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festival-Surf session. How Did Cultural Appropriation Come to Be in Fashion? Example: “I need to peel this bat wing off before I put my pants on. Example: “Ew, my Pipe’s burrito just came back up in that burp an’ cream. Example: “Oh snap! About Basic Attention Token. Example: “Look at accesory man today. What does a third wheel expression mean? See also The Goat, The Brain, Fag Game, Nut Game, The Look, Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest adventures, workouts, destinations, and more. beach whistle-A plastic tampon inserter that’s washed up on the beach. barfish-A lame turn or air. Example: “Hey, man, don’t drive over that patch of mud-that’s dumbo mud. Example: “Dude, Stacie’s been eggy all week-she’s Eggo waffle. Fun Facts. Example: “I don’t think I’m going to surf early tomorrow. Example: “Heather’s never nice, but she’s so hot-she’s eggsotic. cheese grater-When your back foot slips off and scrapes across your leash plug. Example: “Oh crap, my board just fish hooked me in the ass!
Batman⠢ et Robin⠢ dans le Batwing survolent Gotham City et protègent les rues de Harley Quinn⠢ dans cet ensemble très cool LEGO® BATMAN LE FILM : Le Batwing.
L'utilisation de ce site implique que vous acceptez les conditions d'utilisation. Example: “Dude, the waves are so egg. The shaft of the penis can be see as the body and the stretched scrotum to either side can be seen as the wings. By subscribing, you agree to our Plays: Urban Dictionary [home, info] (Note: See playing for more definitions.) English-Spanish Dictionary Compact version with translations, synonyms and more. Example: “Miki almost pulled a huge air, but he deck-checked it right before he landed. egg-What cool surfers say instead of eggy. eggy-When something is overall sucky, dull, and lame-usually an early morning emotion. Example: “Yo dog, I’m Ghandi. fifi-A nasty towel your bro hasn’t washed in weeks. Urbandictionary.comBat Wings are what guys get when things get sweaty downstairs and your ball sack starts sticking to the side of your thighs. (a) formed or shaped like a bat's wing (n) The wing of a bat, or its form. Example: “I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I ending up docking a sub. I’m not even gonna paddle. Example: “Dude, is that Fred Durst from Gimp Dicksit? Egg.D.D. Urbanecologycenter.orgWe call him "Bat". Example: “Oh, yeah., When a male takes his nut sack and isolates it from his wang. clipped-Getting hit in the head by the lip. freight-train-liquid-vortex-Barrel. From the back, the sleeve resembles a cape. Gandolf-A very old and wise surfer bro. Many males (and hermaphrodites) find this common occasion displeasing. baby photo: Another term for male organ shrinkage after a cold water sesh. Example: “Dude, your dad was so dickfaced he tried to kiss me. burp-ums-When you’re surfing and you burp up some cream. Example: “Dude, I went up to do a big ol’ snap, but instead just did a full chi-chi. Example: “We’re straight out there! Example: “Dude, I was out at Steep And Hollow’s and the waves were so felchy. Example: “Dude, that last one was such a gurgler! Urbandictionary.comWhen one's scrotum sticks to the inner thighs due to sweating in the groin area. Oh, it’s Doug Rail. cliffhanger-When out surfing, you have a long, stringy booger hanging out of your nose, usually undetected until someone tells you about it. That was such an awesome arfart. Sha, right! Example: “Look at that little gibblet, he’s already ripping over me and he’s like two or something. Example: “I’m going down to Trestles to go surf with the TransWorld heads. Fred Shred-An unknown dude who shreds super hard. Example: “Hey, Josh. It’s cool, huh? brecky-Classic slang for after-surf breakfast. batwing/dolman sleeve Sleeve that fits closely at the wrist but widens to be very full under the arm. Example: “Let’s go in and get a Pipe’s egg burrito for brecky. eggotistical-An eggy person who talks about himself too much. Beauchenism: The art of being a big out-of-control teddy bear. He’s ripping so hard. balancing on the log-Trying to paddle on a surfboard while fully, uh, stimulated (males only). ghandi-When you want to leave somewhere. Example: “Man! The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #49, with a market cap of $274,699,417 USD. Tap the link in bio to read more. It’s just freight-train-liquid-vortex world! harsh my mellow-When someone or something ruins a perfectly good attitude with some bullshit. Example: “Look at that sweet air section that guy’s got.What? Example: “Check out that little gelphling. Example: “Hey bro, wipe your nose. binger-Getting run over by a boogie boarder. Example: “Check out that beach blanket bimbo, she’s so damn trashy. Some women develop them after losing a lot of weight. