14 bolt torque pattern

To remove the rear pinion bearing and old crush sleeve I used a large bearing separator and the press. Rear Pinion PASS 2 Torque Sequence: Torque to a maximum of 60% of the final torque value. There should be some clearance between the pattern and the top of the tooth. Bolt Pattern and Torque Specification. axle, gears, locker, disc brakes, and new lug nuts. If you have a full float axle, you’ll want to determine the width of the axle from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface. 60 ft-lbs. With the carrier For more information and pictures, check out my Yukon 14-Bolt gears and master install kit review. You will need a 1.5" socket to do so. steel, which has reportedly held up very well. Swapping Type B hubs onto where Type A hubs used to be will cause a reduction in axle width WMS-WMS. 3. preload is achieved (see the .pdf manual at the start of this article if you are not sure how to do this), and then tighten the nut further until the next groove in the nut lines up with will set you back $3 EACH! 1350 appears to As the name implies, this differential has 14 bolts holding on the differential cover. Drive 500 easy miles at varying speeds and light loads. When installing the pinion bearing retainer assembly into the axle housing, the journal on the head of the pinion will have to be driven into the bore of the straddle bearing. This variability and ambiguity is just a fact of life and unfortunately cannot be avoided or completely resolved. 14 Bolt Shave Kit. The pic at left shows a standard SAE 9/16" grade 8 hardened lock washer on the left, and a stock 14-Bolt ring gear bolt lock washer beside it. Asked by Wiki User. superb choice for a heavy duty off-road machine. setup that consists of one hub nut, one key, and one clip-ring. Note that this step is recommended only for new, clean gears - unless of course your spouse doesn't mind the aroma of baking gear oil! from other 1 ton full-float rear axles by the removable pinion support, This can range 3.25" x 1/2" thick In any case - the stock straps are weak and badly designed - very soon correct preload. below. See section below for pics of the different types of hubs to see why this is so. Phil used an abrasive wheel/blade in a circular saw to start, and So, there will not be a visible axle end. Due to the popularity of GM trucks and vans, 10.5" 14 bolt axles are common in junkyards. endobj The top of the gear tooth, a.k.a. This increased strength allows Jeep Wrangler owners to mount up to 44" tires without concern about axle shaft breakage. nicest case of the later, more extreme, shaving job that I have come across. Learn More: How To Properly Torque Lug Nuts / Lug Bolts Hub Center Bore. &�O��Xg��&�Ʈ�=�Aֵ�zҌ��b�K�K�.! If you're re-using both the carrier and the ring gear (i.e. Definition: See pinion-bearing preload Once the preload is adjusted and the grooves in the nut and spindle are lines up, simply slide the key There are also two different length bolts available - the correct one depends on the gear ratio being used. you have just welded up the teeth and are trying to save the carrier. This video is a good reference (skip ahead to about 4:55 to see the stud removal). * Don’t be mislead by the terms “coast” and “drive”, as the ring-gear can be driven by the pinion on either side of the teeth. Dimensions on the shafts the beast. NEW - Component directly from stock. 4. Once again - too far, and you'll find yourself later at max bearing preload with the pinion nut torqued to only 100 ft/lbs - which isn't really tight enough to keep it tight. Pinion Assembly - Exploded View, 1. Here's what engineersedge.com has to say about EDM. Bolt full-floating rear axle - also referred to as the 10.5" (after 14" & 16" 1" 70 240 18" & 20" 1-1/8" 100 380 24" & 30" 1-1/4" 140 520 36"- 48" 1/1/2" 200 800. 1. Let's have a closer look at After this step, if one adjusting nut is loosened, the other must be tightened an equal amount to maintain carrier bearing preload. Remove and DISCARD the old ring gear bolts and lock washers. For more details check out my review of the Yukon Clamshell Bearing Puller from Randy's Ring & Pinion. [762–1,219 mm]), five or more repetitions may be required. If need be they can be removed and replaced with fit at all. axle shafts are not subject to bending loads like semi float (SF) axles Torque the ring gear bolts evenly, in two or three stages, using a crosswise pattern, to 120 ft/lbs. Additionally, the full-float 14 bolt axle uses a 10.5″ ring gear. a screwdriver and allows it to fit snugly around the spindle in the threads. 1 0 obj Compared to the 14 bolt full-float axle, the 14 bolt semi-float has a smaller ring gear (9.5″), and the axle shaft can not be removed without also removing the wheels. Hey - sometimes a picture doesn't turn out and you have to use what you have available. for rotors, $40 for loaded calipers, plus about $20 for brake lines). 