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Frozen crawfish tail meat, available all year, is easy to use in recipes — a delicious way to enjoy mudbug flavor without having to wait for crawfish season Not much atmosphere but who cares when the food is so good. more. They're not good at all!" ''But it isn't just crawfish,'' he said. But others call the Chinese product a dead ringer when it is deep-fried or cooked into a etouffee or stew. dishes. ''Somebody's going to have to get a welding job or something else,'' Craig West said. Crawfish was made into pies and bisques and puffs and casseroles. 1. Nowhere was the ardor stronger than in Cajun country, this sprawling land of swamps and bayous west of New Orleans. 1 large egg white. DONNA ST. GEORGE, Fillets, Stew or Popcorn Cajun Style (No Bucket Needed), 1/2 cup chopped tasso (a cured ham, available in specialty-food stores), 1 pound cooked crawfish tail meat (available frozen from, seafood markets and specialty-food stores). Peppers, lima beans, corn and crawfish tails are brought together with a touch of cream. Crawfish and cream over pasta is a famous New Orleans dish full of rich crawfish flavor. During crawfish season, from late January through June, Mr. Peltier is out on his 19-foot aluminum fishing boat every weekday morning before the sun rises, gliding through the 800,000-acre wooded swampland known as the Atchafalaya Basin, in south-central Louisiana. And farmers like Mr. Miller contend that those markets have declined in this era of heavy imports. In another wide, shallow dish, combine the flour with the Cajun seasoning, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste. Small, casual restaurant with excellent seafood. ''Crawfish tastes like that naturally.''. For some reason it can be a little skimpy when order to go but the taste is always excellent. recipes. I wanted the red beans and rice, and my wife ordered the seafood gumbo cup, with potato salad. Louisiana crawfish are also sold live or already boiled whole. All you have to do is defrost and add to recipes. In Cajun country, though, word about the proposed tax has relighted the hopes of farmers, processors and fishers. Mound each fillet with the crawfish mixture. No comparison awesome food and this could have easily fed two people! HOOKED: You can customize your seafood boil at Shell Shack on Washington Avenue. One confused Cajun here!! Service is good and everyone seems to know each other. He writes about food, restaurants, spirits, travel, fashion and beauty. Classic Louisiana Seafood and the Best Price. One confused Cajun here!!More. And at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which ended on Sunday, the rich sauces and thick breadings of Cajun fare were often lavished upon the Chinese imports rather than the local crawfish. 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, for garnish. '', But for Mr. Peltier, the problem is larger than economics. 3. In a small saucepan over very low heat, combine 5 tablespoons of butter with the flour. Also boiled shrimp, crawfish etoufee and other quintessential La. The proposed levy, which the International Trade Commission will review and could reject, is intended to help Louisiana producers. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. On March 19, the Commerce Department issued a preliminary ruling that Chinese crawfish imports should be subject to a tariff averaging 110 percent of the point-of-entry price. Although prices for the Louisiana meat, which are seasonal, have dropped in the last two weeks, one jazz-festival chef noted that when he ordered peeled crawfish tails, the choice was either the Chinese import, at $3.50 a pound, or the Louisiana meat, at $8. He plows his land to create ponds, floods the ponds with aerated water and coaxes the best harvest he can from 100 acres. They were the size of over 100 plus count to the pound size. He points out that Louisianians export many of their biggest crawfish to Sweden, where the crustaceans command a premium price. Part of the grim economic equation has to do with the abundance of Louisiana crawfish at season's peak. Drain on paper towels. Very good!More. Workers get housing and other amenities and are paid the equivalent of 15 cents an hour, he said, or $9 for a 60-hour workweek. Mr. Benoit figures that such a tariff, based on an average point-of-entry cost of $2.50 a pound, would raise the wholesale price of Chinese crawfish to at least $5.25 a pound, roughly equal to production costs of Louisiana crawfish. In China, Mr. Bernard said, 27 processing plants produce tail meat for his company. My wife had touched the bowl of gumbo and noticed the bowl was hot, which tells us that the seafood gumbo was frozen not fresh, which it was. Louisiana loved crawfish even when the rest of the country hardly knew what it was. He buys peeled Louisiana crawfish tails in bulk -- thousands of pounds -- in season, when prices are lower by several dollars a pound, so that he can remain loyal to Louisiana at a relatively low cost. Add the crawfish and stir to coat well. At crawfish boils, friends and relatives -- a handful or a hundred -- gather around newspaper-covered tables on which steaming shellfish are heaped into piles along with boiled side courses: corn on the cob, whole potatoes and onions and sometimes cabbage or Cajun sausage. Try calling them. Enola Prudhomme, an acclaimed Louisiana chef and a sister of Paul Prudhomme, remembers the glee that followed heavy storms at her family's farm near Opelousas, La., in the 1940's. Seasonally they have softshell crab. Reserve until needed. You can get good fried fish anywhere in the Parish. He added: ''The crawfish industry is not major corporations. Bernard's Seafood Express is right next to (connected to) the company's seafood shipping headquarters. Remove the pan from the heat. They also have poboys and fried chicken, red beans & rice, gumbo, great cole slaw and onion rings. They soon discovered that crawfish was an ideal rotation crop for those who grew rice. Saute, stirring, for 2 minutes. People dig in with bare hands -- beer on the table, music playing, stories unfolding. Calories 140.0. Refrigerate until needed. Then, it's very hard to tell the difference, said Pierre Hilzim, the president of Kajun Kettle Foods Inc., a New Orleans company that prepares food for national restaurant chains. ''Ninety percent of what you buy in stores -- you look at the little stickers and they say, 'China': jewelry, fireworks, Nike shoes. The recipes I’m sharing here were all made with thawed, frozen crawfish tail meat harvested and packed in Louisiana. CRAWFISH are delivered from swamp to dinner table by two kinds of people. I was highly disappointed with the quality of the restaurant food, but very pleased with their fresh live retail seafood. ''Everyone has their own secret recipe for how much lemon juice goes in the water and how much cayenne pepper and how much vinegar,'' said Dr. Jules d'Hemecourt, a professor of mass communications at Louisiana State University, who also studies Cajun culture. Craig and his brother, Troy, grew up fishing for their father after school, doing well enough so that Troy remembers paying for his dog, Duke, and his first shotgun with crawfish proceeds. Then there are fishermen like Clyde Peltier, who sinks traps in the wild. We have been going to Bernard's for 15 years. As Dexter Guillory, a crawfish processor in Eunice, La., said: ''There's room for crawfish tail meat besides Louisiana's. My appreciation for swampy critters peaks during my yearly sojourn to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (this year starting April 26), where we often head straight to the Crawfish Monica booth to savor a dish of spiral pasta judiciously coated in a creamy sauce studded with plump crawfish. The waitress serving us actually told me, "trust me, I work here, and I wouldn't eat the red beans. It’s easy to use thawed, frozen crawfish tail meat in a variety of Cajun- and Creole-flavored recipes. If you’re like me, a crawfish boil — aside from the camaraderie and beer — holds little allure. Especially after the Easter lenten holiday, the crawfish prices drop. Gone are the days when he could fish his ponds in a flat-bottom boat into late May and still make a profit. Mr. Bernard also argues that the crawfish industry has not been nearly as hurt as it has portrayed itself, emphasizing that most farmers have other crops and that fishermen -- there are 1,100 of them -- often have other seasonal jobs. They should not complain, then, when they are on the other side of the trade table, he said. It's pretty good here, but you can't beat the crawfish balls! '', Chinese crawfish arrived in noticeable quantities in Louisiana in 1991. Three years ago, the Chinese competition hit them hard. '', But at Prejean's Restaurant in Lafayette, La., where a 14-foot stuffed alligator graces the dining room, James Graham, the executive chef, considers himself one of a few restaurateurs ''lucky enough'' to be able to use Louisiana meat. Bernards Seafood Express, LLC - 204 CARMEN St, Cottonport, LA 71327 - Rated 4.4 based on 3 Reviews "The food is horrible and I will never go back ever again" Many people get take outs.More, We usually get our live 40 + pounds crawfish sacks here and we are always satisfied. For the truly adventurous, Crawfish King feature hearty seafood feasts, bursting with lobster, crab, prawns, crawfish, mussels, clams and more. In a large saucepan, heat 1/2 pound of butter, and add the onions, celery, bell pepper and scallion bottoms. Heat the oil to 375 degrees. At the restaurant you'll find classic La. ''It doesn't cook the same, and the texture's not the same,'' said Melinda LeBlanc of Breaux Bridge, La. Serve immediately with horseradish dipping sauce (recipe follows). 3. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? In a large mixing bowl, combine the corn flower, self-rising flour and Cajun spice. Add the mushrooms. You can't beat their prices. But the live market has been flooded by processors who have taken the same approach. '', ''You know how lobster tastes better with butter?'' In a medium mixing bowl, combine the hot sauce and lemon juice. ''People have learned how to cook more dishes,'' he said, ''and how to eat crawfish tails three times a week instead of one.''. Louisiana's crawfish industry is in the battle of its life, its position as the country's leading purveyor of the delicately sweet meat threatened by a flood of less-expensive imports from China. BOILED OVER: Bonanza crawfish season leads to inventive mudbug dishes. 1. ''It gets to where it doesn't pay to fish.''. His father, Harry, raised crawfish on the family farm and then opened one of the first processing plants in the early 1970's. At L. T. West Inc., a processor in Mamou, La., Craig West is part of one of those families. For them, the glory of crawfish -- as Louisianians call crayfish -- is as much about taste as it is about tradition and culture. Heat well. Frozen crawfish tails — yes, frozen — offer all the flavor, less of the mess. Also boiled shrimp, crawfish etoufee and other quintessential La. I wanted the red beans and rice, and my wife ordered the seafood gumbo cup, with potato salad. We had decided to grab something to eat at their restaurant while we were there, and the regret is still there. ''It's the thing to do on Friday afternoon,'' said John Ed Laborde, the Mayor of the Cajun-country town of Marksville, La. When she brought the bowl she then informed us their was no potato salad available, so she brought some mashed sweet potatoes as a substitute. Unrortunately, that would be a better answer for the owner or cooks, i was just a passerby. And it wasn't as good as the Louisiana crawfish, for a lot of reasons. ''I've been doing this 20 years,'' he said. 2. Now, he drains his land in April, giving up even as the season is at its peak. For the last several years, ''Louisiana may have been $11 a pound, where the Chinese has been $4.50, less than half,'' said Gerald Faulk, the owner of Acadia Parish, a Cajun restaurant in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

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