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Example: “Man, it’s cold. This situation can be nicknamed 'Batwings' because the image created by this scenario can resemble a bat and its wings. Example: “Oh, man. Example: “Wow! • Kali Hays and Rosemary Feitelberg. eggressive-When someone is eggy and aggressive at the same time. Example: “Joe was super eggy when Checky started bugging him. Keep hugging me. That wave was mushy, and somehow I just ended up Finding Forrester. Cortina appeared in Vogue, Mission, Purple and Spur magazines as well as WWD, and walked the runways in Paris Fashion Week. I can’t believe Josh got his brother to come to the party. feebsdevas-Bro-phonics for devastating. donut wad-The baseball-sized wad of chewed up donut that sits in your stomach while you’re trying to surf. For more information please read our, Pick Up This Spin Bike At Black Friday Prices Today, Why a Dark Sky Area Should Be Your Next Road Trip Destination, Allbirds Has New Clothes That Are As Comfortable As Its Shoes, Pick Up These 5 Great Products For A Better Nights Sleep. He’s got everything but the kitchen sink. Can Diet and Exercise Help? Usuallly because of low probability of trying hard and suceeding. You’re practically dickriding that guy. Report: @andrew_shang @elmercer Photo: @lexieblacklock Makeup: Erika Bealon #wwdmews #glits #CeyenneDoroshow, The model Maxima Cortina has died at the age of 25. Trestles was so epi yesterday. Example: “Dude, I’ll give you twenty bucks if you drink this bilge. gator-skate-Running into the water, jumping on your board, and trying to slash an oncoming wave. crotch jockey-Someone who’s always riding on your nuts trying to get gear or status for free. gerbering-A person who throws up on themselves in public. Activism. Example: “You must have all timer’s disease, because Shitpeak was shitty today. and even-toed ungulates (camels, hippos, etc.). chaka-kahning-When someone is ripping super hard. Look at that behind, she’. contra-gear-The product some surfers get specifically to trade in for weed. Example: “Did you surf today? Here’s comes the Goof Troop. Example: “Oh, wise and mystical Gandolf, tell us why the waves suck so bad around here. Although in many languages the word bat is actually a cognate for the word "mouse", the bat is not even closely related to a mouse and shares a lineage more closely related to carnivores (weasels, wolves, etc.) due-Short for dude. Example: “Whoa, guy. La Mesa RV October 2, 2020. Example: “I’m feeling so eggy this morning, I’m going back to bed. epi-What a stoner guy says instead of epic. Example: “Whoa.Cheer up, bro. He was so eggressive. Example: “Blair just spit on the ground and threw a beach pebble at my face. Boner Lock: When you’re hugging a girl at the beach and you get a boner, so you have to just keep hugging her until it goes away. Example: “Ow! Did you hear that? dickriding-Kissing ass or sucking up to someone. bammerwee-When something is just okay, not all that good. Example: “I need to peel this bat wing off before I put my pants on. fish hook-When you fall off your board right onto the fins. Tap the link in bio for more. 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Just this year, Ceyenne Doroshow, founder of Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society, or G.L.I.T.S., announced during a Black Trans Lives Matter rally in Brooklyn that she’s raised more than $1 million for the local Black transgender community that will go toward long-term housing. Example: “Johnny’s eggotistical-he’s never happy and talks about his ripping surf sessions all the time. It’s Burt Bacharach in here. Example: “Uh oh, honey. Get the hell out of the way! Example: “That 360 air Greg just did was so ballsatic, I’m freaking. You’re looking pretty bit. Full-Timers: people who live in their RV full time or the majority of the year. cheah-Another way of saying the word “yeah. Example: “Oh, shit. He’s so boss. Example: “Everyone got bummed when I started dropping anchor in the middle of the lineup. You really want to be sponsored, huh? Example: “Oh bro, I got such the coffee brick right now. Example: “Dude-bro, I got full beef jerky from hitting that reef, bro- brah. ballsatic-Describes a super awesome trick. Get all the top news stories and alerts straight to your inbox. Example: “I just did such a barfish cutback on that last one, shit on me. Maxima Cortina walked the runway for such designers as Jason Wu, and also worked with Marni, Calvin Klein and Telfar among others in recent years. gacked-When you go to start pumping, and you just fall over the front of the nose.

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