azur lane fleet builder

Instead of rejecting them, use them to improve your best ships. Making it easier for you to assess the individual ability of each Azur Lane ship, in one list of levels, you will find battleships, heavy cruisers, destroyers, heavy artillery, light cruisers, healers, submarines and aircraft carriers. Since the game features pretty complex ship stats, building a perfect fleet can be pretty tough. So, if you stay with us and read our Azur Lane beginner’s guide you will learn everything there is to know about the game, and you will be able to assemble powerful fleets, and will know which ships are best for which roles. Her main skill is Ageless Phoenix, and it reduces the enemy Firepower, Torpedo and Aviation simply by being on the field. Unfortunately if you are unlucky this ability risks becoming a liability, as it could activate at the wrong time making it useless, for example vs low mobs right before the boss battle. Belfast has one of the highest offensive stats in her class, plus she has good stats and health too. Centaur is amazing. 1: General Equipment Recommendation: 2019/6/30: Ship Equipment Recommendations are HYPERLINKED in ship names. Amagi is one of the best Battlecruisers in the game. Portland is less than stellar in her base version, but unlocking her Retrofit turns her into the best Heavy Cruiser in the game. Aircraft Carriers go into your backline, and as the name implies, carry aircraft to provide aerial support during your battles. She provides additional support to her Escort Fleet through her Reload Command: Vanguard, which increases their Reload speed. Her Retrofit ability is Assault Mode, and gives her a chance to boost her Torpedo stat for 5 seconds every 20 seconds, which turns her regular Torpedo shot into a powerful barrage of fast torpedoes. Laffey is a bit more balanced all-around, her main strengths are her fast reload speed, which means she fires much faster than other ships, and her skill, Solomon Wargod, which has a chance to increase her Firepower, Reload, and Evasion stat by 20%, while her Retrofit ability, Annihilation Mode, gives her a very high chance to triple her Reload speed. Unbreakable Shield gives Prinz a high chance of summoning 3 rotating shields around her that are able to absorb up to 10 hits each. There you have it! Feel free to drop us a … Trepidation of Destruction is another great support skill that powers up the first Main Gun salvo and making the enemy hit take more damage for a bit, allowing the Duke to dish out decent damage despite being more focused on a supportive role. Her main skill is called Thrill of the Hunt, and is what differentiates her from other traditional Heavy Cruisers, as it improves her offensive stats whenever she destroys an enemy vessel, making her more powerful. You second fleet should be made out of heavy warships combined with artillery support. Azur Lange looks like another side-scrolling shooter but the game is much more than that. Generally speaking, their guns are rather weak compared to Light Cruisers’ but they make up for it with their powerful torpedoes, lastly, they are the most fragile out of the Escort Ships. Our Azur Lane tier list provides you a selection of the best ships to include in your team to progress through the game as painlessly as possible. Other notable Battleships / Battlecruisers are: Monarch, Nagato, and Hyuuga. These Azur Lane cheats and hacks are designed for Android based devices by our developer team and you can get unlimited resources for every in app purchase. Well, in Azur Lane things are a bit different. The differences between Battleships and Battle Cruisers are: Battleships have Heavy Armor, while Cruisers have Medium Armor, Cruisers cost less oil to operate, and have higher evasion than Battleships. Each fleet is made out of two ship rows. Once you decide to spend a ship (or multiple ships) for improving a different ship remember to not disassemble the gear of the ship that will be used. This ability can trigger once per node (the phases combat is divided in each battle). As for the visual side of Azure Lane, the game features detailed 2D graphics, with average-looking effects like explosions and water waves as well as pretty detailed 2D models of friendly and enemy ships.

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