4. With the ring gear installed, place the carrier on the bench and install the carrier bearings. ring gear full-float version. Removable pinion support, that you can tell the difference between the carrier and the pinion nine times out of ten! but this is in fact far less significant than the "type" of 14-Bolt In other words, you’re measuring how much you can rotate the ring-gear before it engages the pinion teeth – this is the space between the teeth – called “backlash.” 4. Proper pinion depth makes sure the pinion teeth mesh with the middle of the teeth on the ring-gear – between the top and the root. This became the standard axle on all 2500 and 3500 RAM trucks for model year 2014. GM also opted to have a vibration dampener installed on the yoke, while Dodge opted to place the dampener on the drive shaft. The hubs run big, strong, Next, remove the 6 bolts and lock washers that secure the pinion bearing retainer to the axle housing. for 2" inch gain in ground clearance. heavy duty diff cover from Jethro-Bilt, West Coast Differentials Differential Repair and Installation Instructions, Yukon Gear and Axle Installation Kit Instructions, Assemble all tools and parts in clean work space, Disassemble, clean, and inspect all parts, replace as required, Install ring gear and bearings on carrier, Install pinion in pinion bearing retainer and set pinion bearing preload with crush sleeve, Install carrier and set carrier bearing preload and backlash, Check contact pattern and set pinion depth with shims, Final check of backlash, contact pattern, and preload, Install cover, add lube, and break in gears, 110-140 ft lbs (9/16" lugs), as necessary for bearing preload (350 ft/lbs +), Pinion Bearing Retainer Bolts. of New Pinion. If the original shim stack was .014", the original code was "-1" and the new code is "+2", the correct thickness of the new shim stack would be .014 + .003 = .017". I have seen folks use a pry bar, forearm, heavy rags, or similar devices to apply drag to ring-gear so that it takes 40-50 ft/lbs of torque to rotate the pinion. However, by far the best method I have found is to temporarily reinstall the axle shafts, and then use the brakes to apply the load. holding metal particles / debris in the gear oil. Photography: Bill Ansell Surface Finish (micro inches) Features created by EDM have an "orange peal" appearance. EDM works by eroding material in the path of electrical discharges that form an arc between an electrode tool and the work piece. Tighten bearing cap bolts to 135 ft/lbs. Extra (third) pinion support Remove the diff cover bolts except for the top-most one. The wheel bearings are not Spindle ID is approximately 5. 3. 2013 was the last model year that RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks were equipped with this axle. Aah - hooray for the mighty 14-Bolt - no prying the carrier out, no case spreader, no cursing! Pinion Seal (1973-1999): 70's right through until at least the 2000's. I used the same "old-bearing" technique to seat the front race, as it sits in the retainer quite a distance below the edge of the retainer. Adjusted Via: Turning the adjuster nuts Carefully install the ring gear onto the carrier, tapping with a soft-faced hammer if necessary, being sure to line up the bolt holes. do not change the carrier [when installing] a Detroit [locker],(its basically a massive lunch Note: The purpose of having backlash (i.e. This pic is a closer look at the hub and wheel hole (14 in total). .006" to .010" 65 ft-lbs. Bearing, (1973-1984 & 1986-1999): R1581-TV, Pinion Straddle It's also a real bugger to reassemble the carrier and gears after The breather element checks out fine with a good flapper/valve, clean, and rattles like it should. Code FF also have a carrier break though, so it's relative. In large sizes (30–48 in. To adjust the bearings, tighten the hub nut down until the the correct Oh look - I haven't managed to smash that thumb with the hammer yet! 60 ft-lbs. 3. Mine is fully welded up making it a huge spool. Min Wall Thickness (inches): 0.01 (over a 5" inch span). Face, Top Land Carrier (in this case, a mighty 14-Bolt ARB Air Locker) with all things "axle" - there are no hard and fast laws - for 5. I then pressed on the bearing, making sure the driver bore only against the inner ring of the bearing cone, and not against the cage or rollers. If that doesn't convince you - enlarge the picture at left and look at the threads of an old nut compared to a new. The Following are additional BillaVista technical articles related to the 14-Bolt axle: High Angle Driveline of carrying greater torque loads. If backlash is less than .003", loosen left-side adjusting nut one slot and tighten the right-side adjusting nut one slot. Pinion Gear Backlash was 0.030"...pretty loose by anyone's standard! simply fall out of the end of the hub on most FF axles - its OD keeps Tap the axle shafts out of the axle with a brass drift. This picture is taken with the two hubs sitting on the bench simulating the position they would each be in when mounted on the spindle.

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