieces of music that everyone knows – even if they don’t realise it, like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. 11 is one of the first of the Classical era, though it was still written for harpsichord or fortepiano. It’s structured as a set of 24 variations on the theme of the 24th and final of the famous violin virtuoso Paganini’s Caprices for solo violin (which you can hear here). Just over two decades later, he completed his second piano and gave the premiere of the work himself in Budapest in 1881. Rachmaninov wrote the piece in 1900 after recovering from a bout of depression and writer’s block and it has become one of his best known and best loved pieces. Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto is one of the most technically difficult concertos ever written (which is quite something). With 27 to his name, it's a bit tricky to isolate one piano concerto to start with, but no. In fact, he was aiming for a light-hearted piece “in the spirit of Mozart and Saint-Saëns”. Uchida's concerto's are definitely better than her sonatas. The result is a work that wears its heart on its sleeve and demands the very highest technical and interpretative ability from its soloist. For modern Mozart, I lean towards the Anda and Perahia concertos … Chopin wrote of the second movement: “It is a Romance, calm and melancholy, giving the impression of someone looking gently towards a spot that calls to mind a thousand happy memories.” Here it is: Brahms wrote his first piano concerto in 1858. From the exquisite chamber concertos of Haydn to the monumental works by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven – almost described as piano symphonies – these are the 20 concertos you need to listen to right now, as chosen by Classic FM presenters. Watch Leif Ove Andsnes' guide to Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto. This unique pairing gives way to a beautiful concerto (especially the third movement). Yep, it's that one with the bouncy-sounding finale. The great Norwegian composer only completed one piano concerto and it has become one of the most recognised in the world (thanks, in part, to this iconic comedy sketch by Morecambe and Wise). 24 in C minor – K. 491, Piano Concerto No. CD (3) Download (4) DVD video (1) All DVD & Blu-ray videos (1) Availability. Sitting right at the centre of Beethoven’s series of piano concertos, the third is sort of a bridge between the classical style of the earlier two and the virtuoso Romanticism of the final two. The composer himself downplayed this concerto, saying it had “no redeeming artistic merits”. In Stock (1) Special Offers. Today, it remains one of his most popular concertos (the adagio movement alone can be found on hundreds, if not thousands, of classical albums).

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